Both parents, every child, wherever POSSIBLE

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Please do not misunderstand me, as a handful of angry voters did at last night’s hustings in Launceston.  One often isn’t allowed enough time at every hustings to say everything that needs to be said.  One cannot anticipate and prevent every possible misunderstanding.

The Declaration on the rights of the child merely states that every child has the right to the care of both parents, wherever possible.  Not always.  Not when that isn’t possible.  But whenever it is “possible”.

Both parents.  Every child.  Wherever possible.

Many children do well in life, despite the disadvantage of losing contact with one of their two parents during childhood, or even with both of them.  Such children are a credit to their loving, single or adoptive parents.  I look up to the mothers and fathers who are forced to raise their children alone, without input from the corresponding fathers and mothers.  The father of two of my eight grandchildren had simply wonderful adoptive parents.  Millions of children lost their fathers a century ago, because of the slaughter in World War I.  Thousands of men and women are wise to flee with their children from domestic abuse that is both real and objectively intolerable and unsafe.

There are many reasons why it might not be “possible” for a child to grow up in the care of mum and dad.  But all the reasons put together, why it may be impossible for a child to have both parents, account for only a fraction of the children upon whom this plight of losing contact with one parent, or sometimes both parents, has been inflicted, unnecessarily.

Certainly no child, as is happening today to many a child, should lose the care of one or both of his or her two parents for warped and essentially political reasons, despite having two living parents both willing and able to care for him or her, separately or together, throughout his or her childhood.  I challenge anybody in North Cornwall who doubts that this is happening on a simply industrial scale, nationwide, under our noses but (apparently) off our radar, to email me, or to comment on this post, demanding evidence supporting this claim, if they have been unable to find the evidence themselves.



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2 responses to “Both parents, every child, wherever POSSIBLE

  1. Well said and hustings do bring out the worst and best in everyone including the candidates. I have been to five already and boy oh what a shin dig especially the penultimate.

    It might be of help to your and our position to use the opinions of the Chief Justice in the Declaration he made in the appeal response letters sent you. I feel his feelings havecto have substance to support the changes we are promoting on parity of parenting. Like all of us we have to grow by accepting some certain wisdoms prmote by it gets for the common good and for all iur children’s best real interests.

    We’re there any aggressive feminists presentation your hustings?. Maybe to use the feeling of this Justice would help the cause as it is difficult to argue against his views even by such politicians those as Harmon and May who want to privatise children totaly to their agressive feminist camp.

    Take care and good fortune.


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