Stop giving tax-payers’ money to the Terrence Higgins Trust

The Terrence Higgins Trust “charity” is by now a household name in the UK,  but it has recently attracted a certain amount of apparently well-justified criticism, here and here and here.

Certain “now you see it, now you don’t” shenanigans have been reported on the British government’s official e-petition website, involving a well-supported petition to the British government, asking it to stop funding this particular charity with tax-payers’ money.  The petition was accepted for publication, but subsequently deleted once significant support had begun to gather.

Before today, there was still an “unofficial” e-petition that one could sign on, aimed at depriving the trust of future British government funding, but no longer a comparable e-petition on the official government e-petition site.

I have therefore taken it upon myself to create a new petition, which has been accepted, on the government’s own e-petition site, entitled:

Stop giving tax-payers’ money to the Terrence Higgins Trust

Please sign my e-petition (and maybe also the e-petition too?), if this is an issue that you also care about.

I’m telling you, folks, if they decide to delete my petition, like they did the first one, the government had better think up an excuse  for doing so that at least sounds as though it might be “Wednesbury reasonable“, or I’ll see them in court!  Go ahead, punks, make my day.



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13 responses to “Stop giving tax-payers’ money to the Terrence Higgins Trust

  1. debbie Hawkings

    I’m completely shocked, and I could not even finish reading some of it, because I don’t want it in my head. Let’s get as many reasonable and responsible persons signing this petition as we can. Sheer force of numbers will have to make the government listen. Thing is, I don’t really want any of my friends and family to have this in their heads either, but it’s the only way to do it. Sorry people, but remember “Evil thrives when good men (or women) do nothing.” Just read enough of the links to get the picture.

  2. John Fannon

    I agree with Debbie. I saw earlier stuff about this organisation – it’s like looking into Hell itself.
    Even their logo is obviously sodomitic

  3. Martyn Butler

    I am shocked and horrified and will happily sign any petition that stamps out bigotry, misinformation, lies and intolerance.

    The Terrence Higgins trust is facing up to the reality of the world we live in, by stopping its funding – which is highly unlikely to get much support – you would be condemning thousands of young people from receiving health education in the terms and language that they understand.

    So if someone wants to start a petition to stamp out bigotry, and the unpleasant rantings of John Allman – let me know where to sign!

    • It’s obvious that you’re “flaming” me for something, but you don’t explain what for – not at all, never mind in a way that is related to the actual content of the post on which you are commenting. Did you not follow the links?

      “Bigotry, misinformation, lies and intolerance” are serious allegations. Can you substantiate any of them?

  4. Stupid idiots…..THT has done more to support HIV/AIDS than you will ever know…..and yes that means “STAIGHT”S” too why dont you take the time to read there whole site instead of picking the bits that offend your studid uneducated views?

    oh and as aside what have you ever done to help the sick?

    oh and why your at it why dont you admit you just sad homophobic idiots?

    • If you think you know what my “views” are, and believe them to be “stupid”, or “uneducated”, why don’t you say something, instead of just hurling insults at me?

      It looks to me as though you haven’t even bothered to look into the reasons why certain people are mighty displeased enough to learn what the tax-payer has been funding, in the way of so-called “health education”, to want the funding to stop.

      Perhaps you’d like to post a comment on what THT has done to “support” HIV/AIDS.

  5. Dan Griffiths

    THT provides much needed education nationally, a god send where there are huge failings in the health system. THT volunteers actively go into public places as well as work places to provide much needed information that NHS campaigns fail to deliver to the areas that need it most. They offer councelling, literature, FACTUAL information, support groups, as well issuing free safe sex contraceptives by going out there into the public, not where the NHS are there for you to go to them – I’m not slanting the NHS but many are too scared to approach Clinics, cannot access them or don’t know where to go. THT reach out to everyone, Gay, straight, Bisexual, they offer support to friends, relatives and partners or those living with or those deceased due to HIV. The government happily provides some funding as they recognise they do not have their own initiatives that provide the support this charitable and voluntary based organisation offers.

    I worked for Barclays Plc and we all nominated this organisation as chairty of the year, where we all as employees raised funds to support the organisation as well as barclays providing their own donations as a responsible employer. They even came into our work place with free safe sex handouts including information about support and advice as condoms, etc. They are there for anyone who is seeking advice or support. How dare any small minded people try to stop the good work this organisation does! Why don’t you go and contract HIV, for example, and go and see who else out there will give you the support you need, emotional as well as councelling, and see how far you get!. They work to educated people as well to stop the spread of infection, of all sexual health infections, promoting a healthy lifestyle. Very uneducated small minded people yet again trying to interfere with things that have nothing to do with them!

    • The government doesn’t just provide “some” funding for THT. It provides most of THT’s funding.

      Do you approve of THT publishing, to minors, and at the tax-payer’s expense, “health advice” on (not against, on) the practices of drinking urine, eating faeces, inserting forearms up recta and sucking semen from anuses? Why is it “small-minded” to object to this? Do you seriously count this as “good work”, or as “educating people to stop the spread of infection”, or “promoting a healthy lifestyle”? How are tax-payers showing themselves to be “very uneducated”, when they object to their money being misspent in this way, and why do you think that this abuse of public money has got “nothing to do with them”?

      • Jack

        Don’t be ridiculous John, those publications are only for gay men who engage in risky sex practices. They are not and have never been targeted at or distributed to minors. This is a falsehood that was recently spread by a right-wing religious organisation. I’d suggest you do some proper research before making such accusations.

