Evidence submitted to the IPT in Philip Kerr v MI5 organised stalking claim

The evidence in the T1 human rights claim in the Investigatory Powers Tribunal that is the current stage of the litigation that began as Philip Kerr -v- MI5 in the High Court, was filed electronically a week ago today.  The photo shows the hard copy that was posted to the IPT yesterday.

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The candidate who came down with a cold

I am a bit embarrassed about something …

I am standing as a Christian Peoples Alliance‘s candidate for Cornwall Council on 14th January 2016.  I am also a candidate for Launceston Town Council.  What have I done, to communicate to the voters of Launceston Central town council ward and duchy electoral division, any reason why they should vote for me?

Like the Mebyon Kernow candidate at the general election, whom I congratulate on getting more votes than I did after I’d attended every hustings (you might remember that I was “Let every child have both parents” candidate then), it is I who have done more or less nothing in the way of campaigning this time around!

The reason I have not delivered leaflets or knocked on any doors throughout the past four weeks, or shaken any hands (or kissed any babies) is that  on 14th December 2015, the day I handed in my nomination papers in St Austell, I came down with a very bad cough and cold from which I still haven’t recovered.  I apologise, nevertheless.  Even with such a bad cold, I could, perhaps, have done more online to explain why I am standing as a candidate.  Please allow me to make up for lost time now.

I was encouraged at my church to stand for the town council.  I would have stood as an independent candidate but for the the fact that I was also planning to stand for the duchy council, as a CPA candidate.

I hope not to be the one out of the four candidates who are chasing three seats who gets least votes, in which case you’ll end up with two Lib Dems and a Tory.

If elected to the town council, I promise to listen.  I am already hearing a lot about parking.  I understand.  I rely on a resident’s parking scheme myself, so I understand the problems well.  This is a Cornwall Council matter really, but I imagine that the town council will not be without influence.

Please, whoever would you vote for, please take the trouble to vote for one of the candidates.


My candidacy for Cornwall Council is a great deal more “political” than the friendly match in town.  My experience with the #GaggedDad case, with which our previous Cornwall councillor tried to help but found himself powerless , what subsequently happened to him and his career, confirms what I suspected from other sources: that the councillors are not in control of the council staff at Cornwall.

The council’s employed workforce appears to have become the tail that wags the dog.  The political buck stops with the councillors though, who must take back ultimate control from the staff who work for them, who have been spending our money in some shockingly wasteful ways.  Especially (I have found) the council’s Legal Department.

Social services too are out of control, in many ways.  Not least they have actively pursued an agenda of the vetting of natural parents for the political correctness of their beliefs, for example about issues like same sex marriage and abortion, interfering in order to deprive children of contact with non-resident parents, when those parents express the wrong beliefs on these controversial topics.  This is done, it has been said, to “protect” children from “exposure” to beliefs of non-resident parents that are perfectly rational, and completely mainstream within the Christian faith community.

I’ll finish this post with a clickable link to my poem written about Remembrance Day in Launceston in 2012, and by pasting part of the message from me that our party leader, Sidney Cordle MBE published in our party’s Christmas newsletter.

Link to my poem

Message from John Allman CPA by election candidate: –

This is the first time that I have fought an election that it wouldn’t require a “swing” that amounted virtually to a miracle, for me to win that election.  I am fighting my first two council elections now.  I have, however, fought, to date, four Parliamentary elections as a provocative, no-hoper MP candidate: thrice in 2005 and once in 2015; a candidate whose manifesto was on each occasion intended to prophesy encouragement to fellow Christians, and to broadcast warning and good will to unbelievers, whether or not I got votes.

Anybody can learn about me, and what I stand and have stood for, and find photographs of me galore, by visiting my JohnAllman.UK blog, and following the links there to my social media accounts, and other websites.

The Lord Jesus Christ described Himself as “the light of the world”. He also described as “the light of the world”, the motley crew of flawed and fallible disciples whom he had gathered before his crucifixion, only about 150 of whom stayed faithful until the Pentecost after his resurrection, despite (according to the apostle Paul) 500 or so having been together between the resurrection and the ascension.

