Darrim Daoud’s inquest

Should I appeal?

I believe that the late Darrim Daoud lived, and died, the best hero he had it in him to be, a hero of whom his father and mother can justly be proud, whatever belittling the papers might have to say about their fallen son, the few column-inches they had to spare at the time.

Because at least one person has asked me for this facility, I am making the first use of this, my new-today, first-ever “blog”, the provision of this space, specifically for the benefit of anybody who wants to talk intelligently, by adding comments, about the violent death of Darrim Daoud, about two-and-a-half years ago; or to comment upon, or to ask me questions about, my subsequent court action against West Sussex coroner, documented at KILLED.org.uk – a judicial review permission claim brought against the coroner who decided that I wasn’t a “properly interested person” for the purposes of her inquest.

That coroner’s decision still strikes me as wrong-headed.  Why?  Because the late Mr Daoud had, in his testimony, delivered orally to me and to my partner Amanda, testified of his having been threatened by those he took to be agents of the British public sector intelligence and security industry.   He had specifically asked me himself, only a few weeks before he was killed, to take the keenest possible interest at any inquest, in the event that he met an early, violent death, as he appeared terrified he might.  I had promised Darrim that I would do exactly this, if the worst came to the worst.  Nobody that matters is disputing in court that all of this happened, more-or-less exactly as I have told it here.  I therefore still have had a serious problem with the coroner ruling that, nonetheless, my interest in my brave, young comrade’s inquest, and specifically in how he met his death, was (in effect) an improper interest for me to take.

I therefore have a conscience problem about abandoning my legal challenge to this decision, before I have exhausted every possible access to a legal remedy, over that (I still think) flawed decision.  But, it is fair to say, I also have a conscience problem about the risk of a costs order against me, and about perhaps upsetting Darrim’s family, especially his grieving parents.  I am on the horns of a dilemma, so-to-speak.  Hence, I feel, I now need your advice, sympathetic readers.

Despite my promise to the deceased to do what the coroner did not want to let me do, since supported in this ruling by the Administrative Court, I have niggling doubts that I was wise to take my dispute with the coroner as high as I have.  (It is presently being looked at by the Court of Appeal, which will soon have to decide whether or not to give me permission to appeal against the Administrative Court’s decision to uphold the coroner’s decision without hearing a substantive application for judicial review.)  I would like, please, to hear the views of the public on this.

I would especially like to hear from people who are sympathetic to Darrim’s demonstration against organised stalking and the infliction of electronic harassment by the use of directed energy weapons, my “constituency” so-to-speak, for the past decade or so.  Have any of you ever confided in somebody else you thought cared, that you felt your own lives might have been in danger, and had begged them to intervene, if “anything happened to you”, as the euphemism goes, and they promised you that they would so intervene?  If so, how would you feel, if they had replied that the legal precedent set by John Allman’s still-struggling court case, about somebody just like you, stood in the way of them keeping their promise to you, making them reluctant to make any such promise?

I would also be very glad indeed to hear the views of the family and friends of Darrim, deeply touched emotionally as they must be, by the tragic loss of their dear loved one.

Over to you.  Please all tell me what you think, nicely and sensibly.  Does anybody apart from me care enough about what happened to Darrim, to speak out about it in public?  If so, now’s your chance.

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  1. Gill

    First of all, John, may I say that I think the way that you have kept your word to Darrim, by representing his interests at the inquest into his death, is admirable; and is an example of faithfulness to me.

    IMO, I think that an open verdict should have been returned regarding Darrim’s death, on the sheer fact that he had told people he had received death threats shortly before his death, and despite there not being any witnesses or evidence of foul play. I am thinking, surely, if there is some doubt, then an open verdict is the only safe one. It is, mercifully, extraordinary that a person meets with a violent death after receiving death threats, and, imo, this demands a verdict that reflects this. It is possible that Darrim was murdered – whatever opinions there might be as to the probabilities.

    I can not help wondering if these stark facts – of a violent death following death threats – has been clouded by Darrim having sought advice on mental health issues in the past, albeit diagnosed as symptom free in 2008, plus his belief that he was a victim of harassment of a type that most people presume only exists within a person’s mind. But presumption and/or prejudice, should play no part in a verdict of a court of law.

    • Actually, Gill, rather than an open verdict, I have nowadays come to believe that what was needed from the inquest jury was what is known as a “narrative verdict”, one which mentioned the deceased’s allegations, the threats he received, his testimony on You Tube of sleep deprivation, and other obviously relevant matters. (The term “narrative verdict” has an entry on Wikipedia, q.v..) Considerable efforts seem to have been made on the part of officialdom to reduce the likelihood of this outcome, not least the decision that I am still endeavouring to challenge in the courts.

      Thank you immensely for your kind (if not flattering) comment.

      • Gill

        Yes, a ‘narrative verdict’ would have been better than an open one. I had not heard of this before. Interesting – just read it was introduced in 2004.
        Re the PIP status: I think it is without doubt that you should be given this.

      • veedub66

        Darrim Daoud was one of the most impressive persons I have ever met. He was inspirational and a true martyr for our cause. He was a trusted friend and colleague who had the courage to stand up for our beliefs. He was murdered by the state police/black ops/government because of his passionate stance against Electronic Harassment and Organised Stalking. He had also compiled an extensive list of as many Targeted Individuals as he could and this, together with his stance against the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq caused him to be disposed of by the powers that be.

        We all as Targeted Individuals continue to suffer this horrendous harrassment and are all familiar with the pattern of abuse and threats and harrassment that Darrim suffered. He is our true hero and martyr and will never be forgotten

  2. JM

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  3. remi

    John, crap and hampering is everywhere keep going

  4. Brian

    Hi John, The time and effort you put into this is incredible. As a victim of microwave harassment, I know what Darrim went through, the only difference is that I know who the perpetrator is but the authorities refuse to do anything about it despite two police officers being affected during a visit to my home. If Darrim requested that someone act on his behalf in the event of his death, then this should be allowed by the coroner. However, when the government refuses to admit that this kind of stalking harassment happens, then we all need to do what we can to bring it to the attention of the public. A police officer told me that he found one successful prosecution from the sixties, when someone used a modified radar to harass his neighbour with voices from nowhwere. There you have it!

