Why foster carers, but not natural parents?

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In the House of Lords recently, there was an amendment drafted, and maybe moved, to the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill, that would have protected would-be foster carers from being denied the opportunity to foster other people’s looked-after children, because the would-be foster carers held dissident opinions about “same sex marriage”.

Amazingly, it seems that none of the peers has thought of a much more serious related issue.  None of them have suggested an amendment to protect real parents from having their children taken off them, because the parents hold dissident views about “same sex marriage”.

For a recent example of this actually happening, you only need to read the following guest post to this blog, by “Gagged Dad”, who will have to conceal his real name, unless and until (please God) a brave Parliamentarian takes off Gagged Dad’s “gag” for him, by mentioning him by name, and his plight, on an occasion of Parliamentary Privilege.  (I have his contact details.)

Two year-old’s contact stopped with “homophobic” dad

By tabling amendments that address the likelihood of discrimination in employment against foster carers and school teachers – a purge of all such dissidents from these professions is almost inevitable if the Bill is passed, the Lords have shown that they have at least woken up to the fact that some people have an agenda of limiting the access of those with traditional opinions about “same sex marriage” to children.  But not one of the peers has had the gumption yet, to work out the worst of where this agenda is heading, not just ultimately, but in the here and now, even before the legislation is passed (if, God forbid, it is ever passed).  Not just preventing those with certain beliefs having access to other people’s children.  Also preventing such people from having access to their own children.

Put simply, the threat to parents, from social workers and the secret family courts, whom none may criticise publicly using his real name on peril of imprisonment for contempt of court, is nowadays stark.  Abandon your beliefs about marriage being what you thought it was, or we will take your children off you and give them to strangers, who won’t necessarily be a couple, one of each sex, like their real mum and dad.  Or, if you are (for example) a father (like Gagged Dad), who disagrees with “same sex marriage”, and your children live with their mother, kiss them goodbye, because we will make sure you never see them again.  We will take them off their mother too, if she doesn’t do what we want her to do (i.e. stopping them from seeing you), or if she doesn’t think what we want her to think.

The solution is simple.  Amend the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill, to add an amendment to the Children Act, that protects  natural families from being dismantled as a punishment for dissidence about “same sex marriage” on the part of either or both parents.  (Either that, or to vote down the entire Bill, because no such protection is included.)

Over a hundred members of the House of Lords have accepted invitations to follow this blog, or at least their staff who monitor their email have, on their behalf.  It remains to be seen whether any of them bother to try to do anything, to curtail this interference with family life, and to stop it spreading.

See also:  B*ggers CAN be choosers!


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9 responses to “Why foster carers, but not natural parents?

  1. Frank Straight-Rights

    Yes , this is an appalling case and the loss of rights to heterosexuals is a major issue. The debate in the Lords was a display of the stupidity of most of them, and the degree to which they are paralyzed by political correctness and the fear of being bullied by the LGBT lobby. Real parents have fewer and fewer rights – our children are being confiscated by the state and sent to be brought up by homosexuals, as part of a long-term strategy.
    Fight back. Write to your MP, your MEPs and the policy makers in all the political parties. Write to the newspapers.
    It’s the queers who are now the bullies and the heterosexual people who are the victims.

    • A lover of truth

      Let’s remember the welfare of children is far better now than when the churches were full and the Bible well known in the 19th century. Let’s also remember that the law (Children Act 1989 etc. and social work guidance) ALWAYS tries to keep children with their parents. There are around 40,000 children on the child protection register at anyone time. Usually because of the failure of heterosexuals to cherish the gifts they have. 40,000 children – and yet you seek to blame homos… I think we know where the blame really lies.

      I suppose it is just easier to live in the hate-filled fantasy world of believing there is a ‘gaystapo’. A pity you can’t put the same degree of effort into getting straights to care for the children they have.

      Mind you, you’re probably at home posting on this site – Allman’s a rabid nutter too.