        • How do justify publishing, at the tax-payer’s expense, to any demographic, “health advice” on drinking urine, eating faeces, inserting forearms up recta and sucking semen from anuses? Even in the unlikely event that it could somehow be guaranteed (how?) that none of this bizarre health advice found its way to minors, why should my taxes or yours pay for this?

          What “right-wing religious organisation” are you referring to, by the way?

  6. James B

    THT is not promoting Scat or Watersports its merely explaining what the definitions are. There are very few people, gay or straight into those activities but just because we are not into them doesn’t mean that THT shouldn’t explain the FACTS around those practices for those who choose to do them. Yes straight people ARE into that sort of thing and educating them of the risks is better than ignorance. Sadly ignorance is in abundance on this blog. THT’s website is an EDUCATIONAL forum not a forum for all you literally hysterical, narrow minded homophobes to dictate your personal morals. This is tiny side of all the brilliant work that THT has done over the years. They have saved many lives with their safe sex campaigns. I doubt ANY of you critics have constructively prevented the contraction of HIV/AIDS within any community.

    • You seem to be saying several different things, that cannot all be true at the same time:

      (1) THT isn’t “promoting” practices such as drinking urine, eating faeces, inserting forearms up recta and sucking semen from anuses; it is merely “explaining what the definitions are”; i.e. introducing new slang terms for these activities to their reader’s vocabularies, so that they can talk amongst themselves about drinking urine, eating faeces, inserting forearms up recta and sucking semen from anuses to other’s, without listeners whose vocabularies don’t include the new slang words knowing what they are talking about.

      (2) THT isn’t merely “merely explaining what the definitions are” after all. Rather, THT is also explaining “FACTS” that are “around” those practices. (Such as?)

      (3) THT isn’t just explaining FACTS, it’s actually “educating” people of the “risks”, this being better than “ignorance”, you say. Except that, in the case of eating shit (as just one example), I didn’t notice any “EDUCATIONAL” content, as to what the risks were, if any, of eating shit. Did THT say eating shit was safe, or say it was dangerous? Or did THT say NOTHING AT ALL as to whether eating shit was a safe practice?

      (4) THT has saved many lives, with it’s safe sex campaigns.

      If you would like to dispel some of the “ignorance” that you say abounds on my blog, perhaps you could start by dispelling my own ignorance, as to which of your four conflicting statements is the version of the truth that you believe yourself. Is THT is merely explaining the meaning of certain slang words? Or is THT also giving out some “facts” about unhygenic-sounding practices that most people would never have thought of trying, until THT suggested it? Or is THT giving out sound, educational information about the risks of the practices to which it draws attention (without “promoting” those practices, or course)? Or, best of all, is THT helping to save lives, by mentioning the practices of drinking urine, eating faeces, inserting forearms up recta and sucking semen from anuses? (Forgive my “ignorance”, but if the last option applies, how does this contribute to the saving of lives?)

  7. Dan Griffiths

    John, they are not promoting anything except education and knowledge of the facts. They DO NOT target minors – the information and handouts they provide are for anyone seeking such material of any age. The do not approach individuals, they make their presence known by wearing t-shirts identifying themselves, having small info stalls at various events etc. People approach them, the individuals can ask for specific info, they are free to take whatever handouts they would like, and their handouts range through a varied amount of topics, people can take all or what they feel is relevent to them. Yes some of the handouts describe each and every sexual practice there is, explaining in the plain language, why certain individuals may receieve pleasure from such practices, the dangers of such practices and most importantly… how to be safe if you do indeed indulge in such practices. I am a gay man, a dj for 7 years in well established gay night clubs and bars. My main club had a small informatio board setup in a corner, with booklets and condoms supplied by THT for anyone who wished to take them. THT’ servivces have never been thrown in anyone’s faces and certainly not targeted at minors. During my time being a dj for my club, it was common for individuals, gay and straight, to come to the club just to access the ‘info corner’ – they would say i just want to grab some of the booklets or get some condoms, they were allowed to enter the club free of admission to access the corner and then leave. May I point out that for any venue serving alcohol you must be 18 or older to enter. so, how is this targeting minors? As a gay man I like to think i lead a healthy sex life – watersports, fisting, scat etc is not my cup of tea at all but I am glad that I have been able to educate myself on such practices so I can understand what such practices involve – if i come across other individuals who find these formentioned practices appealing to them I am glad i at least understand the facts surrounding it. I am very happy to feel very sexually educated, even on such practices that hold no interest to me. Surely obtainable education has to better than ignorance, sexually or otherwise? Again may I stress THT NEVER approach indivudals and ram stuff down their throats (no pun intended). They make their presence known, for individuals to apprach them on any topic they may like to discuss, query, or just to obtain much needed safe sex literature or condoms, etc. I have always said each to their own, may not be my cup of tea but if people are consenting, it is behind closed doors and it does not effect others, then knock yourself out. And you cannot promote sexual desire – it is your own desire, you cannot be conditioned or coerced into something that has no appeal to you what so ever. Again I stress, its info for those that seek it on the topics or areas that are of personal interest to them. And yes John I apologise that i got it wrong, THT gets most of their funding from the government. Why do you think that is John? Because it is a much needed service. Or would you prefer we all live closed lives with no understanding of individuality and taking responsibility for our own personal safety no matter what the activity or activities that interest an individual or wish to indulge or pursue? Let people get on with their lives how they wish and let them be able to educate themselves without being judged

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