Gay dad’s mum births son and egg donor’s son as surrogate

According to 1959 Declaration on the Rights of the Child, it is a child’s right to be brought up by his or her parents “wherever possible”.  His mum and his dad, right?  Yes, both of them.  That was what the world believed in 1959.

Today, the news is a-buzz with howls of protest, that a gay man has fertilised the egg of an anonymous, donor mother, which was implanted into the womb of his own mother, who carried the child to term, as a surrogate mother.

What would Martin “First they came for the Jews” Niemoller say, if he was alive today?  Perhaps this?

First, using secret courts, they removed natural fathers and mothers from the lives of children who had known those fathers and mothers from birth.  But we were not those children’s parents, so we did nothing.  “There must be a reason”, we thought (if we even noticed).

Next they invented sperm banks, so that single women-and-girls could have children who would never know their fathers. But we were no longer children ourselves, and our empathy failed again.  We did nothing, apart from continuing to pay our taxes, which were now funding this child abuse.

IVF and surrogacy was invented.  This enabled single men to father children with anonymous, egg-donating mothers.  Mothers whom their sons and daughers would never meet.  But once again we did nothing.

In the name of equality, men who have sex with men, and women who have sex with women, were allowed to adopt the children that “they” (the authorities) had been ripping from their natural parents for decades.  But we didn’t want to be called bigots.  Still we did nothing.

We read many a touching story about a kind mother who had carried her own daughter’s foetus for her, as a surrogate mother, as well as being the a maternal grandmother of the child in her womb.  We could see nothing wrong with this either.  Rather we said, “Aah, isn’t that sweet?  Isn’t that noble?  Women and girls helping one another, so sacrificially!” We did nothing, of course.

Finally, a “gay” man’s sperm fertilised the donated egg of the anonymous genetic mother whom his child would never meet, and his own mother carried that child to term, in her own womb.  (This, we thought, wasn’t at all sweet or noble of her, for some reason.  She was surrogate mother to her son’s baby (and a donor mother’s), not her daughter’s baby (and that of a donor father).  This gender-switch in the facts changed everything!)   As one, we decided not to do nothing, for a change.  Oh no, not this time!  We must rise up!  We must stand up against this evil!

Alas, we discovered, as we tried to stand up, by this stage we no longer had a leg left to stand on.



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5 responses to “Gay dad’s mum births son and egg donor’s son as surrogate

  1. Peter Parsons

    Edmund Burke “All it takes for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

  2. The crazy just keeps on coming. I’m looking forward and see a time when the sperm donor is forced to pay child support to the two women that made a baby with his donation at the dissolution of there marriage. Although, when you think of something crazy, it has probably already happened……


  3. People who can’t find anyone to marry them shouldn’t get married. This story has DISGUSTED me so much that if I were an adolescent I would want to go to join ISIS to get it out of my system. It is disgusting that the society I live in would countenance what produced this misbegotten dysgenic unnatural creature just to indulge this gay young man who would never otherwise have found a woman stupid and insane enough to marry him.
    But then we live in a society where no one is any capable of feeling moral disgust because the concept is probably too cerebral for their base sex-obsessed gay-indulging little minds.

    I hope anyone who is monitoring my output will take this on board: that every time a story like this comes out, it is a RADICALISING ACT.
    I have said before that ISIS is the patriarchy reasserting itself over the libtard sexually-liberated, morally-demented and degenerate West, and I will say it again.

  4. I worry that we are trying to ‘play God’ as it were, and making excuses for our new vision of ethics. There are already too many humans in the world – why create more? Is it just so scientists can say, ‘because – we can.’

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