      By the way Allman, are you giving a home to children? No, that would mean actually DOING something and we all know you’re a man who likes to shout from the sidelines, but never plays the game himself… You make a lot of noise on the internet Allman and as we know, empty barrels make the most noise…

      • @ A lover of truth

        “the law (Children Act 1989 etc. and social work guidance) ALWAYS tries to keep children with their parents”

        You are badly misinformed on that point, I’m afraid. You can easily educate yourself as to the actual facts of the matter, by searching the web for the following search string:

        “forced adoption” UK

  2. A lover of truth

    As usual, ALLMAN, more of your obsession with sex and sexuality – though of course, you’re a conservative Christian and so it is your duty to think the worst of both people and any situation… particularly when it allows you the easy righteousness of queerbashing. The reason why foster parents and not parents, is because foster parents are paid by the state – they are employees of the state in that they receive money for the task they do and therefore have to uphold an equal opportunities’ policy. Simple as that really, but someone like yourself, eager to spread discord and read negativity into anything he can is deceived by the vanity of victimhood and the conceit of paranoia (many Christians are just pious narcissists really aren’t they?).

    As for ‘None of them have suggested an amendment to protect realparents from having their children taken off them, because the parents hold dissident views about “same sex marriage”…. I think your story of ‘Gag Dad’ should be asking why he wasn’t with the mother of the child in the first place! Sniping at homosexuals seems your thing Allman, perhaps it’s time to snipe at heterosexuals – in the main it is the failure of heterosexuals that result in children being fostered in the first place, hate-monger. Indeed let’s remember that the vast majority of children sexually abused, will be abused in the family and the most likely person to kill a child is its parent.

    But this is reason – and not the stuff a whining hate-monger like you wants to hear.

    “There are six things that the LORD strongly dislikes, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.” Proverbs 6:16–19

    Perhaps you should remember this scripture with the same keenness you employ concerning Lev 18:22. But that would be costly and deny you your chef joy of spreading discord and bear false witness.

    Wash some feet, turn the other cheek – do something USEFUL instead of your whinging and whining.

    • There isn’t any “sniping at homosexuals” in the post, nor any hate-mongering.

      I would be unable to publish information if I had it, as to why Gagged Dad wasn’t with the mother in the first place.

    • Truth Teller.

      I do not think John actually said anything “homophobic?”

      You wrote an essay of words and I gathered that (some of) your main points were based on the possible lie you made up about John Allman criticizing gay people and another of your main points was quiet strongly (and wrongly) an attack on Christians? -I know many Christians are lovers of the truth, they are good people, they do good deeds, help others and are very kind and respectful to people. Why do you feel the need to lie and be hateful towards Christians?

      Of course if you want to be gay you have the freedom to be gay, just like you have the freedom to become an alcoholic, have wild “swingers” sex orgy’s and gamble all your money in casinos. -But we also have the right to set a good example and we should have the freedom to teach children to grow up, get married.. have kids, build a strong family unit, help others see a positive example of how to build stronger community and do not have gay sexual relations when your alone with your best mate (which could end in a ruined family, children in foster care, butterfly effects of increased crime, disruption to society and more)

      Also, making laws that stop people who do not agree with gay sex becoming foster parents may cause problems such as in a scenario where an atheist mother, farther and child who have an accident, the farther shortly afterwards dies, the mother is hospitalized for a few months and the child goes into foster care, -what if the atheist mother (who is not a liar, nor hateful to Christians and loves the truth) tells social services that she does not want her 5 year old little girl to be in the care of two lesbians, nor does she want her child to be in the care of a man and wife who promote being gay is ok?

      And what is with the other “point” you was trying to make about John Allman being “paranoid?”

      John Allman spends time and money helping others, he stands up for people, he offers to help them when they are in need, do you not have good reasoning skills to figure out that he may actually not be the “whining hate-monger” that you are trying to make him out to be?

      You also said that:

      “the vast majority of children sexually abused, will be abused in the family and the most likely person to kill a child is its parent”

      What has this got to do with the topic of foster carers thinking that gay sex is wrong? Are you gay? Why do you think it is good to teach children to be gay? Do you hate all religions?

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