The candidate who came down with a cold

I am a bit embarrassed about something …

I am standing as a Christian Peoples Alliance‘s candidate for Cornwall Council on 14th January 2016.  I am also a candidate for Launceston Town Council.  What have I done, to communicate to the voters of Launceston Central town council ward and duchy electoral division, any reason why they should vote for me?

Like the Mebyon Kernow candidate at the general election, whom I congratulate on getting more votes than I did after I’d attended every hustings (you might remember that I was “Let every child have both parents” candidate then), it is I who have done more or less nothing in the way of campaigning this time around!

The reason I have not delivered leaflets or knocked on any doors throughout the past four weeks, or shaken any hands (or kissed any babies) is that  on 14th December 2015, the day I handed in my nomination papers in St Austell, I came down with a very bad cough and cold from which I still haven’t recovered.  I apologise, nevertheless.  Even with such a bad cold, I could, perhaps, have done more online to explain why I am standing as a candidate.  Please allow me to make up for lost time now.

I was encouraged at my church to stand for the town council.  I would have stood as an independent candidate but for the the fact that I was also planning to stand for the duchy council, as a CPA candidate.

I hope not to be the one out of the four candidates who are chasing three seats who gets least votes, in which case you’ll end up with two Lib Dems and a Tory.

If elected to the town council, I promise to listen.  I am already hearing a lot about parking.  I understand.  I rely on a resident’s parking scheme myself, so I understand the problems well.  This is a Cornwall Council matter really, but I imagine that the town council will not be without influence.

Please, whoever would you vote for, please take the trouble to vote for one of the candidates.


My candidacy for Cornwall Council is a great deal more “political” than the friendly match in town.  My experience with the #GaggedDad case, with which our previous Cornwall councillor tried to help but found himself powerless , what subsequently happened to him and his career, confirms what I suspected from other sources: that the councillors are not in control of the council staff at Cornwall.

The council’s employed workforce appears to have become the tail that wags the dog.  The political buck stops with the councillors though, who must take back ultimate control from the staff who work for them, who have been spending our money in some shockingly wasteful ways.  Especially (I have found) the council’s Legal Department.

Social services too are out of control, in many ways.  Not least they have actively pursued an agenda of the vetting of natural parents for the political correctness of their beliefs, for example about issues like same sex marriage and abortion, interfering in order to deprive children of contact with non-resident parents, when those parents express the wrong beliefs on these controversial topics.  This is done, it has been said, to “protect” children from “exposure” to beliefs of non-resident parents that are perfectly rational, and completely mainstream within the Christian faith community.

I’ll finish this post with a clickable link to my poem written about Remembrance Day in Launceston in 2012, and by pasting part of the message from me that our party leader, Sidney Cordle MBE published in our party’s Christmas newsletter.

Link to my poem

Message from John Allman CPA by election candidate: –

This is the first time that I have fought an election that it wouldn’t require a “swing” that amounted virtually to a miracle, for me to win that election.  I am fighting my first two council elections now.  I have, however, fought, to date, four Parliamentary elections as a provocative, no-hoper MP candidate: thrice in 2005 and once in 2015; a candidate whose manifesto was on each occasion intended to prophesy encouragement to fellow Christians, and to broadcast warning and good will to unbelievers, whether or not I got votes.

Anybody can learn about me, and what I stand and have stood for, and find photographs of me galore, by visiting my JohnAllman.UK blog, and following the links there to my social media accounts, and other websites.

The Lord Jesus Christ described Himself as “the light of the world”. He also described as “the light of the world”, the motley crew of flawed and fallible disciples whom he had gathered before his crucifixion, only about 150 of whom stayed faithful until the Pentecost after his resurrection, despite (according to the apostle Paul) 500 or so having been together between the resurrection and the ascension.

Because I believe in Jesus, I am not ashamed to ask non-Christians to vote for me. I am a Christian political candidate who makes typically Christian value judgements about what sorts of policies governments should have, and what behaviours government should incentivise in the general population. I believe that it would be in the temporal interests of people of our faith, other faiths, and no faith at all, alike, to be governed by politicians who espoused Christian values. Christian values are, so-to-speak, “the light of the world” too.

I tend to be left wing on economic issues. I see this as consistent with the ethics of my Lord and Saviour. Jesus Christ was and is (and is to come) more than a mere ethical teacher, in his incarnation, according to my faith community. But when doing politics, it in His ethics that I glory, and those are (however else one might describe them) egalitarian ethics. “Love thy neighbour as thyself” is a maxim of the Old Testament that Jesus endorsed, the “golden rule”. It subverts the class system. “When Adam delved, and Eve span, who was then the gentleman?” [John Donne] It asserts that every human death that is not in sure and certain hope of a better resurrection is equally tragic: “Ask not for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.” [John Donne again]

Nowadays, the golden rule is rebranded as the “equality principle”. It is this modern equality principle, which Jesus Himself taught of old, that ought to enable any British Christian believer, or any British infidel, equally to feel ashamed of the slaughter of 8 million British human foetuses such as he or she once was himself or herself, because of the British legislature’s and monarch’s rejection in The Abortion Act 1969 of the egalitarian golden rule, in favour of making a concession to the strident, elitist and hateful ethical fiction that a “woman” (i.e. the mother of a human foetus) has the “right” to “choose” to access the services of an abortion industry that barely existed before the 20th century, but which worldwide has dwarfed during my lifetime the homicidal atrocities of the Third Reich.


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