  5. Peter F.

    I feel sorry for everyone who had no real choice in his her life. Organised stalking is not a new development on the feild of secret services – it has been developed to make someone(s) to move, unpleasant, embarrassed and get the wanted move out of him her. This technology got a big boost by artificial thelepathy and mind reading technologies. It is well resourched subject but the public is kept in the dark for over 90 years now. Anyone who starts to uncover these technologies becomes target to silence by the secret services – because of military secret has to stay secret by any means – even by killing. The time is up in 2012. It is time to start talk about and release these dirty secrets and give the chance to people to become free and to know how to protect, how to defend against these manipulation, against this powerful tool in the hand of comlete idiots and crasy intelligence communities who had given up moral bases.
    I was part of millitary intelligence and I can vitness the existence of these technologies and methodes.
    Human mind can be hack just like computers. There are petterns of thinking and motivation. These can be manipulated by artificial means, by high techologies and simple everyday means also. The mix of these ways makes it hard to have evidences of the subject. But the growing number of wittnesses has to make every sceptic to think of the possibility of the existence of it. I mean the sober thinking sceptics.

  6. kevin

    darrim doud was a a targeted individual , i can verify that the police intelligence services and elements of freemasonary are involved in gangstalking ( cointelpro) . family and friends can all testify to the following .
    a type of black psycology incorporating noble cause corruption to demonise and isolate the individual , the use of paid police informants and ill informed gullable individuals , elements of northumbria police have participated along with their stooges in perverting the cause of justice and perjury . working hand in hand with influential masons , in my case a member of the house of lords , who has a vested interest in promoting private security when he is not being well paid to do whitewash cover ups forr the establishment.
    kevin ( gateshead)

  7. Carl Clark.

    Thanks John for all the hard work you have one for one of our brothers, it does not take an expert to see failures by he police and also the judiciary, we all know that people are targeted for a variety of reasons, Dr David Kelly and Gareth Williams are two of the more famous deaths which I attribute to our intelligence services, if they cannot get a fair hearing how on earth can Darrim? raising the profile is one way and I hope that journalists reading this take note, we are not a bunch of cranks, but researchers and intelligent people who want the truth heard. Councillor Carl Clark – Freelance Intelligence Researcher – Deputy Chairman Breckland Labour Group, European Union Liason Officer South West Norfolk CLP – Korean Friendship Association U.K – Iranian Friends Projects Co-ordinator Europe.

  8. John, I believe Darrim is quite appreciative of your valiant efforts on his behalf. The statement you received from him prior to his death, should certainly entitle you to the status of a “person of interest” in my opinion. I so wish you well in this endeavor. You have much support on this side of the pond with all your attempts to establish the identities and prosecution of the guilty parties. May God bless you!

  9. Monica Rey

    Being a targeted individual for years, I know the agony and cruelty Darrim had to endure prior to his death. I am now a grandmother and offer my support, experience and knowledge of this crime against humanity to any person needing help. Community stalking is to undermine and label as mentally ill while electronic frequency assaults , which can be 24/7, damage the nervous system. Neurol pathways are damaged, muscles become weak, vision is impaired, joints give out, heart problems and cancer are just some of many, many symptoms. Microwave hearing, very loud noises caused by electronic assaults prevented Darrim from sleeping for days prior to his death.

  10. Monica Rey

    To continue. Who are the powerful putting us forward for this slaughter? It is tantemount to murder, hijacking your life and is akin to concentration camps. It is commited with impunity. Military technology used on unwitting civilians and ok’d or ignored by police and governments. Our families do not understand, which is painful. We are in a David and Goliath situation but this year thanks to you John, I have hope. At court I met more TI’s and sense the strength in numbers. I avoided the Trafalgar Square meet, being afraid things could get worse for me. They got worse anyway. John, all you’ve done for Darrim is commendable and it helps us all.

    • I am glad if I have been instrumental in bringing you, or anybody else, realistic hope, but please do not harbour any false hope, placed in the likes of me. Rather, in a “David and Goliath situation”, as you describe it, we should all place our hope in the same God as David placed his hope in, when he went out to confront Goliath.

      Didn’t somebody once say that “He that loves his life shall lose it; and he that hates his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.” There is a plus side to knowing that one is in a wretched state. The same prophet – and, in my opinion, he was much more than just an ordinary prophet – is also on record as having elaborated that saying on another occasion thus: “He that finds his life shall lose it: and he that loses his life for my sake shall find it.” If I am to lose my life anyway – and, in a sense, I already have – I do not want it to be lost for nothing, or because I deserve to lose my life. I want it to be lost for him, who lost his earthy life undeservedly, to buy pardon for us fallen humans who, perps and victims alike, deserve, for our sins, to have lost our eternal lives already, as we have, every one of us.

      The people who have commented on this blog so far all seem to be aware of evils of which most of the public seem to be unaware. And the handful here are but the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands like us. Sadly, but predictably, people aware that they are targets are often like sheep without a shepherd, and few are those in (or outside) the targeted individuals’ community who hold out to their fellows any realistic hope. The fields are white unto the harvest, but the labourers are few.

      • Nathan

        I know many many of us are reading this but too afraid\unsure to reply or do anything about it. I’ve been researching for a year. For a couple of years now I’ve been acutely aware that I’ve been targeted. I’m 35, never had mental illness in the family, am\was successful at everything. Please people, if you think you have been targeted, speak…. Because let’s face it, if we are wrong then no bad will come of it, there’s a lot more insane b\shit on the web…. But if we are right???? One thing I know, whoever is doing this to us, does NOT like us talking to each other… I say that’s EXACTLY what we should do… Lets talk to each other and blow the secret wide open. I need your help, we need to set up a website that will enable Targeted Individuals to talk\help\meet each other. As individuals we are easy prey, together we can fight… So what’s it gonna be? You gonna sit alone and suffer or you gonna stand with me and get the truth? Yours sincerely, Nathan. nathansouthall@hotmail.com.

        ‘Individualism is a right’.

        • JM

          Hi Nathan
          same age here actually… and yes you’re right….but we all already know….and what can actually be achieved by talking to each other? just make sure the perps have one big list with all our names on….?