Because I believe in Jesus, I am not ashamed to ask non-Christians to vote for me. I am a Christian political candidate who makes typically Christian value judgements about what sorts of policies governments should have, and what behaviours government should incentivise in the general population. I believe that it would be in the temporal interests of people of our faith, other faiths, and no faith at all, alike, to be governed by politicians who espoused Christian values. Christian values are, so-to-speak, “the light of the world” too.

I tend to be left wing on economic issues. I see this as consistent with the ethics of my Lord and Saviour. Jesus Christ was and is (and is to come) more than a mere ethical teacher, in his incarnation, according to my faith community. But when doing politics, it in His ethics that I glory, and those are (however else one might describe them) egalitarian ethics. “Love thy neighbour as thyself” is a maxim of the Old Testament that Jesus endorsed, the “golden rule”. It subverts the class system. “When Adam delved, and Eve span, who was then the gentleman?” [John Donne] It asserts that every human death that is not in sure and certain hope of a better resurrection is equally tragic: “Ask not for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.” [John Donne again]

Nowadays, the golden rule is rebranded as the “equality principle”. It is this modern equality principle, which Jesus Himself taught of old, that ought to enable any British Christian believer, or any British infidel, equally to feel ashamed of the slaughter of 8 million British human foetuses such as he or she once was himself or herself, because of the British legislature’s and monarch’s rejection in The Abortion Act 1969 of the egalitarian golden rule, in favour of making a concession to the strident, elitist and hateful ethical fiction that a “woman” (i.e. the mother of a human foetus) has the “right” to “choose” to access the services of an abortion industry that barely existed before the 20th century, but which worldwide has dwarfed during my lifetime the homicidal atrocities of the Third Reich.

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Gagged dad to appeal private hearing ruling

Gagged Dad has posted the following comment on

Parent vetted for political correctness – should the trial be in private?

I would like to thank the 21 who wrote to the judge and the 17 who attended the hearing, of whom four or more, three of them journalists, addressed the court. I would like especially to thank Stephen Green for his coverage before the hearing, in Christian Voice.

The hearing was bedevilled by the following problem: That the application for a private hearing was founded upon (I say) a false premiss, that my case was an attempt to have reconsidered family court proceedings that were properly held in private, in which the Defendant had played an expert witness role. I have not impugned in this case the outcome in the family court. It was said that the Defendant could not defend my claim without referring to those other matters, which ought not to be aired in public. The judge appeared to me to be taken in by this protestation, and to have insinuated that there was far more to this case than John Allman had brought to public attention.

I was therefore not allowed to refer to the facts that I am pleading, which are not connected with the former family court proceedings. I was prevented from thus refuting the Defendant’s false premiss. This restriction upon my ability to argue my case for a public trial was imposed because of the presence of the public at the hearing. I consider that restriction to have been unnecessary and unfair. I have made an appeal to the High Court, asking for the judgments and order of HHJ Cotter to be set aside, which include an order for any eventual trial to be held in private. The actual trial in December has been vacated, and is now, if ever needed, likely to be in the new year.

Incidental to my appeal, I have applied for transcripts of HHJ Cotter’s oral judgments, in order to become able to perfect my provisional appeal grounds. I have also applied for strike-out of the Defence and summary judgment. I have applied for members of the press and public to have an extension of the time allowed for them to appeal, separately from my appeal, until after a transcript of the judgments has been made available.

My appeal and the hearing of my applications incidental to the appeal will all be held in public. It therefore follows that this is not a case that has irretrievably disappeared behind closed doors. There will be at least one further public hearing, and possibly one in which the High Court will make its own fresh decision, which I hope will be different from that of HHJ Cotter in the county court.

Coverage in Christian Voice

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Parent vetted for political correctness – should the trial be in private?


Please act now.  Hearing is on 23rd October 2015.

Question 1:  Should social services separate a child from his mum or dad, when mum or dad openly opposes a government policy that he or she considers to be morally wrong?

Question 2: If social services does this, and that parent sues the council under the Human Rights Act for interference with his family life and discrimination on the grounds of his beliefs, should the trial be held in secret?

The court in A v Cornwall (case number A88YJ875) will hold a three day trial in December to decide Question 1, as it applies to Gagged Dad.  He disagrees with same sex marriage and abortion.  Cornwall Council has therefore prevented Gagged Dad from seeing his son for just short of two and a half years.  Cornwall didn’t want Gagged Dad to “indoctrinate” his two year-old son in his own pro-life and homophobic beliefs.

