Alfie Evans’ non-existent coroner’s inquest – what are they trying to hide?

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It looks as though I am not going to be able to escape from my duty, which seems now to be to bring another court case before long, this time against the Coroner of Liverpool.

Thank God, the suffering of Alfie Evans, is over.  His daddy’s little gladiator laid down his shield and gained his wings at 2:30 on 28th April 2018.  His parents’ broken hearts ought to mend, given time.  But I expect they are feeling bad at the moment.  I am not going to sue the coroner for Liverpool because that is what Tom and Kate want.  I will do it because it needs to be done, on principle, even if this annoys Alfie’s parents, or some of his “army”.

Alfie’s story was never just about Alfie.  Alfie’s mortal life is done now, but his story is only just beginning, whether his parents yet realise that or not.  Alfie has identified faults in the law, which only parliament can put right.

Alfie didn’t make it.  I prayed he would.  For a moment, I thought he might.  But he’s gone now.

But after Alfie, the culture war rages on, in which recent and important battles were fought over life and death legal and ethical issues, to which the facts about this one poorly child drew the world’s attention.  Battles, that is, fought on the streets outside Alder Hey hospital, on the internet, in the media, and even by diplomacy between different sovereign nation-states (including the UK, Italy and the Vatican).  But, above all, some rather important battles were fought in the senior courts of England, and the European Court of Human Rights.

Euthanasia case law inched forward, thanks to a gloomy prognosis by experts that the courts thought was probably correct.  The courts believed that the expert’s predictions, about the timing and cause of Alfie’s future death, if he was taken off ventilation, were likely to be fulfilled.   The only way of knowing for certain if the experts’ predictions had been right, would be to wait for Alfie to die, then to find out, from a post mortem examination, the extent of the harm to his brain that it was alleged left Alfie with no hope of recovery, and to determine the actual cause of his death.  The cause of death was probably going to turn out to be damage to his brain, because that is what the experts predicted would kill him.  But the only way to be sure, is to conduct a post mortem.  We simply mustn’t just assume this, without checking.

After Alfie died, I searched in vain, for news reports about the cause of Alfie’s death, his post mortem examination and toxicology reports, and the timetable for the coroner’s inquest.  I found out absolutely nothing.  So, last week, I dropped a line to the coroner of Liverpool, to try to get some information direct from the horses mouth.  I was shocked at what I learnt.  The remainder of this blog post consists solely of an account of my query last week, and the email correspondence I had with the coroner, on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  See what you make of it, and please feel free to comment, and to follow this blog in order to get up-to-date news.

Here goes.


Thursday 4th May 2018 17:59

John Allman’s initial query, to the Liverpool Coroner, via a web form

Subject: Contact us: Coroner’s Office


John Allman



I would like to receive information about the inquest into the widely reported death of Alfie Evans.


Tuesday 8th May 2018 09:22

Coroner’s reply to Mr Allman’s initial query

Thank you for your enquiry – Please could you explain what your connection and interest is to the matter to which you refer.


Tuesday 8th May 2018 13:58

Mr Allman addresses the coroner’s query

Dear Mr Rebello

I had written to you saying, “I would like to receive information about the inquest into the widely reported death of Alfie Evans.” You replied today, asking, “Please could you explain what your connection and interest is [sic] to the matter to which you refer.” I am writing now to answer your query. I would still like, please, your answer to my query, if you wouldn’t mind.

You will be relieved to learn that I shall not become a statutory “interested person” for the purposes of section 47 of The Coroners and Justice Act 2009. I dare say you have quite enough of those to deal with already!

My primary interest and connection are my common humanity with Alfie, as expressed in John Donne’s famous poem, “For whom the bell tolls”. Indeed, that interest in, and connection with the death of any member of the public, on the part of every other member of the public, seems to me to be the rationale for Her Majesty appointing coroners in the first place.

I am the father of five, and the grandfather of eight. I have been a parliamentary candidate several times, and have taken a great deal of interest in pro-life issues that have been touched upon in the various court cases about this particular unfortunate child. I have studied law at university, and have worked as a paralegal. I have read many judgments and law reports over the years, not only in this case, but in other cases, ever since I was a teenager. (I was 65 yesterday.) I have been a party to several legal proceedings myself. I have attended many high profile court hearings as a spectator. I have been a witness at a coroner’s inquest myself, although I have no evidence to give in Alfie’s inquest. I have even, on one previous occasion, applied for permission to apply for judicial review of a decision by a fellow coroner of yours. However, that case and this are not connected in any obvious way.

I publish a blog, and a great deal more, in which I often comment upon controversial court cases and other topical issues. So, you could also describe me as a “journalist” of sorts.

The extent to which I have been able to comment on the particular case of Alfie Evans, as informedly as I’d like to, has been severely limited, due to the lateness of the publication of handed-down judgments, and the paucity of detailed information in the public domain, in part due to a perceived duty of medical confidentiality that no longer applies, now that the patient is deceased. In particular, the cause of Alfie Evans death is something that I wanted to find out for myself, as soon as I heard that Alfie had died, having been following the news stories and court cases about him for several weeks by then. However, my searches of the internet have not revealed to me any information as to the cause of Alfie’s death considered most likely by the physician who certified death. Nor did I find any mention of any post mortem examination of his mortal remains. Nor news of the time and place of his impending coroner’s inquest.

Alfie Evans’ cause of death remains unknown, at least as far as the general public is aware. There will, therefore, presumably, have to be an inquest. Unlike the numerous court hearings during Alfie’s lifetime, that inquest will not need to rely solely upon speculative medical opinions given when Alfie was still alive, as to how and when he was likely to die, the less robust factual basis of all the court hearings before his death. It will, instead, be able to access the results of a post mortem examination that will go to evidence as to reveal how and when Alfie actually did die. Unlike the earlier medical evidence, no duty of confidentiality owed to Alfie during his short life will impede the publication of the evidence used in your coroner’s court, to inform the jury’s verdict. What was once seen merely through a glass darkly, will at last become fully known, so-to-speak.

(A side effect of Alfie’s post mortem might be to render less mysterious the mystery illness of which, it was predicted, he would die eventually, regardless of whether that turns out to have been the cause of death or not.)

It is likely that Alfie’s cause of death will quite likely be discovered, when the post mortem examination is carried out of Alfie’s mortal remains, to have been natural causes. But I am aware of rumours and conspiracy theories too, that instead postulate accidental death (e.g. death that was an unintended side effect of over-zealous analgesia intended to keep Alfie comfortable), and even (I am sorry to have to remind you) homicide. A toxicology report may reveal to what extent, if any, medication given to Alfie before he died may have shortened his life. It could therefore exonerate fully those unfortunate health professionals whom, somewhat irresponsibly, until your inquest reveals the truth and silences the wagging tongues, various conspiracy theorists are wont recklessly to accuse of homicide.

Since shortly after Alfie’s death, I have rightly kept my silence about this case, even though it raises profoundly important issues of great interest to the general public. Meanwhile, the public waits for more accurate and definitive information than it ever had during Alfie’s short life, obtainable from your forthcoming inquest into Alfie’s death. Alfie’s death remains a death of unknown (or, at least, unpublicised) cause, as far as the public is concerned. There is much to be discussed, arising from this case. There may be a perceived need for fresh legislation, for example. However, the desirable, calm, informed debate about the issues that Alfie’s case raises, which was impossible whilst Alfie was still alive, will remain impossible, until the inquest jury delivers its verdict. The longer the delay before the inquest, the greater the risk of a repetition of such unpleasant scenes as were witnessed during Alfie’s life, and which, happily, appear to have subsided now, as former demonstrators now, along with others like myself, await patiently the inquest verdict to come.

Kind regards,

John Allman
07720 842242
Contact details at JohnAllman.UK

P.S. I am away from home temporarily at the time of writing, so please use email to keep in touch with me, at least for the time being.

P.P.S. In the unlikely even that you were not aware of the death of Alfie Evans, and still are waiting for a member of the public to report this to you formally, please construe this email as a report of his death, if you can, or tell me what more you need from me, in order for me to report a death to you, which the mass media have already reported to the world at large.


Tuesday 8th May 2018 13:24

Coroner replies

Dear Mr Allman

Alfie Evans died from a natural cause of death and there was no duty for a coroner to investigate under the Coroner and Justice Act 2009 or under any other legislation.


Tuesday 8th May 2018 15:55

Mr Allman asks more questions

Dear Mr Rebello

When I wrote to you earlier today, I genuinely did not know the cause of Alfie Evans’ death. I was surprised to learn that you already knew that. How could I have learnt this, without writing to you, please? Obvious choices of web search string did not bring this to light. It was as though the information was not yet known, or was not in the public domain.

Please could you advise me of which particular “natural cause of death” Alfie Evans died, and how this is known? Before his death, there was much talk of an unknown illness. Presumably, more is now known.

I had understood, perhaps incorrectly, that section 1 of the 2009 Act required an inquest whenever the cause of death was “unknown”. I had construed that the cause of Alfie’s death was “unknown” for the purposes of section 1, even though it might remain to be discovered that the cause, whatever it was, was likely to have been a natural one. Though natural, the cause of death would remain unknown, I reasoned, if all that was known about it was that it had involved an illness that was itself unknown.