          2 carpernters talking for an hour on how to build a table. no table. twenty carpenters have a big 3 hour meeting on how to make a table. still no table. several years later and after hundred of such meetings they have a big conference, full 3 day weekend jobby in an expensive hotel all subsidised by the taxpayer of course…….still no table.

          talking never achieves anything. action required, but John will probably feel the need to delete that one for legal reasons! barring inventing timetravel and going back and nuking the bastards b4 it became illegal there is no legal option….

          • Nathan, maybe time that we use direct action against those developing the targeting devices, as many are now legal to target crowds as in the accoustic and laser devices that cause severe pain, but no injury? when you are in pain it causes psychological injury there are human and civil rights issues, army research labs are developing these weapons and intel agencies are buying them for their own uses which can be clandestine also large companies like vodaphone, and pharmaceuticals have their own corporate intelligence which could buy these weapons.

        • In the 70’s and 80’s they were using hypnosis when people were asleep to get them to do things when they were awake, there is evidence from the scientists who committed suicide or died in accidents from Marconi and other military application research companies and it is documented that evidence was tampered with by special branch to make these scientists look unstable and under stress and paranoid from being targeted, 28 died in suspicious circumstances many more since then.

  11. Julianne

    I can’t help looking at this situation from a legal standpoint, John, even if I’m not versed in British laws and judicial procedures, being a resident of the United States.

    You were denied PIP (personally-interested person) status for several reasons. Foremost among these was the finding that that Darrim’s claim of electronic harassment had been found to be without merit, since the matter had been “fully investigated” and no evidence of “third-party” involvement in his harassment and death had been found.

    You could not challenge this and demand a copy of the investigative report because you’d been denied PIP status, although a primary basis for your being denied PIP status was that the matter had been fully investigated, as evidenced by a purported report. This bizarre scenario sounds like something contrived by Franz Kafka.

    I notice also that the Deputy Assistant Coroner (DAC)) Dolan lied in her Decision denying you PIP status, notwithstanding her protestations of total truthfulness and fair treatment in that document. She claimed that Darrim’s personal psychiatrist would testify during the Inquest. Instead, a psychiatrist who’d never met Darrim testified, allegedly using notes prepared by Darrim’s personal psychiatrist.

    Since you had been denied PIP status, you couldn’t challenge the authenticity of this stranger’s testimony, who obviously influenced the ultimate determination that Darrim had committed suicide (without the assistance of so-called third parties).

    Since the DAC lied about the psychiatrist in her Decision denying you PIP status, it follows that she just might also be lying about the existence of an investigative report ruling out the presence of third parties in Darrim’s death.

    This should be appealed. As a minimum, you should be given a copy of the alleged investigative report, free from censorship and redaction.

    The positive side of this is that both DAC and Judge Thornton, who reviewed the DAC’s decision and found it to be perfectly acceptable, have openly acknowledged the existence of electronic harassment and electronic weapons. Neither Dolan nor Thornton dismissed these phenomena as the obvious ravings of the mentally ill. Instead, they simply asserted that these claims were not substantiated by those who’d conducted the full investigation. So, that’s a small step in the right direction.

    Continue to pursue this, John. You’ve done a fine job so far.

    • Thank you for that insightful comment, Julianne, especially about the unfairness of the police’s report being considered in the determination of my rejected PIP application, given that I hadn’t been allowed to see any of that body of evidence (other than however much of it I had collected myself for the police, and which the police included in their report to the coroner), because I wasn’t yet a PIP. You’re right. There’s certainly a Kafkaesque circularity in that argument against me, now that you come to mention it. I am grateful to you for doing your homework so effectively, and then making that important point so well. If the Court of Appeal does give me permission in due course to appeal against the judgment of Judge Thorton, I’ll try to cover your point in my skeleton argument. Thank you so much.

      There is only one factual detail that is wrong in what you wrote that I noticed. The psychiatrist who gave evidence based upon notes he was reading, hadn’t been in touch with Darrim’s “personal psychiatrist” as you seem to suppose, not least because Darrim didn’t have a personal psychiatrist. He was under the care of his GP, and not for any severe mental illness either. The notes the psychiatrist referred to in giving his “evidence” (which amounted to nothing more than repeating other people’s opinions really), were a compilation of several written-down observations of a number of psychiatrists who had each allegedly met Darrim briefly over the years before his death, but none of whom had seen Darrim at all recently, and, as far as I remember, none of whom were available to give evidence, or even to brief in person the psychiatrist in the witness box, for that matter.

      I’d have liked to ask the psychiatrist about the likely effect of sleep deprivation lasting over a hundred hours during the few days leading up to Darrim’s death. (Darrim uploaded a video of himself testifying to such sleep deprivation shortly before he left his home for the last time. It can be viewed on KILLED.org.uk.) I think the psychiatrist’s likely honest answers my unasked question would have raised doubts in the minds of the jury, as to whether Darrim was in any fit state mentally or physically, to form an intention to end his own life, let alone to carry out that intention, by placing himself where he would be hit by a train and killed instantly, with such apparent stealth that the driver of the train that hit him didn’t notice him about to do this as he was driving along, and apply the brakes. By the way, there was zero evidence as to which of many possible trains ran over poor Darrim.

      I’d also have liked to refer in my own testimony to the evidence in the public domain since the 1960s, of the feasibility of inflicting sleep deprivation artificially, from a distance, even from the far side of even quite heavy-duty masonry.

      • JM

        how could you possibly know if the suspected pigyobs included your evidence to the coroner? I know almost for a fact that evidence i hand delivered to the court went missing before the judge got to see the file in other cases that i have been involved in…..

        • By “suspected pigyobs”, I suspect you are referring to British Transport Police. I wouldn’t say that the officers I dealt with deserved to be called that.

          I cannot find out what passed from the police to coroner. To have access to the police report, I’d have had to have been accorded “properly interested person” status, the very status I failed to get in my unsuccessful legal action. However, I do know that CERTAIN information was provided to the jury that would probably not have been provided to them, but for the limited involvement that I was able to have.

          It’s sad, but it’s over. The time for taking a stand is passed now. I am grateful to the eight people who turned up at the hearing in the Royal Courts of Justice.

