U.S. begs God for severe hell (anag.)

British actor Stephen Fry (depicted left, in role) once observed that the name of the British politician Virginia Bottomley was an anagram of “I’m an evil Tory bigot”.  Fry went on to claim (tongue-in-cheek) that this comical coincidence amounted to proof of the existence of God.

I continue this blog’s long and noble tradition of what I like to call “humor-phobia”, by reminding readers that the title of the recent case in the Supreme Court of the United States that imposed same sex marriage throughout the entire U.S.A. was Obergefell v. Hodges.

Doing a Fry myself, I have spotted that “Obergefell versus Hodges” just happens to be an anagram of the title of this blog post: “U.S. begs God for severe hell“.


Filed under Homophobic, Satire and humour

4 responses to “U.S. begs God for severe hell (anag.)

  1. maureen agnew

    morning john ,  watched a T.V programme yesterday about Haarp absolutely fascinating the guy exposing it lived in alaska when i tell ppl about this they truly think its science fiction but its not….. pls keep me updated maureen spalek

  2. Patricia Yeiser

    Mr Fry does nothing for me…I don’t care where he went to college.

  3. Patricia r

    Dick Cavett made an anagram of Alec Guiness’s name: Genuine class. And quite right, too.

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