I am very keen to write about Alfie’s case, calmly and informedly, now that he is dead. It seems that my hopes of doing so in the light of a coroner’s jury’s verdict have alas been dashed. However, information that you almost certainly hold, may serve just as well, to make my future contribution to the discussion properly informed, as so much of the discussion before Alfie’s death, unfortunately, wasn’t.

Would you please indicate the cost to me, of my obtaining from you, a copy of the death certificate (with subject data redacted of any person still living, of course), documenting the putative cause of death as certified by the certifying physician? And, also, please, the cost of a copy of the post mortem examination report (similarly redacted), documenting the (by then) known cause of Alfie’s death, as discovered by the pathologist? This information is, I am sure you will appreciate, helpful to the media and the public, (a) for discovering to what extent the pessimistic predictions and prognoses made when Alfie was still alive, turned out to have been right all along, and (b) for the refutation of conspiracy theories, speculation, rumour and gossip surrounding Alfie, even now.

Yours sincerely,

John Allman


Tuesday 8th May 2018 15:35

Coroner admits that there has been “no investigation”

Dear Mr Allman

I cannot add to my earlier email. There was no coroner’s investigation. Most deaths are not reported to coroners, and for these the only information in the public domain is the information in the Register of Deaths at the local Register Office or through GRO.


Tuesday 8th May 2018 16:44

Mr Allman “reports” Alfie’s death to the coroner

I wish to report this death to the coroner myself, as a death with an “unknown” cause, and hereby do so. It is a death of which I have learnt myself, on the BBC news, but about which nothing has been reported, as regards what the cause of the death was, apart from by yourself, to me, today. You have told me that there was a natural cause of death, but have told also told me subsequently that you “cannot” tell me what that natural cause of death was, and have never investigated the death. That is most unsatisfactory.


Tuesday 8th May 2018 15:59

Coroner begins to be less evasive?

Dear Mr Allman

Following preliminary inquiries, the court has determined that this death does not require a coroner’s investigation. Your communication does not provide any new information beyond the detailed material to which the court have had access.

The death is registered as a death from natural causes.

As there is no coroner’s investigation it would be inappropriate for the court to share with you private family information. The registered death is however in the public domain as anyone can apply for a death certificate.


Tuesday 8th May 2018 18:30

Mr Allman requests a copy of the court order the coroner had mentioned

Please may I have a copy of the order or decision of the coroner’s court which you mentioned, to the effect that the death of Alfie Evans does not require an investigation on the part of the court (etc)? I may wish to seek judicial review of that. You may wish to provide any statement of reasons for that decision.

If you know, please state whether there has been a post mortem.


09/05/2018 10:22, Rebello, Andre wrote:

Dear Mr Allman,

If there had been a coroner’s investigation, I would not have been of the opinion that you have sufficient interest in this matter to provide you with disclosure on the information you have provided. You are therefore not a properly interested person for this matter.

In any event there was not a coroner’s investigation as a medical certificate as to cause of death was issued under s22 Births and Deaths Act 1953 of which I was satisfied was a death from natural causes.  Accordingly the duty under s1 Coroner and justice Act 2009 to investigate did not arise.

Duty to investigate

1 Duty to investigate certain deaths

(1) A senior coroner who is made aware that the body of a deceased person is within that coroner’s area must as soon as practicable conduct an investigation into the person’s death if subsection (2) applies.

(2) This subsection applies if the coroner has reason to suspect that—

(a) the deceased died a violent or unnatural death,

(b) the cause of death is unknown, or

(c) the deceased died while in custody or otherwise in state detention.

There is much information in the public domain particularly in the judgments of the Family Division Alder Hey NHS Trust -v- Evans[2018] EWHC 308 (Fam) 20th February 2018 and the Court of Appeal Thomas Evans -v- Alder Hey Trust[2018] EWCA 984 (Civ) – 25th April 2018. The judgments sets out the history and background far more eloquently than I could. The information in the judgments though germane and relevant to the issues before the senior courts is incomplete so far as the detailed care and testing carried out by the clinical team.

As part of my preliminary enquiries into by what means Alfie came by his death I am satisfied that his death is from a diagnosed incurable natural cause. This enables his death to be registered without a coroner’s investigation. The matter has been dealt managed under the form 100A procedure. Whereby I have indicated that the Registrar of Deaths need not refer the matter to me under regulation 41 Births and Deaths Regulations 1987; and, that the informant can register Alfie’s fact and cause of death using information provided on the Medical Certificate as to the cause of death issued under s22 Births and Deaths Act 1953. These ministerial or administrative duties of the coroner are not carried out in open court however the public record of the death is in the Death Register.

Open justice is a very important part of our rule of law but citizens and their families have rights to confidentiality and privacy – our medical records and our relationship with our doctors is private. These matters only enter the public domain in the coroner’s court when there is a duty to investigate which proceeds to inquest.

I have decided that you are not a properly interested person, however I do not know if you are a bona fide journalist or just a concerned member of the public but in any event hopefully I have explained the form 100A procedure which is one outcome from a coroner’s preliminary investigation.

I do not intend to debate these issues or other matters you have raised. As a coroner, I have my duties and it would be inappropriate for me to explain more to you.


Wednesday 9 May 2018 15:24

Mr Allman appeals to the coroner to deliver open justice

Dear Mr Rebello

You have told me, “As part of my preliminary enquiries into by what means Alfie came by his death I am satisfied that his death is from a diagnosed incurable natural cause.”

Please tell me the name of that disease. If you cannot do this, then, prima facie, “the cause of death is unknown”. [CJA s1(1)(b)]

I had already accessed the judgments you mentioned in your previous email, which give what you call the “background”. It is because of that background information, not despite it, that I desire to discover, as you should too, what eventually did happen, causing the death of Alfie Evans. The evidence before the courts during Alfie’s lifetime amounted to mere expert predictions concerning the timing and manner of his eventual death. No coroner who had been informed that Alfie had died, ought reasonably to assume, as you appear to have assumed and to be inviting me to assume too, that Alfie’s death was merely the fulfilment of those expert predictions made to other courts whilst Alfie was still alive. Alfie’s death has provided an opportunity (hopefully) to prove those earlier predictions right, and to exonerate those accused on the internet of killing Alfie. But, if you allow Alfie’s body to be destroyed in a few days time, by cremation, or by burial for that matter, without a post mortem first, then you will be complicit in the destruction of the best physical evidence that could establish, after the event, the actual cause of Alfie’s death, as opposed to the predicted cause of his eventual death, predicted beforehand, for the enlightenment of the senior courts that were involved before Alfie died. You will undermine public confidence in your office, and a whole lot more.

There is no hurry, for an application to be made for judicial review, of your decision, which I consider to be wrong in law, for reasons I shall draft carefully and in good time, not to hold an inquest. However, and with a heavy heart, I think you can see that I shall need to make an emergency application to prevent the destruction of the evidence, by the performance of a funeral, not preceded by a post mortem, that would destroy the evidence. That is, unless you come to your senses at once, and intervene in order to order a post mortem examination yourself. I would prefer that, to having to make an emergency application to the courts myself, because you are still conniving at the destruction of the most important evidence needed for the inquest I hope in due course to force you to hold, by judicially reviewing your unreasonable decision that no inquest was needed.

It will be inevitable, if you resist the logic of this appeal for common sense on your part, that, once our correspondence is made public, conspiracy theories will condense around you, in your new role as the arch-villain, who could have prevented the Alfie Evans cover-up. By encouraging you to reconsider a decision that could merely have been hasty, rather than sinister as some will claim, I am doing you a favour. I am your friend, even if you are inclined to think of me as a thorn in your side at the moment.

I do not believe that it makes the slightest difference to the legalities, whether or not I am “a journalist”, or whether or not I would be an “interested person” in any inquest. The argument is compelling, against allowing the destruction of the evidence, that might enable the name of Alfie Evans’ alleged, “diagnosed incurable” fatal disease to be made public, so that the cause of his death may cease to be unknown, for the purposes of CJA s1(1)(b). I feel that your place in the history books of tomorrow, as a hero or as the villain of a possible cover-up postulated by conspiracy theorists galore, hangs upon your decision, today, as to how to respond to my representations.

I believe that you are, as coroner, a member of the judiciary. However, I would urge you please to take legal advice as to how to reply to this email. I took legal advice myself, yesterday.

Yours sincerely,

John Allman


Wednesday 9th May 2018 16:34

Coroner dismisses Mr Allman, calling his bluff (if bluff it be)

Dear Mr Allman,

Thank you. You are not an interested person in this matter. I indicated that I would not debate this matter with you. If you want to know a registered cause of death this is available to the public from the Registration service. I have nothing further to add. I do not intend to respond to you on this matter further.


“Let’s see what happens” [Donald Trump]


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174 responses to “Alfie Evans’ non-existent coroner’s inquest – what are they trying to hide?

  1. Amanda

    This child was terminally ill, he would only have been able to survive with life support.
    He was in a coma for over a year before the judge and professional medical staff agreed to pull the plug.
    Why waste resources on a permanently brain dead person for years to come?
    They ripped the band aid off and now the public is in a tizzy because they want to blame someone for a terminally ill child’s death, well sorry but if you’re so pro life and spiritual then maybe you should blame the creator who gave the child the illness to begin with, no who INVENTED the illness to begin with.

    • Thank you for commenting. With respect, you are missing my particular point. I’m not in a tizzy. The public certainly isn’t.