          • JM

            Pretty sure they do and whatever else comes to mind- fact remains only way to get a name is to kill one in self defence, what one has to do make them admit they’re actually employed as a police officer…torture one perhaps? Fact remains NOBODY has the right to go around attacking people, murdering them, breaking into homes, murder people in their own beds…sell the trophy/ happy slap footage and their perosnal details to for entertainment….
            so i will contine to advocate non compliance in any whatsoever and when the muvvas become violent again as they always do i hope i have strnegth to defend myself…another case in point

            and there has been a recent spate of people being murdered/ thrown under trains/ ‘running away from non physical entities’ this past year…

            It’s the same with the cabinet i.e. the government (NOT parliament)…if the civil servants ONLY give them the information they want them to see so they can’t fail to make the decisions that they want them to…it’s all just show dressing at best isn’t it?
            That’s how it works…so who really is the government? it’s not the people you see on TV that’s for sure…
            I would imagine the ‘bits’ given to the jury were very selective…with a vast quantity of so called ‘evidence’ for the verdict they wanted….drown out the truth by telling same lies over and over again…with selective ‘truths’ that do sound totally absurd out of context….

  12. I think it is highly tragic that the young man, who was first to demonstrate against the crime of organized stalking and electronic harassment, was killed under suspicious circumstances!

    Eleanor White
    Ontario, Canada

    • Darrim almost certainly wasn’t the first to demonstrate thus, ever, in the entire world, but, as far as I know, he was indeed the first to organise a traditional demonstration (e.g. with banners, on the streets), solely about OS and EH, and which attracted other participants besides himself, in the United Kingdom. He did this as part of the so-called World Day of Protest, on 14th October 2009. That day, he reported, he was threatened by a fellow-passenger, a stranger, on the train home. He missed attending a follow-up action the following Sunday at Speakers Corner, he said, because of that intimidation. He feared, and met, a violent death. His body was found a month later, on 15th November 2009. The inquest that was held leaves unanswered questions that I would like answers to, not least because of promises I made to Darrim, at his request, whilst he was still alive.

  13. Dear John

    Your blogging efforts are the best demonstration of ‘targeted individuals’ I have seen so far. As a mathematician and software designer, I am a rather rational, factual and information-based person. At the same time, I have become extremely cynical and disillusioned about “what they get up to”.

    A ‘consolation’ is today’s article in The Telegraph: British corruption is more common than recognised… http://bit.ly/L51UXV

    It is particularly tragic when you need to help ‘after the event’, i.e. after a false verdict or even death. But we all must try to die with a good conscience. Glad you’re blogging on behalf of a seriously tragic victim!


  14. Andrew D

    Darrim Daoud was a victim of `Domestic Terror-ism `, he was a most honourable man whom I regrettably, never had the privilege of meeting and thanking in person,as he was a personal inspiration to me.I like Darrim was, am subjected to the crimes/abuses/torture ,(that is OS/EH), he campaigned so courageously against.

    It is also a most honourable and rare example, that you John continue to fight for the good name of Darrim, as you had promised in the event of his untimely demise.As you describe in reply to Julianne your dealings with the justice system is a `Kafkaesque` experience as such this very much goes with the territory, of being a Targeted Individual or victim of `Domestic Terror-ism`.

    I sincerely wish you well with your good efforts on behalf of Darrim,and in our struggle generally, to alert the population of the great peril they all will face ,if this insidious evil of `Domestic Terror` is not halted.

    May God protect and guide you John Allman… as you continue to fight the good fight.

  15. Dear John

    Good to you, for you assisting him and standing up against the evil ones and criminals who hate he TRUTH. You have our Moral support.
    These coroners are also part of them too.

    How exactly did he die as a matter of interest?

    • The theory is that Darrim put his own head on the nearside railway line, in front of the wheels of an oncoming train. There was certain reluctance to explore why he might have done such a thing, and how this could have gone unnoticed by the train driver; or how he could have even formed a suicidal intention in the state he was in, nor whether he could have been influenced artificially to do what he is assumed to have done, in the light of what went before. He must have been in a more-or-less psychotic state (for want of a better word) after not sleeping for the best part of a week. Anybody would be.

      I agree with you that the harassment that Darrim claimed he was subjected to, assuming he was not mistaken in alleging this, is indeed “criminal” (as you put it). I don’t think that this harassment can be proved, but that’s a far cry from saying that the possibility should not be explored thoroughly in open court, to inform the jury’s verdict, which I know is what Darrim would have wished.

      Whether the deputy assistant coroner was (as you put it) “part of them”, we can only guess. I would prefer to believe that she acted throughout for reasons she considered perfectly innocent, such as sheer incredulity. What I can say is that if the deputy assistant coroner really had been complicit knowingly in a deliberate cover-up – a conspiracy theory too harsh for me to contemplate with ease, because at least she was at all times bar one courteous – she would have acted exactly as she did act. And that observation sets alarm bells ringing for me.

      It is impossible for us to know, at least most of the time, who amongst officials approached with claims of organised stalking and/or electronic harassment, is utterly unable to help, who doesn’t see the need to help because they are convinced that the allegations brought are entirely delusional; nor who, if anybody, is cynically pretending that one of the foregoing applies, because he or she is deliberately complicit in a heinous cover-up. For our own sanity, we have to assume that it isn’t hopeless to bring allegations, when the consequences of grinning and bearing it in silence would be worse than the risks that accompany speaking out. It would be self-torture to allow oneself to feel that there was nobody in the world who could not be guaranteed to betray our trust. Don’t you agree?

  16. Well, the situation may be feminine enthrallment with the field by which most of that sex survives, and thrives, but corruption is still at the root of the matter even if only by social conditioning. However benign the understanding of this ‘coroner’ she is still a minion of repression along with the frauds who profess psychiatry, both of whom are complicit with elements of organized crime, whether government or otherwise.

    In the US most are brainwashed into regarding the general competency of her field by watching the CSI shows on crime scene investigation, but actually according to a Frontline investigation the facts are that this field is almost as incompetent as psychiatry. See Postmortem (about 50 minutes) at:


    Ignorance before the law is no excuse.

    I think you have done well, John, but need to be less kind of speech, and I pray God gives you the words to rip a new one in her courteous little butt.

