Tactical voting, or ethical voting, from the heart?

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To the conventional thinker, the most important votes cast in the forthcoming election will be those that decide whether Mr Rogerson (Lib) will return to Westminster to resume his career as an MP, or whether Mr Mann (Con) will replace him.

If you think less conventionally, you may decide that it is more important to send a clear message to whichever of the two main party candidates likely to win actually wins the seat in North Cornwall, and to the entire Lib Lab Con Trick that wins every general election anyway, that at least many Cornish voters feel strongly enough about the deprivation of children in our communities, of one half of each affected child’s entire family, to vote for someone like me, rather than to vote yet again for the Lib Lab Con Trick that has wrought this harm to children for so long.

If I get more votes than the majority by which the winning candidate is returned to Parliament, maybe they will listen.

Ethical voting

I say that it would be more noble on your part, to “waste” your vote, abstaining altogether from the Lib –v- Con local “friendly match”, letting others less noble decide whether North Cornwall returns the Tory or the Lib Dem to the Commons. Please leave that decision to people who aren’t moved by compassion for children, people whose false god is still The Economy, and whose decisions will based most often upon their fear and hatred of the “main” party of the two in with a chance round here, for whose candidate they won’t be voting, because they disagree with that hated party’s style of “worship”, of the common “false god” of all the main parties, The Economy.  (At the hustings in Wadebridge tonight, their were far more uses of the shock-and-awe word “billion” than of the equally non-everyday word “holy”, where I am to found of a Sunday!)

Please use your vote to help show the main party politicians that many Cornish voters care about paternally and maternally deprived children, more than they care about the less important (and less comprehensible) issues on which there might be tiny policy differences between one main party and another.  That is a more virtuous way to use your vote than the way the conventional thinker will waste his vote.  Do something on 7th May (which happens to be my birthday!), that will make you feel proud of what you’ve done.  Please vote for the children.

Please vote for me, not because you know me or like me, or think that I have the faintest hope of winning the seat, but for the sake of every boy and girl in the whole country who is never allowed to see mum, or never allowed to see dad, or never allowed to see one of his grandmothers, or one of his grandfathers, or any of his half-siblings on one side of his entire family.

Please vote against the state-enforced amputation of parents from their families.  Sacrifice your vote this way, for the sake of more than a million maternally or paternally deprived children, whose second-worst enemies are the very politicians for whom you had been thinking of voting until now.


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