      You have made statements about Alfie’s health that are based entirely upon expert evidence predicting what would happen to Alfie in the future, and guesses as to what would be found if he was to be cut open. This old expert evidence was used to inform decisions of the courts, about withdrawing life support, because it was the best evidence available, without opening Alfie up, which might have killed him.

      Now that Alfie is dead, a pathologist can look inside his dead body, and we can all find out, from the new evidence gathered, just how accurate or inaccurate was the old evidence. We can also find out how drugged up he was too, protecting the doctors from the false accusations of conspiracy theorists who say that they euthanased Alfie.

      That is the case for a post mortem examination of Alfie.

      What common sense, and the law, tells me ought to happen, when a court orders a state-owned hospital to detain a child on behalf of the state, with an unknown illness, but not to try to save his life, and the child lives an unexpectedly long time after life support was switched off but did die eventually, is that the coroner should hold an inquest.

      What appears to have happened, is that the coroner has taken a clandestine decision not to order a post mortem and not to hold an inquest. Trying to get the evasive coroner to admit that, was like pulling wisdom teeth though.

      It is almost as though the powers that be want to become the victims of ill-informed conspiracy theories. Think Diana. Think Dr David Kelly. Refusing to hold an inquest, when the plain words of the Coroners and Justice Act require an inquest, and releasing a body for burial with the intention of destroying any evidence before there can be a post mortem, and being evasive with a polite member of the public with no axe to grind, is exactly what I’d advise, for a coroner who was finding his job a bit boring, and wanted to liven things up a bit, with mobs of conspiracy theorists demonstrating outside his work place day in, day out.

      • Amanda

        From what I’ve seen, the general public is most certainly in a tizzy.

        The experts are the ones with the education and who are doing the work, so it is the experts who shall have authority on the matter.

        The only people who deserve an immediate pathologist report are the family members, everyone else can wait patiently until the professionals are done with the details.

        Conspiracy theories ? The kid was already brain dead, how is that a theory in any way? They pulled his life support because they were over a year into treatments and nothing had improved.

        • You aren’t responding to my point.

          • Amanda

            Well I’m responding to the fact that you’re part of a group who’s seeking for information to make this case bigger than it is and pushing for outrage over it; The information you want on the case is not accessible to you because it is currently private healthcare information, and that needs to be respected.
            It’s just so strange that hundreds of billions of animals are killed each year and no one bats an eye but one dying child is relieved of life support and everyone becomes expert detective heroes.

        • Gabriela Codreanu

          Dear Amanda, I agree to disagree with you. Alfie was showing conscious responses, some of them caught in video by his parents and this is a proof no one can contest. The point that Mr. Allman is disputing is why Alfie died. What caused it, a proper pathology report, an autopsy. If there was no medical error, no doubt whatsoever that he was indeed brain dead, no other reasons that the court and the doctors wanted to pull the plug 2 weeks before he is 2 years old, then why not shut us all up by performing an autopsy and prove to the world that they (the doctors) were right and we were wrong? What resources they would waste by performing a postmortem?

          • Mulțumesc. Sunt de acord cu tine.

            • elaine

              I think postmortem is a must ,Needs are to find out exactly what alfie died off and was certainly not natural cause..if alfie is cremated that wipe away any evidence …as pain full as this is and if this was my child i would make sure what caused his death.. with no regrets when its to late

          • Amanda

            So a parent with an iphone knows better about health than medical professionals? What makes you think a report is going to come out so immediately? Why does the public think they deserve answers immediately? I think the world is a bit mistaken to begin with by suggesting that they deserve answers on a case that is very detailed, not black and white, and very complicated.

            • It’s not a question of demanding answers “immediately”. Without a post mortem, and an inquest, there will never be any answers published. The coroner has made that clear. Have you read the email correspondence I had with him yesterday and on Tuesday?

              • Amanda

                I just cant imagine what drives the obsession with one terminally ill child’s life when millions and millions of children of other species are being tortured and killed every day for consumers. Not only that, but SO many girls in Islamic countries are getting their privates mutilated, and yet this one sick child is who we’re talking about for three weeks.

                Children are dying from neglect constantly, this particular one was privileged and now the privileged public is outraged. It just seems like cherry picking to me.

                • Leslie Diane

                  What exactly drives your obsession, Amanda? Why are you adamantly opposed to finding out the truth? Alfie was undiagnosed. That is a FACT! Perhaps other children can be helped, cured, saved by getting to the bottom of what happened to Alfie. Is that not a noble thing to try for? After all, it could be your child next. Or maybe God won’t bless you with one since you do not respect the sanctity of life?!

                • Achia

                  Amanda, you call children spicies?.
                  I can only contribute to your wording as being a member of the public and un educated as your so stated above. Please for all us spicies of the world explain why you have the time to sit here commenting why are you not out there saving all the species you so care about.

                • Seems to me they’re hiding something

                  • Well, we KNOW that the coroner is hiding SOMETHING, because he has avoided questions, and has sought to prevent an inquest, even though the law requires him to hold one. Hiding practically EVERYTHING from the general public, is what refusing to hold an inquest achieves, even in the more ordinary circumstances in which a coroner is allowed to do that, unlike now.

                    The point is that the coroner is going to the trouble of breaking the law, in order to hide whatever would be revealed if he just held an inquest, which would simply be doing his job properly in Alfie’s case. That makes people who are not naturally suspicious, suspect that WHAT the coroner is hiding, is something SINISTER. That is a huge home goal to have scored, if he doesn’t want people to be suspicious, of HIM now, primarily.

                • Mr. Allman,
                  Thank you for your tireless efforts on behalf of the truth. May God bless your efforts.

              • Margaret Robinso

                Inquests and post mortems apply in suspicions circumstances or unknown causes of death. I have read the full consultants report from day 1. They knew then that alfies brain was severely damaged and every subsequent scan showed further deterioration. Even if he had survived for a limited time he would have been severely damaged and i would not wish this on ang child or their parents

                • Achia

                  If this was the case why wouldn’t they try and find out the course, what I was reading it stated unknown cause. This brain damage from a chest infection should have investigated so no other child would suffer and die. Or is it a case the child is dead no one is interested in what happened ?.

            • Claire Mc Mahon

              I am a parent with an iPhone, I am also a parent who has lost a child of an unknown cause of death, I also know from my own experience that Health Professionals do lie A LOT, my child died 7 days following an overdose of vaccines. If she had been overdosed with any other medication the lying doctor would have faced criminal charges. Her medical colleagues (pathologists) and so called experts covered up my child’s death. They did not do all the nesscessery tests to establish a cause of death, including a toxicology test, even after several requests from me. They also destroyed all blood samples within 3 days of my child’s death and at the very early stages of the coroner’s investigation. Why? If they apparently could not establish a cause of death why destroy vital evidence so soon? Why not give me my child’s full medical record? Why withhold the ‘Expert’ report from the inquest that found the gp to be overall grossly negligent? Why did the GMC withhold my child’s medical record from my MP and say that they would not disclose because it would open a case against their client? Aren’t the GMC supppsed to be an independent body? Alfie Evans was born healthy. Why were medical experts so desperate to end his life and prevent him from getting treatments elsewhere? There is a lot more to this case, there is a lot of corruption that most people do not see.

              • Leslie Diane

                I am sorry for your loss, Claire. Just like in everything else, there needs to be accountability. And, when there is wrongdoing, justice.

            • Julie newsome

              I find it strange that you couldn’t care less about a child but seem to finding all the excuses under the sun for this hospital .are you an nhs workers

          • sarah

            I totally agree Gabriela

          • Margaret

            Well said gabriell but I think it could be to much for kateverything and tome to go through an inquest or post Morton unless he has the streangth to wait but funeral on mondayour will theye stop it

        • Alison

          The child was not brain dead, please do your research and don’t rely on what the media printed. Furthermore, my interest in the outcome of this tragic case is based on parental rights and not succumbing to medical tyranny. You may insist that this is about one child but I disagree, this case has set a dangerous precedent regarding the rights of all our children.

          • Amanda

            You do realize that the terminal brain condition he had eroded his sight, hearing, and taste away, and that his brain could not possibly recover from the damage of being on life support for a year right?

            • Amanda, there is “realizing” and there is “realizing”. The kind of realizing that happens as the result of an expert opinion, is inferior to the kind of realizing that an autopsy and a coroner’s inquest enables. It is illegal for the coroner not to hold an inquest into the death of a child who died in custody or otherwise detained by the state, from an unknown illness. It is illegal, no matter what the coroner thinks he “realizes”. You might think that I am being pedantic to point this out. I think that in matters of life and death, of those who die in custody, it is wise to be pedantic, about the letter of the law, in a manner in which the coroner has failed in his duty to be. He will face a legal challenge, from me, if God gives me strength. He ought to have played this by the book, not cut corners, because of what he thought he had “realized”.

              • Amanda

                I just think the child’s family deserves privacy at this point. Everyone, including medical staff and coroner, were bound to be the bad guys in this case. People want someone to blame when in reality the child was sick and dying beyond salvation and the professionals said out loud what everyone already knew.

                • I don’t see any incompatibility between wanting the family to have all the privacy they want and can reasonably demand, and wanting the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 to be obeyed, by the senior coroner who, I say, is breaking the law. I am not doing anything wrong, to have noticed this, and to have sought to persuade the coroner to relent, on peril of getting judicially reviewed

                  Alfie, the beloved son, was precious to his family. The law that the coroner is flouting, is precious to me. It should be precious to all of us. That law guarantees the public a jury inquest whenever a citizen dies in custody or otherwise in state detention, as Alfie was when he died, or dies of an unknown illness, as Alfie did. If this coroner gets away with ignoring his statutory obligation to hold an inquest, then the law isn’t worth the paper it’s written on, and we who are governed ostensibly by law, are not safe from the capricious wielding of lawless, naked power, on the part of government that work its mischief other than by the rule of law.