  17. EB

    As targeted individuals will read this blog, an explanation of how microwave harassment works may be useful.
    A low frequency oscillator is audi modulated to produce FM pulses. These pulses are adjustable in width to achieve maximum transfer. This low frequency is in the region of 12Hz to 20Hz to coincide with the brain waves.
    This low frequency is then used to turn off and on a higher frequency which passes through the body and is picked out by the brain as audio. This is done with pinpoint accuracy. A second beam is trained on the individual, this being the radar beam which tracks them. Alan Frey noted in his research papers that he had achieved voice FM with frequencies as low as 125 megahertz and believd that it was possible to go lower, which was achievd in1973 at approx 16 kilohertz.
    As stated in a previous posting ,YES, your thought waves are transmitted back to the source and computer software interpretates what you are thinking into words. It is stated that the establishment is the main culprit of this type of harassment, however, unfortunately this technology and software is in the hands of the public domain. The biggest threat comes from groups of individuals who carry out gang stalking for fun. These people usually live close to the target, in the same street, apartment block or even next door. These individuals are nothing more than socially inept cowards with pathetic empty lives. No doubt they have meetings and discuss what they have been up to harassing their chosen targeted individual. These individuals can do nothing more than direct silly voices and music etc at the TI in an attempt to brand the TI as mentally ill and cause sleep deprivation etc. Knowing this, it is possible to counteract the constant onslaught of electronic harassment (meditation being one method)and with a bit of ingenuity work out who the perpetrator is and if possible fight back through your thought processes.
    Good luck to all Targeted Individuals you are not alone.

    • Dear EB

      I’m really grateful for this rational explanation!

      THANK YOU!!!

    • I am not in a position to say whether or not the technical details you have kindly offered are correct, but I commend to you and to other readers the research of John McMurtrey, accessible via the link behind his name above his contribution above to this discussion, to http://slavery.org.uk/science.htm. Darrim did report hearing annoying sounds with no apparent nearby cause, though not the verbal content that Justensen reported in 1975 in American psychologist that Sharp and Grove had demonstrated at Walter Reed Academy when working for the US Army.

      The actual mechanisms of capturing remotely biological data from targets are not in the public domain, although possible mechanisms are. You are right that verbal thought – possibly pre-articulation – can be inferred from bio data such as EEG. Even if we couldn’t suggest how, we know that some feedback must be obtained, or the abuse would be as pointless as playing darts in a darkroom.

      Thank you for your comment. I do not agree that some of the inferences you make in your final paragraph are safe, about who, or what type people, have access to relevant technology, and where they are situated. We are all entitled to opinions, but I try not to have any opinions that I could not prove in court, using admissible evidence, given a fair hearing. What we can prove, which the media seldom mention, and only then as a possible threat to human rights in the distant future, is quite alarming enough, without speculation.

    • Claudine

      Claudine posted two long replies to EB’s informaton, which have been concatenated and put together, in Have Your Say, at

  18. Gill

    John, you wrote:

    >>I therefore have a conscience problem about abandoning my legal challenge to this decision, before I have exhausted every possible access to a legal remedy, over that (I still think) flawed decision. But, it is fair to say, I also have a conscience problem about the risk of a costs order against me, and about perhaps upsetting Darrim’s family, especially his grieving parents. I am on the horns of a dilemma, so-to-speak. Hence, I feel, I now need your advice, sympathetic readers.
    Despite my promise to the deceased to do what the coroner did not want to let me do, since supported in this ruling by the Administrative Court, I have niggling doubts that I was wise to take my dispute with the coroner as high as I have. (It is presently being looked at by the Court of Appeal, which will soon have to decide whether or not to give me permission to appeal against the Administrative Court’s decision to uphold the coroner’s decision without hearing a substantive application for judicial review.) I would like, please, to hear the views of the public on this.
    I would especially like to hear from people who are sympathetic to Darrim’s demonstration against organised stalking and the infliction of electronic harassment by the use of directed energy weapons, my “constituency” so-to-speak, for the past decade or so. Have any of you ever confided in somebody else you thought cared, that you felt your own lives might have been in danger, and had begged them to intervene, if “anything happened to you”, as the euphemism goes, and they promised you that they would so intervene? If so, how would you feel, if they had replied that the legal precedent set by John Allman’s still-struggling court case, about somebody just like you, stood in the way of them keeping their promise to you, making them reluctant to make any such promise?<<

    I am not claiming any wisdom but I mulled over your dilemma a bit and your conscience seems to be troubled by ‘what ifs’: What if I get hit by court costs, and what if my going further with the case sets a bad precedent for others. And then there is the consideration of the deceased family’s feelings.
    It is good that you are sensitive to the feelings of Darrim’s family and I sympathise with the tension you have had, and are having, between not causing them distress and keeping your word to Darrim. At the outset of your involvement in the coroner’s proceedings, you were motivated by keeping your word to Darrim – not embarking on your own crusade. And I am sure that if you continue with any legal action you will have the same altruistic motive. And I do not think you should have trouble with your conscience about that.
    As for the ‘what ifs’: I think that one is in the realm of your responsibility and the other is not.
    Whether or not your going further with the case sets a precedent that might deter others, in similar circumstances, is NOT your responsibility, in my opinion. And I do not think it should touch your conscience, despite your being aware of the risk of a bad precedent. No one can expect you to know any future verdict. Similarly, you should not blame yourself in any way for past rulings. How were you to know the outcomes of the past or hope to know any future outcome? I do not think you should regret or take any decision on what you can not possibly know. I suppose all that any of us can do is what we think is right at the time – that is all we can be responsible for. (And, for what it’s worth, I think you have done made the right decisions so far.)
    However, I think your family IS your responsibility and I do not think you should take the risk of crippling your family’s finances by incurring possible court costs. And no reasonable person would blame you for protecting your family in this way – and nor should you. And I suppose this brings up the question of your SECURING financial backing somehow?

    • JM

      ummm…..’feelings of the family’……impossible for you to know what they are and i say totally irrelevant—- a contract is between parties involved, it has nothing to do with anybody else.
      I don’t know what his relationship with his family was like but if anything like mine you would be collaborating with the enemy if you didn’t do anything because of them….
      I believe Darrim made his wishes quite clear to you in the matter.
      On the other hand, considering the financial implications, I think you have fulfilled your promise to him. I’m sure he wouldn’t want you to destroy yourself and your family in the pursuit of a hopeless and pointless battle.

