Philip Kerr v MI5 – organised stalking claim

EvidenceThe evidence in the T1 human rights claim in the Investigatory Powers Tribunal that is the current stage of the litigation that began as Philip Kerr -v- MI5 in the High Court, was filed electronically a week ago today.  The photo shows the hard copy that was posted to the IPT yesterday.

Download the evidence workbook

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2 responses to “Philip Kerr v MI5 – organised stalking claim

  1. Mark

    love the ‘non engagement’ bit!
    we’re people who’s relatives were not terminally ill or dying , who were killed by the liverpoolcarepathway – ‘engagement’ in our cases appeared to have involved sitting in the same room as the person who murdered them and being told we could be sectioned for an extreme ‘bereavement’ reaction !
    Theres a pile of bodies a mile high in Liverpool (DrFoster says they would have needed to have an outbreak of bubonic plague to explain why the death rate in Liverpool and surroundings once they got paid per head to use the LCP), and the person the police are advised to use as an ‘expert witness’ is one John Ellershaw – who invented the LCP and runs cheshire and wirral palliative care services!Needless to say, he wont find fault in any of the cases, as it means he loses access to millions in EU and govt. funding, as do his mates at the top of NHS End of Life Care.

    Entire system stinks!

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