                • Julie newsome

                  Wrong again he could see hear a and taste .he had a divergent squint caused by vaccine damage .he had a blood test and he had the rotavirus in his bloods .all his seizures and symptons are consistent with vaccine damage

            • Leslie Diane

              You should research the difference between white matter and gray matter. The media got it wrong. Gray matter is much more important than the white that everyone focuses on. And, the brainstem was intact.

              Gotta protect NHS at all costs. Hate to have the sheeple figure out they are being duped because then the whole system crumbles and government/the courts lose control of the people. You can also read Saul Alinski’s Rules for Radicals.

            • Julie newsome

              Wrong again he could see hear a and taste .he had a divergent squint caused by vaccine damage .he had a blood test and he had the rotavirus in his bloods .all his seizures and symptons are consistent with vaccine damage

            • Julie Newsome

              Alfie could hear see stretch yawn hiccup .you obviously have just listened to a few false court transcripts .pity four months of vital evIdence wasnt submitted in court .oh yes I forgot .it was purposely left out of Alfies child health records .in other words his health record book was tampered with

              • Amanda

                2 billion animals slaughtered per year and we’re obsessing over one dead terminally ill person. Its just strange and obsessive; yes it’s tragic that he had to die but he would not have survived and to suggest he would have is silly.

                • Amanda, the coroner should obey the law, and the law says that Alfie’s death should have an inquest. Pointing that out isn’t “obsessing”. Visiting a thread about Alfie, and (more important) the law affecting him, and trying to change the topic to a vegan message, and insulting those with a concern about the state of the law in the UK, is not good behaviour. It is provocative. Please stop.

                  I intend to start refusing to publish comments that are personal attacks on you, or others for that matter. But please make my task easier. Don’t preach veganism here again. That may reduce the number of personal attacks that I have to read, and not allow to be published.

                • Aga

                  Dear Amanda, sorry offending you…but…the things turn a bit more complicated when you mix thousands/millions of animals with a child… certainly you have no yours one, otherwise you would speak different case you are mum, hopefully you will be do understanding when it comes to your child…and still thinking about thousands of animals which are certainly much more important than your terminally sick child…. Congratulations…incredible mind!!

                • Amanda Oliver

                  Humans and babies are more important then animals sorry

            • quayofsea

              There was an entire team of “experts” in another country poised to offer an alternative treatment, who were suggesting that recovery might have been possible. How will anyone ever know if that option was disallowed? The despatched Italian helicopter was met by a police cordon of all things! What right had the state, or the courts, or indeed yourself, to intervene and say what parents could and could not do in such a situation? When one looks at the bigger picture – that there may well have been an iatrogenic, compensatable origin to the child’s (still undiagnosed) condition – it really isn’t such a stretch to see that a reluctance to disclose information might be a cover up, or at least a saving of face and medical ego. That the British NHS has one policy should NOT mean that other expertise and, more importantly, freedom of choice (as enshrined in the Nuremberg laws) to pursue it, should have been overridden.

          • Anne Proctor

            Dear Alison,
            I agree with you completely.

        • What precisely is your medical background Amanda? Are you aware that metabolic conditions mimic brain damage and “brain death” in MRI and EEG studies? Are you aware that narcotics, such as the ones given to Alfie, also cause amonia levels in the brain to rise and cause false brain damage and “brain death” results in EEG and MRI results? Are you aware that Alfie was given Benzo prior to his first EEG? Are you aware that prior to making a brain damage opinion a entire battery test of MUST be completed? Including an Apnea test. Had this Apenea test been done previously, it would have been discovered prior to Alfie having his vent pulled, that was able to breath independtly. Clearly that testing never took place. Why is it that only the MRI and EEG were presented in court? Where is the other testing and labs required and why were they not presented to the court? Are you aware that MRI and EEG are not confirmatory or definitive and a “diagnosis” of brain damage and brain death are merely subjective, a “best guess”. Did you know that a brain death diagnosis was merely made up out of thin air in the 60’s by the Harvard panel as a means to procure organs from live patients. The UK uses to justiy killing disabled babies as a means to have to maintain them. Nothing like disposable babies because they may be a little a costly. Citizens who are willfully uninformed, ignorant, and lacking critical thinking skills, to my mind, are far morst costly to society.

          • Leslie Diane

            Angela doesn’t want to know the truth, plain and simple. She believed what she was fed by the media and the hospital that removed live children’s organs without even the knowledge of the parents and sold them to big pharma.

          • Julie newsome

            That’s the true reality 😢

        • Angela Gant

          Alfie was not brain dead if he was he couldn’t have made eye contact or sucked on his pacifier or survived for so long once his ventilator was removed. Alfie became ill following vaccines and his condition deteriorated whilst under the care of alderhay. His sudden decline following administration of medicine on his final day has left a lot of unanswered questions. This hospital has a very shady reputation for harvesting organs and they are definitely hiding something

        • Julie newsome

          You are so ignorant to the case aren’t you ? First of all Alfie was a healthy baby up until shortly after his 8 week vaccines ,he developed a divergent squint and suffered a seizure ,hsd mum noted that he was less interested in his toys he was sleeping a lot she had to wake Alfie up a little lot ,he went on to have more vaccines and so on. He was admitted to hospital in December he was put in an induced coma of which the doctors kept him in for 15 months .Alfie was never brain dead !!!
          As for living off the ventilator he was proving every day that he was holding his own ,101 hours to be precise and battling a lung infection of which his obs were better than mine ,that was until hour and a half before his death where he was given for medications ,to end his life ,which I must add wasn’t in the end if life care plan ,he was supposed to receive two not four !!! .also I will add these lethal doses were administered when Tom left the room ,his sats his blood pressure fell dramatically weird if you ask me that a child was breathing all this time when the “experts said he wouldn’t breathe for more than a few mins .!!!when the hospital fell silent on the 27th April when tom read a prepared statement done by the hospital obviously I knew that Alfie was going to die I had a gut feeling is was right .I even sent a message at 2.13 am of the 28th to a direct live link outside the hospital to the polish diplomat saying get him out of there trust me .I have the screen shot of the comments and time ,you see the hospital had their plan they wanted Tom to abide by their rules in exchange for Alfies parents to be able to take him home ,but the hospital were never going to let that happen .it’s not rocket science .
          Those doctors wanted Alfie to pass at any cost .this is a case of vaccine damage .it is my opinion like thousands of others ,I have followed this case for over a year so I have a little insight into it ,vaccine damage causes divergent squints seizures in turn causing neurological brain damage .alfie wasn’t as bad as they made our .I have seen videos of him smiling two weeks prior to his death ,it was at the time his dad asked for his sedation meds to bee reduced he was awake what a surprise ! He was never in a deep coma like they made out he was kept in an induced coma needlessly for 15months .there may be a wall of silence with hospital and government and judges and media but make no mistake there is no wall of silence with the public there are thousands upon thousands that are fighting for the truth for a change in the law ,Italy and Poland won’t let it rest .my father fought in second world war for my freedom for yours too so I can say what I like ,I believe this is vaccine damage and this is a cover up there are many many children that have died from it and cause of death guess what SIDS sudden infant death syndrome or “natural causes ”
          Bull shit is what I say
          You carry on in your deluded world like many ,but this is reality .it’s so easy to believe a hospital with great reputation well I don’t think it has you only have to look at organ harvesting and 7.5 million pay out mal practice law suits !not forgetting the exceptional surgeon who blew the whistle on the paediatric high death rate ,guess what he had to flee the country never to work in nhs again now works in a lab in Australia ,alderhey made sure they weren’t investigated they discredited this top surgeon by saying he was self harming and suicidal .and you lot think they are the top bollocks .children are dying .but that’s OK is it .Ifor you would like to research what I’ve said go ahead it’s all truth

        • Julie newsome

          He wasn’t brain dead and how were they treating him with no diagnosis yeah right .there was no diagnosis because the medical term is vaccine damage

        • Debbie Rich

          He wasn’t ‘brain dead’ actually. And even if that had been stated, then there’s others who have recovered and life despite ‘medical expert opinions.

        • Sandra

          A braindead person can not breath by himself!

        • Brain death is a lie told for the purposes of harvesting organs, google Dr Byrne

      • Anne Proctor

        Dear Mr Allman,
        I believe that you are absolutely right. In my opinion, from what I have heard and read, the little boy was euthanised. I have also read that he was deliberately deprived of nourishment and oxygen for 36 hours, and fluids for 9 hours after the removal of the respirator. That would have weakened him.
        I am suspecting that his parents have been silenced, and that a thorough cover-up is happening. I may be wrong, but I think Alfie could have been suffering from vaccine damage.
        There is a book (unfortunately I have not been able to buy and read it yet) explaining that the term “brain dead” is a lie, and a deception. It is called “Beyond Brain Death: The Case Against Brain Based Criteria for Human Death”. A doctor, Paul Byrne, is one of the contributors.

    • Liddell

      what a horrible person….’the creator’ can’t you tell you don’t have children! Let’s hope you don’t!