On  23rd October 2015, from 10:30 a.m., at Exeter County Court, Gagged Dad is in court again, probably for the last time before the final, three day trial in December.  (I will have to represent Gagged Dad again.  He cannot afford a proper lawyer.)

Gagged Dad has defeated two applications to strike out his claim since he started his court case in March 2014, and two applications for summary judgment.  He has held at bay for almost a year, Cornwall’s application for his entire case to be heard in private.

Gagged Dad has enjoyed heart-warming support, including from strangers, resulting in twenty or so people attending his three court appearances so far.  He is grateful for this generous show of support.  It may well have affected for the better the outcome of the court process so far.  But will the support continue?

This 23rd October hearing is to decide the answer to Question 2.  Will the public be excluded from the trial in December, including the four grown-up brothers and sisters of Gagged Dad’s son?  Will Gagged Dad be in court on his own, the only member of his son’s entire family ever legally entitled to find out what happens in court in December?  (Gagged Dad’s youngest son has four adult half-siblings, eight older and younger nephews and nieces closer to his own age, three aunts and two uncles, and countless other relations on his father’s side of the family, none of whom Cornwall want him ever to see again either.)  Or will there be open justice, with the newspapers even being allowed to write about this case, as long as they don’t name names?

Gagged Dad blogged here about Cornwall’s bombshell after he had referred his son to social services himself. That was just six days after the social worker admitted her agenda.

Two year-old’s contact stopped with “homophobic” dad

At the time, the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill was being debated.  An amendment was being moved to protect professional foster carers who disagreed with “same sex marriage” from being banned from working at their trade, but nobody in Parliament had bothered to move an amendment to protect real parents from having their own natural children taken away from them as a punishment for disagreeing with the same sex marriage policy, so I blogged this:

Why foster carers, but not natural parents?

The circuit judge hearing the application for a secret trial in Exeter on the 23rd is His Honour Judge Cotter QC. HHJ Cotter has indicated that he is obliged to hear and to consider representations from the media (which nowadays surely includes anybody with a website, a blog, or a social media account!) as to why they want to be allowed to find out what happens in December, and perhaps to discuss the issues.  The judge is probably also obliged to consider representations by the general public, including Gagged Dad and his son’s other family members, all of whom are likely to make representations, and even including you who are reading this.

What Gagged Dad would like, is for anybody who thinks that such an important principle as Question 1 shouldn’t be decided in a secret court hearing, with the judgment never published, to make representations to the judge, as to why he or she thinks that it is fairest for Question 1 to be decided in open court.

It is important that as many people as possible attend the court in Exeter on 23rd October.  However, it will be of some help if those reading this blog who cannot get to Exeter easily, at least write to the judge between now and the hearing.  I would be grateful if any emails to the judge are copied to me please, because I shall be representing Gagged Dad in court that day too.

You can write to HHJ Cotter by emailing the court, marked for HHJ Cotter’s attention, and quoting case number A88YJ875, A v Cornwall, at cloexeter2@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk. My own email address is John_W_Allman@hotmail.com.  (My other published contact and social media details are on the Contact tab of this blog.)

Please follow this blog using the dialogue near the top of this page on the right (unless you are using a mobile phone). You will then automatically receive an email informing you whenever I post further news of this court case, for as long as I am still allowed to do so.

If you are a Christian, like Gagged Dad, then please also pray about this case.  Please pray for Gagged Dad and his son, who is now five, and for the rest of the family.

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Christian Voice article

Christian Voice article


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Did painted lady Charlotte Proudman learn the tricks of her trade by watching the Feminist Makeup Tutorial?







Alexander-Carter-SilkI bet Alexander Carter-Silk wishes he had watched the Feminist Makeup Tutorial, before he got caught!



Q. What do you call it when a woman thanks or lambastes  those who make compliments about her appearance, on the basis of their gender or age?

A. Discrimination.


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Bush and Obama make Putin look good

9/11 anniversary guest post by Dr Chuck Balwin, Montana


www.ChuckBaldwinLive.comBig Government toadies can pooh-pooh the existence of a conspiracy by elitists to create a global government (aka a New World Order) all they want to, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are. Over the last several decades, proponents of global government have been quite outspoken about their intention to create a New World Order. In fact, former President George H.W. Bush (NOT so-called “right wing conspiracy nuts”) was the one who popularized the term “New World Order” in modern times.

