What “party” are you standing for?

My “party”

People often ask me, “But what is your party?”  “Let every child have both parents” really is my official “party description” in this election!  That is exactly what will be printed on the ballot paper.

Letting every child have the care of both parents, wherever possible, is my core policy in this election.

My candidacy is not a bid for power.  It is a call to principled self-expression on the part of discontented Cornish voters, of dissent from the status quo, at the polling booth  It is a call addressed to those disillusioned with the powers that be, who have presided over the demolition of normal family life, with our connivance (mine included I am ashamed to admit) for half a century or so.

Please vote for me, to say sorry to the children we have allowed to be harmed in our midst, and to say “enough is enough!” to the politicians.


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