    • Fin

      The coma was induced..when meds wore off he was awake and interacting with his family, as per videos on their web pages

    • I suggest you educate yourself. Dr. Byrne, neonatoligist and expert on Pediatric false positives on Brain death dx. to quote from the article linked below: “It was also heartening for him (Dr. Byrne) to witness babies who had been deemed hopeless develop into healthy children and adults. The birth of Joseph in 1975—at a mere 24 weeks’ gestation— was one such miracle. “He had a flat electroencephalogram or EEG—in other words, no brainwaves,” Dr. Byrne recalls.

      The EEG is a common method of measuring brain activity at any age. The flat EEG of Joseph was interpreted as “consistent with cerebral death.” “Nonetheless, Joseph went on to be a straight-A student in school, build a brilliant career, and he’s now married and the father of three kids.”

      • Leslie Diane

        Dr. Byrnes is amazing and very credible. He was a pioneer in pediatric medicine, a medical inventor and is unlike many of the doctors of today who do not research, but only check the box when trying to diagnose.

    • Julie newsome

      He was put in an induced coma .he was breathing unaided 101 hours to be precise without a ventilator and battling a lung infection .maybe get your facts right

    • Julie newsome

      He wasn’t brain dead

    • Julie Newsome

      What a horrible comment to make ,it pray you don’t have children of your own .god forbid your ever in this position .who do you mean blame the creators of his illness in that do you mean his parents .I think not ,this is a case of vaccine damage ,blame the pharmaceutical companies .how you have ever managed to get a long in life is beyond me .you are a cold hearted woman if that’s what you are

      • Amanda

        Personal attacks are not an argument

        • Well said. However, implying that people who eat meat are morally unfit to discuss this topic, or that your opinion on it is superior because you don’t eat meat, isn’t an argument I want to hear from you again. Hitler was a vegetarian, after all.

          You can post a link here to your own blog, and invite people who want to discuss with you the rights and wrongs of eating meat to go there. Then please never mention vegan ideas here again. Is that understood? You have been lowering the tone of this blog by your contribution, and the wrath you attract from others. Enough is enough.

        • Aga

          Dear Amanda, sorry offending you…but…the things turn a bit more complicated when you mix thousands/millions of animals with a child… certainly you have no children, otherwise you would speak different case you are mum, hopefully you will be so understanding when it comes to your child…and still thinking about thousands of animals, which are certainly much more important than your terminally sick child…. Apart from illness of this boy, it’s just disgusting the system decides upon when, where and how your child will die. And this…yes..this is so disgusting specially in situation when another hospital offers care. So if one day you will find yourself in similar situation I advise you to think about thousands of animals, while experts will decide to plug out support to your child because with the money it is spent on your child care there will be lots of animals saved. Congratulations great mind!

          • Amanda was the first to comment, to some extent off topic. Many have unnecessarily engaged with her since, often ad hominem, entitling her to a right to reply and to rebuke. This has ensured that the worst of the comment thread is what a visitor sees first, possibly reading no further. This blog has several MPs and peers following it. I doubt many of them are interested in flame wars.

    • l

      he wasnt teminal thats why they know what was wrong lets hope it all comes out sooner than later

    • Emma Flaherty

      How dare you speak of a poor INNOCENT baby that had sufferd abuse at the hands of so called professionals,the proof is in the photos and until you educate yourself on alfies story from day one i sugguest you dont comment on any of this as ur talking absolutle shit

  2. Mary mcgoldrick

    I would like to know the cause of death, I do sympathise that the parents probably don’t want their little boy’s body invaded but it could answer not only a lot of questions on their behalf but also concerned public members

    • His body invaded ? You can’t get any more invaded to what that hospital put him through right in front of the worlds eyes

      • Mary

        I agree Kerry, I am trying to make sense of it all, surely the parents can demand an autopsy?

        • Thank you for trying to make sense of it all! I agree it’s not easy.

          Alfie’s parents have acted throughout with love towards Alfie, and scepticism towards the claims of experts to know, better than them, that Alfie would never recover, and therefore might as well be allowed to die in peace. An autopsy, and an inquest, would be of no benefit to Alfie personally. They probably don’t see any benefit in either of these measures, from their point of view.

          The need for an autopsy and an inquest instead lies in the public interest, not in Alfie’s interests, so that justice may be seen to have been done to Alfie, so that public confidence in the system might be maintained, and/or restored.

          The power, and the duty, to demand an autopsy, and to hold an inquest, whether the parents want these or not, rests with the coroner, It is the coroner’s decisions not to order an autopsy (unless there has been a secret autopsy already, but he has decided not to tell me that), and not to hold an inquest, that I am challenging. I am challenging these decisions of the coroners, because the Act which defines the coroner’s duties, clearly states that he must hold an inquest, if “(a) the deceased died a violent or unnatural death, (b) the cause of death is unknown, or (c) the deceased died while in custody or otherwise in state detention”.

          I’m not planning to challenge the coroner for Alfie’s benefit. I am planning to challenge the coroner, because the coroner is, I believe, defying the law of the land. Please read the emails between myself and the coroner that I have published, and decide for yourself whether you think that the coroner is obeying the law, or breaking the law, judging by his own words, in reply to me.

          • Mary

            I believe that he has a duty to authorise due to public interest, and Alfie was undiagnosed, I’m a concerned mum of 5 and have no confidence in the NHS at the moment, this could restore/enhance my confidence again.

          • Alison

            John Allman I applaud your efforts in trying to get some answers in regards to the treatment of Alfie. I have been scouring the Internet for news on this and cannot believe there has been no pm. I for one am most interested in the outcome. Thank you.

          • Nicoletta Pagliai

            Onestly, the fact that Alfie’s parents did not demand an autopsy leaves me stunned. A dead son is an immense pain and living for a lifetime with great doubts about the cause of his death, would be even more unbearable for me. Tom and Kate fought so hard and moved the whole world because they demanded a diagnosis and now they do not care to know anymore? In this way, they show that they surrendered, the “system” won again and Alfie died in vain.
            There is also another aspect to be evaluated … the doctors also hypothesized that iAlfie suffered from a genetic disease. If it were true, Tom and Kate where they find the courage to make more children? I know that now is not their priority, but in a few years when they want to make children what will they do? I would be terrified.
            I hope that an autopsy has been done and that it has not been made known, otherwise they will come back and let Alfie’s poor little body of be exhumed.
            Sorry for my English

  3. Wasting your time. The point is not being followed – intentionally or not. The thin edge of the wedge is THE point. When the State can direct a killing of a citizen and not be held responsible is the issue. If there is nothing to hide then it makes complete sense that the State, and its operatives ought to be transparent and be seen to being as being transparent. It is ill advised to believe the State or those “educated” (such as Dr Shipman) and in authority at face value.

  4. So basically he is being cremated on Monday and all evidence destroyed ? I don’t think that should happen as you said they are destroying the evidence and why no autopsy ive always believed he was murdered I have also had some form of proof of that I have reported allegations to the police and emailed them over my findings I believe toms last statement was blackmail he was told to send everyone away to take the heat off the hospital I believe they offered Alfie to go home and food and water if tom done this I believe this stinks from day 1 and I believe people should be brought to justice for this .i believe this even more after reading this if his funeral goes ahead Monday all involved will of literally got away with murder I am just a grandma a member of the public that’s investigated this and found evidence of this and I believe this should be stopped and a full independent enquiry and autopsy and toxicology to determine what happens to Alfie James Evans

    • I don’t know. There is a dearth of information. I heard today that there was a funeral. I don’t know whether a cremation or a burial is planned.

      • Mary mcgoldrick

        What can we as concerned members of the public do? Would it do any good if we wrote to the coroner?

        • If I replied that I thought it would do no good anybody else writing to the coroner, not even somebody who had read my correspondence with the coroner, and thought they might have success where I had failed, this might be considered as an insult the coroner on my part. If I said that I thought that it might do some good for others to write to the coroner, then I could be accused of harassing the coroner, by encouraging others to write to him. It is therefore just as well that I cannot predict whether or not it would do any good, if others were to write to the coroner.

          Realistically, I think that the most that I am going to be able to achieve, by taking the coroner to court, is a clarification of the law, or a change in the law, so that the next hospital that wants to switch off life support for the next Alfie, and wants a court order committing the next Alfie to their custody alone too, treads the same path as Alder Hey trod with its eyes wide open, knowing that next time, the coroner is not going to be able to protect the hospital from their patient having an autopsy, and an inquest with a jury. That is what the powers that be seem to be dreading. That is why the coroner has broken the law, by using a form 100A, despite Alfie’s circumstances being those in which Parliament enacted that an inquest was necessary.

          • Mary

            Can the parents do a private autopsy?

            • I imagine so, but I have no reason to think that they have, or that they will before Monday’s private funeral. Their interest was always Alfie. Mine is the law, the sheer injustice of it all, and the flagrant breaking of the law on the part of the coroner. Aldie’s parent want to bury or cremate their son (I haven’t even been able to find out which), and then get on with their lives, I dare say. Who can blame them for that? My concern is clarifying or changing the law, so that the same thing cannot happen to the next Alfie-like victim and his or her parents.