For those who haven’t taken the time to educate themselves on the reality of the elite’s intention to create a New World Order, please take a few minutes to review this documentation:

A Chronological History: The New World Order

That pastors and Christians would question the existence of a modern conspiracy to construct global government is somewhat surprising to me, as such a conspiracy can be traced all the way back to the story of the Tower of Babel as recorded in the Book of Genesis. Plus, the Biblical record is replete with examples of ancient empires that embarked on world domination.

In addition, students of Bible prophecy that interpret Scriptures to foretell a literal antichrist and Revived Roman Empire should readily observe that what they are talking about is nothing more than global government. Unfortunately, far too many Christians take an indifferent–even fatalistic–approach to this potential eventuality (“we can’t stop it”) or a convenient attitude of escapism (“the Rapture is going to bail me out of all this trouble”).

Regardless, what Christians should take note of is that no matter what approach one takes to Bible prophecy, the warnings regarding global government are concentrated upon the West. And while dispensationalists are quick to point to Russia as the future Gog and Magog of the Book of Ezekiel, this is purely conjecture. (Many Bible scholars believe the Gog and Magog prophecy, like most prophecies of the Old Testament, was fulfilled long ago.) The one constant is the global conspiracy of the West. And dare I say that whether what we are witnessing is a literal fulfillment of Bible prophecy or not, what we ARE seeing is a Western conspiracy to create global government.

In truth, we haven’t had a President to oppose the international bankers that largely comprise the movers and shakers of the New World Order since President Andrew Jackson. In my opinion, President Woodrow Wilson was the first President to ensconce the evil machinations of globalists into official U.S. public policy via the creation of the Federal Reserve, a graduated income tax, etc. And certainly President Harry Truman became a significant contributor to the globalist agenda when he led the United States into joining the United Nations. But it has been the combined administrations of George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, G.W. Bush, and Barack Obama (truly nothing more than one continuous administration) that has taken the New World Order to the brink of reality.

And what most Americans (especially most Christians) fail to understand is that the Neocon wars in the Middle East form the tip of the spear for the globalists’ New World Order agenda. Though preparations for all of this began long ago, it was G.W. Bush’s decision to invade Iraq that launched what can only be regarded as the final push to fulfill the utopian dreams of the elitists for global government. Of course, Barack Obama has only continued Bush’s global agenda. In fact Obama has ordered more drone attacks than did Bush. And, apart from a populist uprising against the establishment at the voting booth next year, whoever is elected President (Democrat or Republican) will only further oblige these wicked NWO architects.

Americans need to face it: the wars America is fighting in the Middle East have NOTHING to do with protecting the United States and EVERYTHING to do with satisfying the demands of global elitists in Washington, D.C., London, and elsewhere. Perpetual war is a tool of globalists to enslave us. Global hegemony–not liberty–is their goal.

The Western war machine in the Middle East has done more damage to the American conscience (not to mention the carnage and death inflicted upon innocent victims) than anything since the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion-on-demand. As a result, most Americans have now come to accept preemptive invasion of foreign nations, perpetual war, a burgeoning Police State at home, and the construction of an American Empire.

But all of a sudden, Western globalists may have been dealt a setback.

In the September 4, 2015 edition of his World Affairs Brief, Joel Skousen writes: “Ever since the US began targeting Syria for regime change, Russia has only supplied Syria with replacement arms and ammunition–nothing new that would allow Assad to effectively combat the US backed rebels nor the Israeli Air Force which intervenes regularly against Assad’s air defenses. What I’ve consistently said over the years is that all the Russians have to do to stop US and Israeli intervention in Syria is to put a squadron of first line fighters in Syria and man them with Russian pilots, plus add some Russian Special Forces on the ground. The US isn’t going to risk WWIII by directly attacking the Russians (they want Russia to start it so the globalists look innocent). But this week, something dramatic may have changed–an Israeli news channel announced that a Russian fighter squadron will arrive in the next few days, followed by Special Forces to take on ISIS. I’ll have to see further evidence before I know it is real, but this could really put another wrench in globalist plans for both Syria and Iran if Russia shows some muscle.”

