Please, miss, please may I watch my son’s school Christmas play?

It might seem strange that I am publishing, over the Christmas period, video footage of the abuse of family rights.  It is my hope that this video, though some might find it distressing to watch, might bring fresh hope to alienated parents the world over.  The video might persuade some other parent stripped of his or her family by public sector officials who consider themselves answerable to nobody, not to commit suicide during this lonely Christmas period.

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It ironic that I make this publication on the day of the year when some make a point of remembering the sacrifice of the very first disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ to be put to death, as a punishment for his faithfulness to Christ, imposed without the formal passing of a sentence, after an unfair trial.  A death sentence for Stephen having articulated his own politically incorrect beliefs, almost two thousand years ago.  As many a bereaved parent has discovered throughout the world’s bloody history, facing death for one’s beliefs is sometimes easier to bear than the loss of one’s children.

I am the father of a minor, aged four, for whom I have parental responsibility.  I have won, in private family proceedings, enforceable against my son’s mother, as my respondent, a contact order.

The family court contact order in my favour said nothing whatsoever about what I wasn’t allowed to do.  It said nothing about what the Head of School of my son’s infant school had to prevent me from doing.  It certainly conferred upon nobody a licence physically to assault me on sight, without facing any legal consequences for their violence.  All that extra-judicial interference – extreme and violent contact denial – was inflicted upon me entirely voluntarily, without a court order permitting it, because that is what the perpetrator wanted to do.  I say that that treatment of me was unlawful, from start to finish.  Not that any such legal niceties have ever occupied the small minds of the various professionals concerned, whose actions suggest that they believe the modern doctrine that a boy without a dad is like a fish without a bicycle.

I attended my son’s school, hoping to join the audience of parents whose children were in the school Christmas play that morning.  I had looked forward to this day since my lad had started at this school.  Failing that preferred outcome, then, at very least, and to quote a certain Cornish folk song from an era as turbulent as our own, I was determined that I would “know the reason why”.  The reason why turns out to be in order to make the Head of School “happy”.  She was not “happy” to let me watch the play, so she attacked me physically herself, and also called the police.  Even after establishing that the Head of School’s “happiness” or otherwise for me to attend my son’s school play was the only reason for her agenda (since the court order she had told me and the police she had, turned out not exist, as I had always insisted was the case), the police did her bidding, and assaulted me.  (They should have restrained her, so that I was able to enter the auditorium in peace.)

Unmistakeable illegality

The video catches on film a flagrant abuse of family rights on the part of the highly unprofessional (and downright mean-spirited) Head of School at my son’s infants’ school, both mine and his.  I am disappointed that the common assault perpetrated against me by my son’s Head of School, less than a minute before the start of filming, wasn’t filmed too.  The attack on my person perpetrated by a couple of school teachers, alas happened slightly too quickly for my fellow-witness and cameraman even to get his filming device switched on in time for him capture that shocking moment.

Thank God my father and mother have not lived to see the day when school-teachers conduct themselves like thugs towards the parents of those whom they teach, including their own son, who had no intention other than sitting quietly, watching the play in which their grandson was performing!

Your help is needed

I imagine the good people behind (for example) J4MB, F4J, NF4J, RF4J, FNF (of which I am a member), MRA-UK, Christian Voice, Christian Concern, The Christian Institute, Justice For Families and UK Column (to name but a few), and other readers of this blog, will now want to do all they can to make this incriminating video, which shows exactly how the anti-family industry has taken to working its secretive and mendacious mischief, “go viral”.  My “olive branch” addressed to the perpetrator, which could surely have enabled an amicable, out-of-court settlement with any reasonable defendant, has apparently fallen on deaf ears (to use a humorous mixed metaphor).  The violent Head of School who assaulted me, has refused jaw-jaw with me.  She wants war-war.  Let her have war-war, if that is what she wants.  My decision to publish this video today, after delaying that decision for a fortnight, is because of her decision that there is nothing to talk about.

St Stephen’s Day

There is a story behind why I chose today as the day to publish that video today.

As I’ve said, today happens to be St Stephen’s Day.

I have, however, been reminded several times lately, about the fierce persecution of the first generation of the saints, the followers of “The Way” (later called “Christians”), that is documented in the New Testament of the Holy Bible, in The Acts of the Apostles chapters 6 thru 9, a good read that is a great deal more exciting than some of the bible, to me at least –  it is indeed a gripping yarn.

The said persecution seems to have been triggered by the unfair trial and martyrdom of the deacon Stephen, the first follower of The Way to be put to death for his faithfulness to the Lord Jesus Christ.  I should not be at all surprised to discover that was how I ended my own days, because an awful lot of my blog’s content, and my life’s activities, have turned out to be rather anti-establishment, during an age when Christians are amongst the least satisfied with what the establishment is doing to society, and the establishment itself is less tolerant of any criticism than I have ever known it to be, in my 61 years.