              • TLM

                Thank you for investigating this to the best of your ability. I believe that this is a very important inquiry as to the real cause of death of Alfie Evans. Not only could this pm uncover the guilt or innocence of Alder Hey and the Dr.s that cared for Alfie, but would not an autopsy possibly shed more light on a solid diagnosis of what killed him and possibly help medical science deal with future cases of his nature? I would think, if Alder Hey had no ‘bones to bury’ so to speak, that they would be encouraging an autopsy not only to prove their innocence and correct actions in this case, but to help in the treatment and the diagnosis of future cases of this nature. I would think, if they are of upstanding medical practices that they would want this to happen more than anyone else, especially seeing as though this has brought them so much negativity publicly. Just my 2 cents.

              • Carol

                Alfies parents are going to release information soon as to what the money raised for Alfie has been / will be spent on. I am wondering whether they are having / have had a private autopsy. I hope so, for their benefit and in the interest of the public.

              • Anne Proctor

                Thank you, Mr Allman.

      • Mr. Allman, I am so very grateful for you & the time you are taking to challenge this most corrupt system. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for your efforts!!!!!

        • Cassandra wilson

          I second that, and I could not agree more in what you are trying to prove here! Having these answers could merely gain the public’s confidence in the nhs again and why they publicly would not want to do so when this specific case was so publicly spread, and the allegations made against them. Surely they would want to clear that right?Thank you!

    • Julie newsome

      Totally agree

    • Anne Proctor

      I agree with you absolutely.

  5. B flat

    I am cheered by your actions in following through this case so diligently. Your reasoning is clearly expressed, is logical, and shows a care for the person which is totally absent from the decisions of Alder Hey and the Legal system. I am older than you, and have loved my country of birth, England, all my life. Now it is an alien land to me, and I see our rulers are the Enemy.

    • Sarah Harmer

      I feel the same, it’s a real shame.

    • Linda West

      I write as a lawyer from Ireland who has spent many happy times in the UK. Whilst we all have our own local faults and issues, many of us overseas are horrified to witness what has unfolded and continues to unfold in this case. To be honest it would put me off travelling to Britain again in the future, except in the most exceptional and critical circumstances. Mr. Allman you are to be applauded for your sterling work and we are behind you.

  6. Alexandra Godbey

    Dear Mr. Allman,first of all-thank you for fighting for this precious boy! Alfies case is a major cover up and its obvious,he was born healthy,and got sick after his vaccines at 2 months and his health deteriorated after being at alder hey only.He had burn marks on his body,mold in his tubes,was unnecessarily heavily sedated,”accidentally”overdosed multiple times,intubated for a year when international practice calls for a tracheastomy after 3 weeks.They weren’t interested to safe the boy to begin with,as alder hey is a research hospital and gets donations from pharmaceutical companies in exchange of organs and tissue.Not to forget the boy was held hostage.Every sane mind would see that’s a major cover up.I also think the boy had no chance to begin with because he was a white christian male since nowadays agenda is to project all hate on white males.The delusional people who say we should care for animals should stay away from cases like that and just go and care for those animals.It sickens me to the core that there’s brainwashed people like that comparing a human baby boy with an animal.

  7. Carol Edwards

    Is this another coverup by the corrupt judicial service whom I suppose the coroner dept comes under

  8. Patricia Rosenkranz

    An autopsy conducted by the NHS would be untrustworthy. Can we the public donate the funding for a private one? And, could the coroner refuse to let it be performed? And, where the h____ is Alfie’s body, still “on ice” at Alder Hey, not to be released until Monday morning when it gets transferred to a car?

    • Alexandra Godbey

      Totally agree,the nhs isn’t trustworthy at all,and I’d be up for donating for an independent autopsy,preferably by the italians.But I think the parents wouldn’t agree because they been silenced..

  9. Mary

    Can we not as concerned members of the public write/email the coroner asking why no autopsy?

  10. Patricia Rosenkranz

    Please let us know when you will make the emergency application, necessitated by several days now of patiently waiting on an unresponsive coroner. I’m referring to what you wrote: “I shall need to make an emergency application to prevent the destruction of the evidence, by the performance of a funeral, not preceded by a post mortem, that would destroy the evidence. That is, unless you come to your senses at once, and intervene in order to order a post mortem examination yourself.” Monday’s funeral is almost upon us. Thank you very much, from both myself and, I’m sure, the Evans parents if they know about what you’re doing. So hopeful that an independent, unbiased, not-NHS-affiliated doctor can be found to do this autopsy. I am ready on a moment’s notice now to contribute, although I don’t know how to make it happen, should a reliable doctor be located. Help wanted, and quickly.

    • I’m afraid I shall not be able to make the emergency application after all. That won’t stop me applying for judicial review of the coroner’s decision though.

      I made enquiries on Thursday, of the parents’ legal team, about the timing of the funeral, and whether there would be a burial or a cremation. I received a reply that the funeral was on Monday, and it was not known whether there would be a burial or a cremation.

      The parents presumably have the power to postpone any burial or cremation. It isn’t clear that they want to do that. I don’t know the secret location of the funeral, in order to turn up with an emergency order to put a stop to any burial cremation, whether the parents want that or not. I am not happy about this, but I don’t know what I can do about it. It is a very delicate situation. The coroner, if he had done his job properly, would not have allowed this situation to arise.

      • Patricia Rosenkranz

        Here is information about the location:

        No offense intended Mr. Allman but your first sentence begs the question : Why not?

        • Fin

          I agree that an emergency is at stake here and a post mortem is most definitely required abate the wishes of the parents!! I am all in bits knowing there is so much wrong here in the life and death of this beautiful child and the ongoing stresses and strains being put on his parents!!! This is by no means clear and transparent and I question every day WHY???

        • I’ve reconsidered. What I’ve done is written to the parents’ legal team. If I don’t get a satisfactory reply, I will try to make the emergency application, to stop any burial or cremation. My advice to you and everybody else, is please follow this blog, to get up-to-date news as soon as I publish this. This is the first time I’ve done anything exactly like this. I am learning as I go.

          • Patricia Rosenkranz

            Mr. Allman, I’m crying tears of joy over the fact that you have reconsidered. God bless. God speed.

          • sarah

            I will be following carefully. I agree, after much reading up on this with reports, opinions and media included, from both sides, something is definitely not right. If there is no evidence left to investigate, there is no closure for the people of the world that followed this and will forever more have a bitter taste in regards to the NHS and feeling there is a cover-up as no one will explain or find out for sure, what actually happened. Both sides for and against this case need to know what actually happened. the poor nurses that just want to do their job and do it well are going to be looked upon differently in a lot of people opinions and who knows how many more babies and children will be in the newspapers over the next few years (and the ones that aren’t).

            Has anyone here seen the write up that states Alfie was visited by a nurse around midnight, two hours before he died and given 4 injections? His stats apparently were fine before (oxygen saturation levels, pulse) but 2 hours later his stats had dropped so low that he could not breath. It may just be a nasty rumor, but it has bothered me since I read it.
            A nurse entered the child’s cubicle after his father Tom had been called aside and gave him four drugs. A source close to the family told LifeSiteNews that these were injections that were administered to Alfie after Tom had been summoned for an unusual middle-of-the-night meeting with the hospital. The child died two hours later.
            I would like to know if this was true? I am hoping that it is complete fake news, because this itself would warrant a coroner.

            • Rene

              I believe that timing has to do with the private investigator arriving. The hospital had to act quickly before he entered and took Alfie out.

              • Julie Newsome

                It was the Polish people they had a live video link .I had been feeling uneasy all friday night .the hospital was too quiet at 2.13 am I sent a message to the live link saying “you need to get him out now just trust me “at 2.30 Alfie died .these private detectives from Poland were planning on taking Alfie a 11am Saturday morning but their presence was known to the hospital and I think the hospital comment can be seen on Polska DLA Alfie

            • Anne Proctor

              Yes, I also read that, and it has troubled me greatly.

            • Julie Newsome

              I heard that too

          • Thank you, so very much, for reconsidering!! It is Mother’s Day here in the US & this news has absolutely MADE MY MOTHER”S DAY!!!! Will be praying for strength & perseverance for you during this time!!! Bless you, sir!!!

      • After reading all the court documents and precedings. I share these concerns.
        What was done to Alfie is tantamount to giving someone a paralyitic then claiming all test confirm the pt is paralyzed. Then killing them because for “quality of life” and “best interest” justifications. There are many drugs and conditions that mimic brain death/damage on both MRI and EEG results. One of them being metabolic conditions. Additionally the drugs they they were giving Alfie also mimic BD as amonia level skyrocket from narcotics causing undetectable brain activity. Alfie was given adult doses of narcotics and Benzos. They administered Benzo prior to his 1st EEG test and did not titrate these medications down prior to subsequent testing. There are a battery of test that MUST be done before any diagnosis of BD can be made. None of these test were submitted in court. The entire case rested on the EEG and MRI results ONLY. One test being the Apnea test. Had they bothered to do the Apea testing they would discovered prior to removing Alfie’s vent that was capable of independent breathing and a diagnosis of brain death would have taken off the table, by protocol. One must ask why. Were they preformed? If not, why not? IF so, why were only the EEG and MRI presented to the court and a Judge with no medical training? Addionally EEG and MRI are NOT confirmatory. In pediatric patients, these tests are even more unreliable. Wouldn’t it have been nice if Judge Hayden had ANY medical training at all and could have posed such questions, requested Alfie’s entire medical chart. Where are Alfie’s labs? Did he have an elevated CK, which also mimics BD? The court papers mention the possibility of a metabolic disorder, yet was Alfie tested for such. If not, Why? It does not appear to me that AH followed the standard protocols for making a DB diagnosis, which by the way is still merely subjective, not definitive. To put it more simply, a BD diagnosis, even when ALL tests are preformed, is still merely a “best guess” on the part of Doctors.
        Please contact Dr. Paul Byrne- Expert neonatologist and expert on false positives in pediatric brain Death
        President of Life Guardian Foundation

      • Mary mcgoldrick

        Could you in anyway contact a member of family or one of the admin on @alfiesarmy16 to see whether they would like you to go ahead?