“Remember that Russia failed to back up Hussein in Iraq (another former Russian ally) militarily when the West invaded.”

“It always looked like Russia was going to similarly allow Syria to fall. For example, Russia never delivered the S-300 air defense missiles they had promised to Assad, nor any first line fighter aircraft. But now, if the Israeli report is true, all that may change. If Russia follows through and provides a Russian military shield for Assad, this could be a real game changer in the Middle East relative to globalist intentions.”

“This is clearly the tactic that Russia has known all along would stop US intervention—both through arming “moderate jihadist rebels” (a non sequitur) and the Islamic State which it created to have an excuse to intervene in Syria militarily. Why did Putin wait until now when Assad’s back is to the wall and most of the Syrian territory lost?

“Perhaps it is because the Russians have decided that two can play the phony anti-terrorist game. Knowing that the US formed ISIS to create a back door excuse to attack Syrian infrastructure, Putin decided he could also use the excuse of fighting the same ISIS to enter Syria and support Assad.”

“The reason this is a big game changer is that with Russia coming in to attack ISIS the Islamic State will actually start to receive some serious damage. As I have documented in past briefs the US has been faking its fight against ISIS by avoiding attacks on large concentrations of troops or equipment when vulnerable, denying pilots permission to attack until they run low on fuel, and hitting lots of empty buildings or infrastructure that only hurts Syria, not ISIS. Russia won’t be tying their pilot’s hands nor pulling any punches with ISIS.

“Bill Gertz had a story confirming how the US is fudging the fight against ISIS, including that the US is not targeting ISIS training camps. No surprise there–they aren’t targeting claimed ISIS training camps across the border with Mexico either, and it’s not because they actually intend to let those fake terrorists attack the US. It is only to keep up the media hype about the ISIS threat. If the US allowed a cross border attack it would only rile up the public about Obama’s refusal to fence the border.”

See the Gertz report here:

Pentagon Not Targeting Islamic State Training Camps

“There are also a series of videos on the internet about Muslim training camps in America, complete with weapons training with automatic rifles. You don’t think the US could track them down if they were real? You bet they could, but they don’t–because they serve the propaganda purpose of keeping Americans compliant with the anti-terror agenda.

“Keep in mind as you read his report that the US refused to target ISIS staging areas inside Iraq in the build up to the ISIS-Iraq invasion, even as PM al Maliki begged them to take them out. It is all for the same reason: ISIS is a tool of US and British intelligence to enhance the lagging and phony war on terror and to justify intervening in Syria.”

Still quoting Skousen: “So it is little wonder that the Obama administration has yet to announce a significant public reaction to the new level of Russian assistance in Syria, other than call it destabilizing. Yes, it is only destabilizing to them and ISIS and really puts a kink in their plans to take down Syria. To recap the globalist agenda for new readers–that differs from the official claims,

“1) The aim all along has been to take down Iran as a regional military power (the only Muslim country threatening to become self-sufficient in the full range of indigenous weapons, including nuclear). This is supremely hypocritical in that the US does nothing to stop North Korea which has nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver those weapons to parts of the US.

“2) Israel has long been tasked to start the war with Iran, claiming the necessity of taking out its nuclear weapons program, but Israel has been waiting until the globalists take out Syria, whose retaliatory capacity to strike Israel with theater ballistic missiles heretofore was significant.

“3) The US was about to do a Libyan-style “No Fly Zone/Invasion” of Syria but was stymied when Syria and Russia accepted Secretary of State Kerry’s off-the-cuff remark about giving Syria an out if she gave up her chemical weapons (the same ones transferred out of Iraq by the Russians before the Iraq war).

“4) The US created the peace talks with Iran to set Iran up for a future violation of this agreement when the US is ready to go back into the attack mode on Iran, after Syria is taken down.

“5) The US and Britain created ISIS out of the larger portion of Syrian jihadist rebels they were funding in Iraq in order to have an excuse to get back into Syria. Rather than taking down ISIS, they continue to bomb only insignificant targets and are actively resupplying ISIS via surrogates in Qatar and formerly through Yemen.

“But if Russia seriously intervenes in Syria, it will hamper this entire agenda–or at least make them rethink the entire plan.”

Subscribe to Skousen’s World Affairs Brief here:

World Affairs Brief

Think of it: G.W. Bush and Barack Obama make Vladimir Putin look GOOD.