      At least he’s not suffering anymore.

      • I’ve now had some correspondence from the court. A decision as to whether the Court of Appeal will grant me permission will be taken by a judge, sitting alone, on the papers I have submitted, without needing to hear from the coroner. That means that there will be no costs implications for me, unless either permission is granted, or I apply for an oral hearing to “renew” my application for permission to appeal.

        Thank you for your continued interest, JM.

        I am not one of those who believes that physical death is necessarily an end to a man’s sufferings. I believe we will all have our day in court, before the “Judge of All the Earth”, and it won’t be nice for the perps, or those with lesser sins for that matter, if they have not trusted in Christ in this life.

        • JM

          Well, I don’t think that is really good news…think we know how that is going to go, rubber stamp previous decision in secret and bill the taxpayer a ridicuously sum of money, couple of thousands for five seconds of his/ her time….
          But cost implications…I’ve been there, told the same thing then got a bill for couple thousand pound which i have no hope of ever paying…prevented from even attending at last minute!
          Wish I had more time to contribute here, but things got bad this last week…barely eaten most of the week until today really. Headaches worse, can’t physically see the screen some of the time so….

          Getting off topic on the God thing though…but do you really think this Jesus Christ bloke would be so vindictive to punish those for not believing in him? Do you think he would have a problem with your MOD history or is that forgiven? What if you had died before you ‘changed’/ woke up? Surely your truth depends on your own point of view….total arrogance to sit in judgement on somebody else, is it not?

          • “do you really think this Jesus Christ bloke would be so vindictive to punish those for not believing in him?”

            Because I am a Christian, I believe that this Jesus, who said, “Seek and you will find”, thus promised to reveal who he was and is (and is going to be revealed to be, gloriously, when the final “referee’s whistle” is blown – a “trumpet” in the biblical metaphor), to any human being even half grown-up, who is savvy enough to realise the WE are in the wrong an awful lot of the time, and need a saviour like he claimed to be, to take away our guilt, by bearing a punishment (he claimed) that our sins deserve, and to pray accordingly. Who is “we”? Perps, obviously – they’ve got (almost literally) a hell of lot to answer for. But also TIs too, unless they have never done wrong.

            According to my faith community, and the bible we read, God will one day punish wicked humans old and “wise” enough to realise that they need a saviour, and to want to find out who the saviour is, and to do better whilst they are waiting to find out, and even harder once they get the supernatural help promised to believers, for not realising what the problem is, and not wanting the solution that God has provided in Jesus. No, salvation doesn’t depend upon being able to spell the wonderful name of J-E-S-U-S, and being able to answer quiz questions about his life, death and resurrection, as recorded in the bible. But Jesus offers salvation to everybody who realises that something is wrong with them, and takes up his “seek and you will find” offer. In our culture, there are very few obstacles to making the connection between the need, and the historical person of Jesus.

          • Gill

            Here’s hoping however. Obvious to me that John should be a PIP.
            Also, hoping you feel better soon.

            • barbara guillette

              I think the efforts to expose these weapons for what they are, are fruitless, the gov’t does not want their weapons to be made public. It would destroy the complete control they have. That is not to say we do not have the right to try to expose them. We do. But everyone in gov’t knows about this, everyone. Here in the states, local gov’t uses these weapons to control those on the local level, this is Orwell’s 1984 carried to a new and frightening level..
              Our gov’t will not go public. It would be as if we were exposing the nuke bomb during WWll, besides these weapons are much more serious than we think, they undermine the rule of law, they give power to the rule of man. Any man’s rule. The legal system does not know what to do about the harassment devices created in someone’s garage. Used on one’s neighbor. The local cops in my town know all about these devices and even use them themselves on certain people.. One thing I have learned is that city hall sends certain men to invade your space without a warrent. For whatever reason they want. It is only the cops that need or use a warrent. Other employees can break in and invade your home for any reason, well the same with these weapons.. I still try to prove the use of these devices though that is difficult. I feel sorry for your friend, why was he killed? I know I told others I feared for my life, but I am still here. I know these devices can kill but they do leave evidence.. A lser shot to the head is as a stroke, a laser shot to the heart as a heart attack. Cellualr damage. Strange symptoms, bruising. I could go on and on.. Sorry again about your friend. Good Luck to us all.

              • Coco


                I would be interested to know what other evidence there is when these weapons are directed at you.

                I believe I am a TI, I am having great difficulty finding anyone to believe me and just spent 3 months in the care of mental health unit (where I was no longer a target) and left with medication. I was discharged, arrived home to be targeted again, the only difference is I am on meds, I can now tolerate being hit with the energies but what damage is taking place?

                Yes, I have bruising and my body is getting very sensitive and painful from the continuous pulsations to my spine, hips, legs and feet.

                How can I prove I am being continually hit with the energies they are using against me?

                I am aware who is doing this to me but no one believes me.