    • I intend to make a further post before the weekend is over, updating specifically about an emergency application, if one is necessary. May I please suggest that you (and others) follow this blog, so that you will automatically receive an email when I make a further post, with a link to the new post?

  11. After my son died in Canada, I requested an inquest into his death because of what I found in the hospital records. Even though I believe there was a lot of proof of criminal and medical negligence in the records the coroner refused this. You must remember that the coroners are also doctors and they protect their own. Our system here in Canada is just as corrupt as the UK. I have created a website for my son. In it there are many medical records as well as the coroner’s decision and my attempts to have him investigated. Also under my appeal to the Health Professionals Appeal and Review Board (HPARB) I have posted many hospital records. You can read it and decide for yourself if you like.

  12. Katarzyna

    Szanowny Panie Allman.
    W imieniu swoim i innych,równie zaangażowanych Polaków pragnę podziękować za aktywne dochodzenie do poznania przyczyn Alfiego Evansa.Jego śmierć wstrząsnęła mną ogromnie.Jestem matką 4 dzieci i nie chce dla nich takiego świata.Brak informacji dotyczących tego chlopca sprawia że nie możemy spać spokojnie.Nie chcemy siać teorii spiskowych, nie twierdzę,że Alfie był zdrowy .Twierdzę natomiast ,że pozbawienie rodziców prawa głosu a także nie zezwolenie na opuszczenie szpitala przez Alfiego jest chaniebne i karygodne.Szereg zdjęć publikowanych przez rodziców pokazuje jaką “opieka”otoczony był chłopiec przez personel medyczny (mokre od moczu ubranie,zagrzybiale rurki do wentylacji).Bardzo proszę o doprowadzenie tej sprawy do końca.

    Translation from Polish, by Google:
    Dear Mr. Allman.
    On behalf of myself and other equally involved Poles, I would like to thank you for actively investigating the causes of Alfie Evans. His death shocked me tremendously. I am a mother of 4 children and I do not want such a world for them. The lack of information about this boy makes us unable to sleep well. We do not want to sow conspiracy theories, I’m not saying that Alfie was healthy. I argue, however, that depriving parents of the right to vote and not allowing Alfie to leave the hospital is shameful and reprehensible. A series of photos published by parents shows what “care” was surrounded by a boy medical staff (wet clothes, ventilation pipes). I am asking you to bring this matter to a close.

    • Fin

      I pray the parents plan to follow this up too. I completely understand how hard it is but once Tom read that paper statement, it seemed all over. I couldn’t believe the news that Alfie had passed away and I’m frightened now of any possible necessity to use the NHS at all!!! So much was just wrong with this case in so many regards that it seems to be quite common practise that needs to stop!! That was not care!!! Good Luck and much love to all involved x

      • Mel

        I believe Alfie´s parents were threatened and silenced in some way, only this can explain Tom´s inexplicable U – turn in attitude…It seems they totally broke them and we won´t see any attempts in this case to continue in order to bring Alfie and his parents justice.

        • Alfie’s parents have been silenced, of course. But what silenced them? This need not be threats, as you suppose.

          What silenced Tom and Kate, could be a natural evolution of their emotional agenda, following the death of their son. It could be their application of reason, in the light of the new situation. It could be fatigue. It could be persuasion. There are many possibile explanations as to how they were silenced.

          It could (as you say), be threats, though I don’t think that that is likely myself, unless from the police. (If you have had lots of money donated for a purpose, and that purpose is frustrated, you are supposed to give the money back. But if the police promise to turn a blind eye, you get to keep the money.)

          Or it could even be inducement. There is much talk about vaccine damage. If you were told (and this is pure speculation), that a drug company that made vaccines, was willing to offer you loads of money, without admitting that the rumours on the internet were true that their vaccine had damaged your child, provided you kept that bung secret (a “non-disclosure agreement”), wouldn’t you be tempted?

          I am not suggesting that any of these wild guesses are correct. I’m only trying to illustrate that there are many possible explanations for their silence. Tom and Kate have been silenced, obviously. But we have no way of finding out how, and by whom, they were silenced. Unless, that is, they tell us, and we can be sure that their explanation is true. They silenced themselves, whoever else (if anybody) may have helped them to make that decision, and how.

          What we do know is that the coroner wanted to prevent an inquest, and was prepared to break the law to prevent an inquest. We know that THAT happened, and that it is ILLEGAL. We don’t know WHAT the coroner illegally decided to try to hide in this way, because he won’t tell us. We only know that he is trying to hide SOMETHING. He admits that. For a coroner to be willing to break the law in order to hide something completely innocent, does seem rather unlikely. That’s why I jumped on the Alfie bandwagon for the first time, more than a week after Tom and Kate had asked those who were already on that bandwagon, to jump off it, and many had.

          • Alexandra Godbey

            Well said…I’m sorry to say but I think at the end ,they gave up on their boy..I’ve heard some people say they accepted the vaccine damage money in exchange of silence. Personally I think they could have fought harder for their son-tooth and nail..

            • Heidi Ann Hammons

              You are entitled to your opinion but if you don’t have any evidence to support your suspicions you might want to give the parents the benefit of the doubt instead of slandering them and accusing them of the unthinkable.

              • Alexandra Godbey

                I hope I’m wrong,but since tom gave his last statement about to stand down and that he won’t give any more statements and praised ah when a day before he accused them of murder,seemed to me he gave up the fight.I don’t try to slander anyone just trying to make sense of it all and while I can’t and don’t even want to imagine the agony they been/are going through I also wonder if when tom had the strength to go on tv to pick up a trophy three days after alfie passed away,why he didn’t have the strength to speak up about what actually happened to clear all theories?We all prayed for the boy but now nothing but silence and selling keepsakes? To me,the only one who fought hardest was the baby boy with his little self,but he could do only so much without people taking real action in rescuing him from a death sentence.So,until tom or Kate speaks up,their last words were praise for ah and it still stands.

            • Heidi Ann Hammons

              You are entitled to your opinion but if you don’t have any evidence to support your suspicions you might want to give the parents the benefit of the doubt instead of slandering them and accusing them of the unthinkable.

            • Fin

              I don’t agree there is money exchanged for vaccine damage here as the companies are protected up until the child turns 2!! Alfie was days from this…if you look up records of how many children have there ventilation turned off at 23mth you will be truly shocked! A lady in the US Brandy Vaughn has been fighting tirelessly but is about to stop as she has had many threats! She is an ex pharmaceuticals sales rep and has the inside info!! Find her on “Learn the Risk”….the vaccines that are pushed are not necessary…it’s all money…do the research IT IS CRAZY!!! I believe Tom and Kate are currently exhausted and a post on their official page said they will be talking again when they are ready…so we have to be patient for that (as frustrating as it can be at times, when there are so many questions) One post said “Alfie should be with us but he isn’t” There are rumours that the night Tom read from that sheet of paper, Alfie was injected with 4 drugs and 2 hours later died and that Tom frantically tried to resuscitate in this time…(That’s what’s been said – not my words) I think they are in shock that they fought so hard, Alfie coped so well and out of the blue in many respects…he died after all was going so well. There are also rumours that an Italian/Polish diplomat with immunity was on their way to take Alfie out of the hospital (again I’ve read that) so its oh so sad and oh so wrong on so many levels!! I really think they did all in their power and I feel so hard done by for them!

  13. Margaret

    Well done for telling us about Alfie case

  14. Julie newsome

    That was brilliant .but because I’m no expert what happens now .and I was thrown a bit at the end where it said Donald Trump

  15. Penn

    Bless you for stepping up for Alfie. Might I suggest getting in touch with Steadfast Onlus, also very close to the family. They may be able to assist.

  16. Dawn

    Thank you for doing what you are doing kind, sir, I have been sat mulling it over now for a few days and have been thinking to myself surely to god that can’t be just it now over the Alfie Evans case, we’ve had all that noise made and now nothing and I to am pro-life so it just did not make sense to me and then after doing some mooching online I came across your wonderful and very well written letters here in this blog about said case and it really made me want to say Hallelujah finally another person with the same feelings as me and others I suspect but with a hell of a lot more knowledge is actually trying to find out what the hell isa going on, it doesn’t make sense for it all to go so quiet now like it as and if the powers that be think they can just get rid of us with a wave of the hand I fear they are in for a rude awakening at some point because your doing it for the rest of us my only hope is that there are a good few more like you in the world who will pursue this as well , I think because of how it all happened and such the public deserve to know the way it’s being handled since he died and also we deserve to know how he died and what was in his sytem what they are trying to do now causes yet more distrust and distance between a people and the powers that rule us yet again and they will only get away with treating people so many times this way before it comes and bites them on the behind…it’s common sense to me..I look for3ward to hearing more about this and will be avidly checking now each day looking for further correspondence between yourself and said coroner of Liverpool whom I suspect hands are well and truly tied as well and I am thinking it is only use of the laws of this country that will force people to do what they should have done already. I am one of the little people and they need to stop treating us like mushrooms(feeding us Sht and keeping us in the dar) pardon my french it’s the only way I felt to explain it. But more than anyt5hing else can I end this note of mine by thanking you sir for the time and effort you have put into this, you are the kind of person I suspect who has been a hero for different people on many occasions, your certainly one of my heroes’s now and just from this blog I have a lot of respect for you, sir. God bless and good luck 🙂 from a little person from Manchester. 🙂

    • Fin

      We need to stand together and shout from the mountains…there seems to be a lot of alterior motives in a lot of stuff lately and it is hideous the way the system can play and toy with peoples lives…Apparently there has just been an NHS white paper saying 60 years overdue…create so much scandal to cause distrust of the people so that the NHS can be privatised like the American system….and that Sex Ed was pushed to create a market for abortion!!! You really need to step back (vomit) catch your breath and stand fast against this tyraid of things that is happening to us!! Bill Gates funding a 33million population decline…come on!!! How is this happening…right under our noses!