A principal perpetrator of that persecution, a secret policeman initially called Saul of Tarsus, later became a changed man, who later is referred to as the apostle Paul.  This Paul went on to write about a third of New Testament, and is still read today, by millions if not billions, more-or-less daily by many of them.  I even had occasion to quote this Paul’s writings myself, in the talk I gave in November this year in Brussels, which is linked to in my Christmas Day blog post of yesterday, punningly entitled Brussels sprouts, though that’s another story altogether.  The conversion of a thought policemen and torturer, into a Christian apologist, evangelist, missionary, and finally (by his own deliberate choices to insist upon his own legal rights) the political prisoner of the Roman state who wrote encouraging letters to various churches from prison, should be an inspiration to every reader.

I have taken what I took to be a providential hint.  I have concluded that today might well be the chosen day on which I publish the rather exciting video of what happened when I attempted to visit my four year-old son’s school on Thursday 11th December 2014.

This is a sensitive situation

I haven’t named my son or his school in this post, nor the town in Cornwall where the school is situated.  I have been careful to silence the “censored” video whenever my son’s name is uttered, an act of self-censorship.  No visual content has been censored, just my son’s name on the sound track.

I would respectfully ask anybody who might feel able to guess my son’s identity, or his school, please not to publish their guesses.  The perpetrators of the still-prospering “smash the family” paternal deprivation agenda, the creation of as near as achievable a fatherless society as can be socially engineered, need to be made answer publicly, in open court, for their abuses of children’s and families’ rights.  It is therefore necessary that nobody blurts out the secret details, lest secret courts that routinely imprison their victims for complaining about injustice, get their hands on the upcoming litigation, with the result that none of the readers of this blog will have the opportunity to watch a public trial about the important legal issues that I feel this video raises.

Wasn’t I harassing the Head of School?

No.  This was only my third visit ever to the school.  It was my first-ever visit without agreeing a prior appointment with the school staff, for a meeting with the staff, conducted when my son wasn’t present at the school.  So my visit definitely wasn’t part of any harassing “course of conduct”, for the purposes of The Protection From Harassment Act 1997, for which at least two incidents of the same type are required.  My visit was in order to join, perfectly innocently, the audience of parents watching their children (and my son) in what was my son’s first-ever school Christmas play, which was advertised on the school’s website, to encourage parents to attend as audience members.  The outcome of my visit was alas rather different from the harmless outcome that I had hoped for, but that was her choice, not mine.

Is it necessary to publish this video?

If I could think of any other way of rescuing my son from almost complete paternal deprivation, because the contact order in my favour is far from generous, then I would have used it.  I have tried many less confrontational approaches. It has proved to be akin to banging one’s head against a brick wall.

My attempt to enter amicable negotiations with the school, following my complaint about my treatment that day, has been rebuffed.  I therefore saw no need to show any further restraint myself, about exposing publicly the Head of School’s wrong-doing.

Is there something you’re not telling us?

Yes, of course.  There is probably a great deal that I am not telling you because I shall not learn it myself, unless and until disclosure is ordered in court proceedings that I will have to start against the school.  As you can see, I am not dealing with a fair and open system, in which each side puts its cards on the table.

The Head of School refused (twice, in the video) to disclose upon whose “legal advice” she had acted, when she emailed me the day before the school Christmas play saying that she would call the police if I came to watch the play, and when she physically assaulted me as I attempted (using no violence myself whatsoever) simply to walk calmly and peaceably into the school hall where my son’s school Christmas play was to be performed.  I have my suspicions that the withheld answer to that question of mine might very well have some bearing on another court case, in which I am acting as the advocate for the claimant in that case, who must remain anonymous for legal reasons.

What I can promise you is that I have never abused my son or his mother, nor harassed her.  Neither she nor he has any sound reason to fear that I might.

Are you perhaps in the same boat?

If you are affected by similar problems in your own family life, and watching this video has stirred emotions in you, please feel free to write to me.  I may not be able to help you directly, though don’t rule that possibility out either, but I might well be able to point you in the direction of supportive resources that others provide.

If you have heard gossip about me (because I am aware that there is some gossip “on the streets”, as one of my handful of detractors put it), then please be willing to write to me, asking whether what you have been told is true.  The chances are that it isn’t true.



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4 responses to “Please, miss, please may I watch my son’s school Christmas play?

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  2. This treatment of fathers as having no rights to see their children at school functions is so reminiscent of what happened to me with my son, Elliott. Mothers, it seems, have the school head teachers backing them, as some sort of ‘owner’ of a child as apart from the father who is being cast out of his child’s school life altogether! We fathers have no rights, but it is hell sure that mothers do in the school situation! This film is happening all over the UK and we fathers are becoming sperm donors, this sickens me to my guts!

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