  19. Lisa

    This group want to be called GB Wills. In the Corporate Environment it is known that your name can be put on a register if you a threaten potential corporate secrets. The Police can add you, and do. It is an illegal register if your naqme is on it you will be gangstalked all your lives, few know it.
    It appears when you find out what they are doing i.e phone taping, surveillance without your knowledge, mobile phone hacking, TV Signal hacking using your DVB boxes to survey into your homes because this group have IT Service managers from Corporate companies working for them, they then go into your background and show you what they know. It is all done through psychology. You will receive fake police officers, always ask to see a warrant card they did not have them in my case, when they know they are found out and what will be found if it is investigated they go to town. This is an old school scenatrio, i have been chased around by ex police officers, current officers have and are corrupted daily, they have some sort of maser type scenario which blocks your signals in your house so nothing will work properly, they send viruses to your DVB Box so that wont work either, it is a form of household gaslighting, it is all IT based. They monitor you and without your knowledge they are reading your mind. You wonder how they always know what you are doing, where you are going, and in particular you will think I havent said that so that bit of information is safe. It is not. They use their sick knowledge of gangstalking and their IT skills against people. they can redirect your phone calls, delete calls off you Sim Card, redirect 999 calls. Once they have got you into a state they move to the next stage which is putting drugs into your home, they do this for months. Then they whack you with their ultimate tool, the remote neural communication, it starts out friendly, you think you are helping them to get out of a difficult situation they get you to go through all of your paperwork and belongings, all it does is give them your ID, they then send people in to your home to take ID etc, car documentation so they can prepare to take your ID, House, Bank Account, they will block you each time you try and contact the police. In fact they will get confidential information on police systems and not only that they will use any lie, deluded belief to mentally mess you up using their peice of equipment. they make you believe they are the police, they will fake or they do have certain equpment i.e the ability to know when you take your mobile phone battery out of your phone, they make out they can see what you can see and they also make out they have x ray scanning equipment. they use the typical gangstalking black helicopter, they use pretty much the A Typical text book. When they strike it is what Darrim descibed 24/7 remote neural abuse being told you are the worse person on earth, you should leave, in fact you should kill yourself. It happened to me they used the exact same techniques as in John St Calir Akwai vs Nasa in the states, in my case an ex police officer called Rob, commenting on rubbish, I was a slapper, I ran away from a police car and it went on and on and on and on 24/7 for a couple of day. Eventually this Rob told me to go, and I had minutes to leave, i did and then it really kicked off, gun shots, staged theatre at train stations, i was told my car was going to blow up, I was told that I should die, i was scum, I was worthless, etc etc etc. as well as the A typical gangstalking scenarios your a paedophile and a murderer. Seriosuly deluded cookies. They carried on when I ended up in hospital – no wonder, they also carried on after and to this day. They make mistakes all the time and that is what i am building a case on because they can be found and they can be beaten. I have seen them, they are seriously messed up cookies, they are a mix of IT guys, engineers and criminals who are trying to protect something alot more juicy i can assure you, I believe the police do not run alot of the country anymore and a criminal element has taken over. It seems the police do what these guys say which is why us guys will never get any help. finally the day I was to start a job after a year of their rubbish they played another card which has also been reported in the USA whereby your thoughts are transferred to peoples radios as you drive. They are so sick they record everything so they can play it back, it is all radio waves, audio harassment using psychology and chemicals/drugs, they believe they are geniuses more like psychopaths. I know some of thembut they monitor me 24/7 now as they dont want me to get any help. I have had the usual number plates scenario the latest os POW, Prisoner of War. They are an ugly group of people are not law abiding and will not stop until the law catches up with them which it seems they will either ensure it is covered up at local level or they will ensure you cannot get help. I can totally understand why people throw themselves under trains etc but you cannot let these people win they are the ultimate swamp life ! PS i am not mentally ill, I just know what they do and how they do it, not to thhe extent I would like but Iwill get there because I want this group caught and put through the legal process so their scenario will not work again. Paul Vincent he is the one in my case, he uses gang stalking in the office along with Paul Skippon, more concerning is that they hack all the emails, and my set up is directly connected to them. They are in Financial Services which is no wonder ther UK is in so much trouble. What they have set up in my home they can set up in Corporate environment and they do. i may not be 100% on all counts but I believe I am 99% correct which is why i am totally prepared to post this.

  20. Lisa

    Just an addition, they have a white van with a satellite dish on it, they use satellite to track and connect to people, they have a control room as well, just like the police do. Once your name is on this GB Wills illegal register which is only accessible to the privaliged in certain fields of employment you and your families and their familes families lives will be hell. They use projections as well, by satellite potentially I believe. It will generally be anything that cannot be proved annd that will be put down to being mentally ill or paraoid when it is not.

  21. As an on-line journalist of corporate fascism and its relationship with government I too have become a targeted individual. It begun with physical stalking, phone tapping, strange on-line chats which appeared to know all about you and so on. It was only after being targeted I begun fighting back by writing articles but this has escalated the situation to a higher level with smear campaigns and now microwave harassment, which is much more serious because its a direct and relentless attack on your physical self.

    The symptoms appear to be a pulsing sound seemingly from above, physical discomfort, heating of the body and a kind of mental torture largely due to sleep deprivation because they tend to do this through the night.

    You can avoid it by leaving the house and standing outside which is easy for me as I live in a rural area but it wont be easy in the winter. What I can say is that heavy cloud cover and rain subdues it so I’m thinking it must be satellite based. Recently I noticed a strange unmarked aircraft, very slender bodied jet, wasn’t an airliner and looked as if it was designed for long flights, taking a flight trajectory uncommon for aircraft in this area. It went across then came back across along the same trajectory. Could this be relevant?

    Ideally I would like to meet up with a group to discuss these issues and also be scanned for an RFID chip.

    • barbara guillette

      Rae Merrill, we have several groups of Targetted Individuals,TI’s,I have such a hard time contantly believing this all to be true. It is so amazing,,. I doubt much of this ,I have to constantly remind myself that it is true,,, sad but true,, but here is the phone number to dial in,, 724 444 7444,, some shows on being a Ti, is 89899,122336,66339,92703, 97862/or 34 not sure about the last two numbers on that one..,,follow the prompts,You can chat or call in, it is up to you , and my handle is memoir so look for me,, I am usually at 89899 at night, and my own show is 122336 tues at 8;oo est. usa. ,

      • barbara guillette

        This are podcasts, I am not a polished reporter , but I do try, and my main focus is on technology. I want to learn and creat a device to take into court, something the judge or prosecuter cannot refute, we are just starting out and I am an idea person. I guess I shall have to become a tech person as well. We do not have trained people who can build this stuff and the one we do have is under heavy assault. I try to figure out rationally what this is all about. No aliens or illuminati, or even NSA which has been proven to be at fault. I can’t prove any of that, but if I have a device that pulses or throws a spark to hit someone else then I think that is great proof on the ground proof and that is my aim.. I listened to the past interview by Democracynow.org and you might want to google William Binney,, It is quite an interview. We have to fight this on all levels. take care pop in and I always welcome feedback. Again I am only a reguler person trying to make sense out of all of this.regards

    • I do not think the attacks are satellite based it is much to costly to target an individual from a satellite, they can track you phone, computer DS even with the batteries out as all have a GPS backup battery, very unlikely unless you are a high profile terrorist or crime lord just not feasable. It could be a device in your home or from a mobile unit if anything I would say something in your home, cheapest and most effective in driving you up the wall they do not just target anyone, there must be a reason have you made comments about large corporations or governments?