In addition, while our federal government seems intent on eviscerating all vestiges of Christianity from America’s public life (the federal judge who threw the Kentucky clerk of court into jail was a G.W. Bush appointee; the Supreme Court justice who wrote for the majority in the recent same-sex decision, Anthony Kennedy, was appointed by Ronald Reagan), Putin is boldly calling on the Russian people to return to their Christian roots.

All of the reports I have received from missionaries in and around Russia tell me that the vast majority of pastors and Christians in Russia believe Putin is a wonderful Christian leader. Putin touts himself an Orthodox Christian. In 2012, he publicly promised to defend Christianity, especially persecuted Christians, around the world.

A Christianpost.com report stated, “And, as reported by Interfax, Putin replied, ‘You needn’t have any doubt that that’s the way it will be,’ assuring Hilarion that Russian foreign policy would defend Christians from persecution abroad.

“Putin’s recent actions seem to confirm his promise. Last week, Putin vetoed a U.N. motion calling for Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad to step down. Syrian Christians received this as good news. Assad is of the Alawite sect of Islam. Alawites and Christians are both religious minorities in Syria. Syrian Christians feel that sharing this minority status means Assad will provide them with protection. A Syrian Christian woman even told The Global Post, ‘Thank God for Russia. Without Russia we are doomed.’

“Putin has long been a supporter of Christianity and Christian values within Russia. He has called for the Church to play a larger role in citizens’ social lives, better religion classes in schools, and television programs emphasizing religious values.”

See the report here:

Vladimir Putin Vows To Defend Christianity Worldwide

Perhaps this is another reason why Putin is coming to the defense of Assad. And perhaps this also helps explain why there seems to be more respect for Christian values in Russia than there is in the United States today.

Consider: the Bible is freely distributed in Russia’s public schools, and homosexual marriages are NOT legally recognized. In fact, Putin signed a law in 2013 prohibiting the distribution of materials promoting the LGBT relationship to minors. At one time, providing such materials to minors in the United States would also have been deemed a crime: the crime of “contributing to the delinquency of a minor.” Now, these-type materials are included in our public school curricula.

In addition, public gay pride demonstrations are prohibited in Russia. Compare this to the government of Israel, which just might be the biggest promoter of gay rights and gay-rights demonstrations of any civil government in the world–more so than even the government of the United States. (Note: I am NOT advocating a restriction of free speech here in the U.S. I am merely pointing out the manner in which Putin’s Russia attempts to protect its children from aberrant sexual behavior, while Obama’s America and Netanyahu’s Israel actively promote such behavior among its youth.)

Russia’s past history was dismal in terms of abortion. But the trend in Russia is changing under Putin. Abortion is available in Russia during the first trimester of pregnancy only; but a bill is currently working its way through the Duma (state parliament) that would remove all state funding for abortions and prohibit private organizations from doing abortions. Under the bill, women would have to personally pay for an abortion. Proponents of the bill believe legal abortion will be eliminated in Russia during the next two years. Putin has already signed a law prohibiting any advertising of abortion services. Definitely, Russia is trending toward a pro-life position.

My friend, Joel Skousen (quoted above), often opines that he believes Putin is still a communist at heart and, as a former head of Russia’s secret spy agency (the KGB), is still an avowed enemy of the United States. He might be right, of course.

But the bigger question is, who is the enemy of freedom? Any nation or national leader can become an enemy of freedom–regardless of label. Tyranny is tyranny, whether it be found in Red Square or the White House.

Don’t forget that George H.W. Bush was the head of the CIA before becoming President. And if there is a substantial moral distinction between the CIA and KGB, I, for one, don’t know what it is. Plus, our federal government (and especially our State Department) is littered with all kinds of socialists. Furthermore, when one looks at the way America’s foreign policy is more and more becoming a tool of the globalists, and the way agencies of the federal government are becoming increasingly dictatorial here at home, it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell the good guys from the bad guys.

All I know is right now Vladimir Putin seems to be the one man in the world who has the cojones to thwart the agenda of the globalists. I say again: Bush and Obama make Putin look GOOD.

© Chuck Baldwin




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# And then you go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like “God hates you”

Affectionate parody of Westboro Baptist Church’s own witty parodies of popular songs.

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