      • JM

        I think mostly probably not, at least in earlier times….but consider this….it costs millions to put a satellite up there in orbit….now if you only target one person it costs millions- but if you target 100 people it costs millions divided by one hundred….now if you need to taget millions…………then compare that to the cost of the more labour intensive forms you’re talking about….they think longer term and with economies of scale it does work out a lot cheaper…..
        I think they use both depending on the target. cameras in your house and monitoring of your comms can’t be done by satellite….or it can but not as effectively, the sat is only looking down….
        as to why…soemtimes it’s random, just for practice, just for fun, some because of their genetics i think….plenty of TIs have a military ancestory…

        then consider if the Queen keeps giving out shillings and medals to psycho who drop bombs on children then there will always be psychos looking for children to drop bombs on….it’s the same if you’re a manager of a department, it’s not in your interest to do what is best for the company, it’s in your interest to do what is best for you….hire as many people as possible so your boss has to knock you up a grade, suppress things that wd make your dept run more efficiently…..it’s all abt being able to produce nice graphs at the end of the day….

    • barbara guillette

      [edited to remove content that might leave me at risk of libel action – JA]

      I protested a corporation and city gov’t that was going ot build a golf course. I thought the land best to be left fallow for the future, unknown to me at the time , their was and is a toxic dump under the now built golf course.So now I am gang stalked by city hall, every name, every person is related to city hall. via this corporation. The mayor who was involved in this felt he was god and ruled the town, he is now dead after 23 years in office, many of those years unopposed. I wonder if he got a kickback for building that golf course. His five daughters all went to private good schools and he wore Armani.. He started out a postman.

    • kevin

      hi rae, be carefull of what you say about microwave harrassment, because the system could use this as evedence to have you sectioned or as an excuse to keep up the survailance, we all know the technology exists [patents ect] log and film anything untoward,log plausable stuff with your mp this will create a papertrail of evedence should stuff go worse or anything happen to you, be proactive you can get my email from john
      kevin ti

  22. Keep up the good fight John, its the only way these murders by intelligence sector of MOD or others,will be exposed,

    • kevin

      wel lsaid carl ,but dont forget special branch and elements of the masons, not to mention citizen snitch networks,keep up the good work john

      • I know Kevin exactly the extent to what Special Branch can do as I had worked alongside them for several years as an infiltrator and source informant, and as for Masons have had problems with those in the past who nearly got me sectioned under mental health after isolating me from my surroundings and working together with police, doctors and psychiatrists all this because I knew too much, I also worked for the Israeli’s between 1989 – 1994 as an infiltrator into anti semetic groups which trained me to the highest level to deal with what I went through 2004 – 06, I came out after a long fight in which they tried everything, I had multiple unusual accidents in my car, became seriously ill overdosed and nearly died, many things happened in that time, which made me much stronger and able to fight better and more intelligently as I am today, discovering their secrets Gareth Williams is one death that MI6 sanctioned as he was going over to the Americans and they could not let that happen, there have been many cover ups and I am getting close to exposing the people involved I have had break ins and thefts from my workplace of sensitive and classified material which would have exposed them earlier but I am nearly there again so maybe Darrims death will be avenged sometime soon.

  23. The use of microwave propogation weapons are now widespread, LRAds are used on shipping and for crowd control, there is long term damage at cellular level and brain function level but it has to be sustained for that to happen, or a much stronger frequency be adopted to damage quicker, one of the documents I had in my possession which was stolen along with tons of other research I had done over the years was from the head medical officer to the German BND, which stated if using these type of weapons do not use in close proximity to one another as damage can occur within a 10 metre radius.
    Patents from DARPA, U.S Naval and U.S.A.F research labs all can be found on U.S Patents sites.

  24. Derek Steel

    Do you know David Bromhill

  25. I have a couple of very good Hackers who have been looking into deaths of several high profile victims attributed to the M.O.D and other agencies they are now looking into Darrim’s death to see what similarities there are, they are also working as an investigative team for a middle eastern t.v news station into the death of Dr David Kelly after more evidence has been uncovered of who he was meeting on the day he died, which was a friend who he trusted, and of Gareth Williams who was murdered and his body used as bait for seven days by MI6 he cracked the code of SR1 that is the standard encryption for all electronic communications which the Israeli’s have the key to and in fact developed, they did not know who else knew or had back up info so he was killed left in a holdall in his flat in pimlico and the heating was turned up to full so his body would decompose quickly and the drug that had been administered would be neutralized while waiting for his worried accomplice to get in contact as Gareth said if he died in an accident or of illness the research was to be released, as this was not released to the public I assume that MI6 got the person who had Gareth’s research. Darrim knew he was being targeted and this is the way that our intelligence work or a certain branch of it as they did in Northern Ireland murders torture anything and everything was done there and it became a training ground for events on the mainland where there have been hundreds of suspicious deaths put down to misadventure, accident or suicides.

  26. er

    i wish it wasn’t just me, unfortunately (in a way) i think it is just me…………..oh well, worth a try i suppose

  27. Eliza

    That is so true. The subconcious mind controls the concious mind. Ive had direct experience of extensive use of subliminals being used covertly in my targeting.always negative affirmations and introduced to me directly by music and by entering my home and burning the subliminals on my music collection.yes really! And by transmission by radio,cb or otherwise,at places i frequent.the subliminals are masked by background noise/music,but if looped each section can be seperated from the masking sounds.who’s gonna believe it? I also have the harassment the v2k and tinnitus ect.thanks for mentioning that about the hypnosis.it is still being abused in the ways you speak.god bless.

  28. Robin Whelan

    i found this as a result of following the exhaustive and courageous work of Katherine Horton, who has now set a court date for Dec 12, 2019. She is bringing her case before the Royal Court with affidavit files of hundreds of sworn witnesses to the electronic torture program at work in Europe and elsewhere.. I wish I could be in the gallery. I think some men should show up and look big and strong to support her…
    I am so glad I found all of you guys, from Baltimore Md, in the US.

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