  17. Achia

    Amanda please do not assume members of the public are not educated.
    Alfies parents didnt think he was brain dead they were with thier son each day and night.
    So you base your assumptions on doctor’s.
    I have proof that doctors make mistakes whether death from clerical error or death by natural causes. I can also prove medical ecperts lie to cover thier backsides. I would have thought in the case of little Alfie Evans it would have been beneficial to all parties that a autopsy would have been performed.
    But who am I just anothet un educated member of the public like you Amanda.

  18. Veronica

    I am equally shocked. Unbelievable.

    • In his own eyes, the coroner is right. If it had not been for the fact that Alfie died “while in custody or otherwise detained by the state”, he might have been entitled to have decided that no inquest was needed, if the cause of death really wasn’t unknown, and would not have been obliged to explain why he had decided that, to anybody except to a properly interested person, which I am not.

      I can see why the coroner is muddled. It took me a while to get my head round it too, and nobody else at all seems to have noticed this point, at least who has commented publicly on this point, to my knowledge, However, the coroner, when I pointed out his mistakes, didn’t say to himself, “Oops!”, and try to put them right. He is ploughing ahead, on the same course as before, as though I’d never bothered him.

      Somebody therefore has to take the coroner to court. As, in God’s providence, I noticed something was wrong, and put my finger on what it was eventually, it might as well be me that takes the coroner to court.

      Before that, though, there is the small matter of the necessary injunction, to prevent the burial or the cremation of Alfie’s body tomorrow, if there hasn’t been a post mortem. It would be a Pyrrhic victory to win a judicial review against the coroner, if the star witness at the inquest wasn’t even a silent witness, because his body had already been burned. I have given the parent’s legal team until 6 o’clock to reply to my email to them, before I announce which court people can go to tomorrow, to support me as spectators, as I apply for an emergency injunction, in order to prevent the burial or cremation of Alfie’s body, unless there has first been a post mortem examination and a toxicology report.

      If there has already been a post mortem and a toxicology report, and I only needed to go to court because the coroner wouldn’t tell me that, then all well and good. It still has to be done.

      • I truly want to see the entirity of Alfie’s medical record. Not I trust it. In medicine, “it you didn’t document it, it didn’t happen”. This is how they get away with cover ups. In America, once a patient passes there is not longer a right to privacy to where their medical records are concerned. Tom and Kate have a right his entire medical record.

      • This is fantastic, and exactly what needs to be done! Thank you for doing the right thing, Mr. Allman. I will be following your blog & will encourage others to do so as well. Bless you, sir!!!

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  20. Amanda

    So glad someone is trying to find out what happened to Alfie

  21. Muriel GLADWELL

    I think that you are just afraid of the truth . This gentleman has nothing to gain in any way he is fighting for the Truth . And I hope he gets it it’s very easy just to follow like sheep . I’m right behind him all the way . Why was Alfie Evans killed before his 2nd birthday vacine damage ? He was killed as the hospitol were hiding something . No inquest no corrina are you joking!! That is not normal procedure and you well know it would you except this for your child your parents?NO !! . Listen to this man you may even learn something .

  22. M.

    Amanda, please view the videos by Australia Dr. Archie Kalokerinos (RIP): My questions are: 1) Why were the parents No allowed to bring Alfie for another Opinion? 2) Was Alfie’s brain inflamed? Dr. Archie also was able to do autopsies.

    • Fin

      The court tanscripts claim it wasn’t in Alfies interests to have anything done but palliative care..die basically…how is that in anyones best interest???

  23. Sue

    Can I just say to that horrible person Amanda , how can you speak like that about the beautiful little boy Alfie , I’m assuming you don’t have kids because if you did you wouldn’t speak the way you just have about an innocent child who has just lost his precious life , and how can u compare the life of a child to the life of an animal ? You are a horrible nasty person .

    To John allman ,
    I am one of Alfie’s army and proud to be one , I haven’t stopped crying over alfie and have fell in love with that little boy as if he was one of my own , I truely believe that The cause of his death has been covered up , and can’t get my head around why they wouldn’t let him go to Italy , my only thoughts on that are that they were covering up something they had done to alfie , I’m not sure whether you had seen the post about the priest not being allowed to go to Alfie’s funeral and was made to leave the country ? In that post was something about a nurse /doctor giving Alfie 4 doses of something supposedly to help him then two hours later alfie died ! But before that Alfie was doing well breathing on his own for 5 days , Alfie’s funeral was today and I’m heartbroken and now we will never know the truth about Alfie’s death

    • Julie Newsome

      I’m a member of AA too I’m so upset by Alfies death the funeral was so heartbreaking no parent should have to bury their child .these parents are broken .I believe it was vaccine damage .I also believe this hospital will get away with it again 😢

    • Alexandra Godbey

      I’m feeling the exact way,I didn’t know the boy and came to love him with all my heart.He was failed by the system and was born healthy,and its clearly to see that it was vaccine damage.The signs of neglect,like no tracheastomy after three weeks but intubated for a year,burn marks,soiled diapers,mold in his tubes,”accidental” overdose makes me wonder that they weren’t interested to save the boy in the first place and that they kept him so long just to create a false image of how great a hospital that is and how hard they tried.Then keeping the boy hostage.All of this makes it obvious they wanted the boy dead to cover up and make money from him because its a well known fact the hospital donates huge amounts in exchange for organs.The judge also is part of that lgbt community but the evans family’s defense team were catholic oriented+the pope chimed in,and we all know the two groups don’t like each other too much,so I also think the judge wanted to prove his power and disrespect to those religious people,also the doctors said alfie could go home if..there’s a sea change of attitude of tom and Kate,sounds pretty hateful and unprofessional to me.Also there’s been going on the hate on white males going on for quiet a while where feminists called to kill white male babies and we know u.k is very refugee friendly so given that I think if Alfie would have been a refugee kid or not a boy,he would have been saved.Amanda is a delusional liberal,who sadly promotes death over life,especially for the most innocent and puts animals and the change of a whole culture before a baby,one of our own and closes out all facts like Alfie wasn’t brain dead there’s numerous doctors who stated it and he’d be very well able to recover greatly,given the chance of good nutrition and off the drugs.Also,a brain can recover greatly especially in the young,many many stories and scientific studies prove it.I’m a vegan for 20 yrs but I’m honestly not worried about the animals because people like eating them and it will never change,they are part of humans food chain,always were always will.Of course female genital mutilation is horrendous,but why should I worry about something when that’s a culture I can’t change because its their norm? Who are we westerners to change a whole different culture? I’m mostly worried about our culture,because that’s where we’re able to make a change and because the way Alfie had to suffer is not the norm in the western world as we know it.We got to stand up for our fight and not the fight for others,for instance if we try and fight for children in other countries only as sad and harsh as it sounds-who fights then for our children? Nobody.Do our childen lose all rights for life and protection just because they were born in a developed society? According to liberals Alfie had to pay with his life because since birth he was already entitled too much which is disgusting.

  24. Fiona

    I am horrified that no inquest has been done, Alfie was never given a full or complete diagnoses, which may have been obtained through an autopsy, then, only could it be confirmed he died of natural causes. There as it stands, is nothing natural about a seemingly healthy baby, becoming so ill, to the point of becoming brain damaged, and to ultimately die is in no way natural causes.

  25. I’m so happy someone is trying to find out what happened to Alfie: I am sure they are hiding something. We need to keep looking.

  26. Fin

    Not only is it a worry here in Alfie’s case but apparently no food/hydration is ‘normal’ palliative ‘care’ I am serious horrified at this, that it is a daily euthanasia in our hospitals of the most vulnerable!
    Alfie proved the doctors wrong because Tom and Kate refused to have the injections = euthanasia again!!! How are we killing our own like this?? How is this caring for our most vulnerable…this case highlights our discernment for the disabled and trying to create ‘the perfect society’ It is history repeating itself and it is wrong!

    The new push by government is organ donation so you all better go do your research on that and opt in or out as currently EVERYONE is IN and you don’t know about it!!

    • My next deadline is sending a Letter Before Claim to the coroner, pursuant to the Pre-action Protocol for Judicial Review. I am also making discreet enquiries, with a view to finding allies who will attract publicity to the initiative, by voicing their support.

      I knew that there would be a problem, of temporary interest. How can I convert passing curiosity into follows of this blog, so that those interested receive news automatically whenever any is posted, A transition in the minds of some who were at first enthusiastic, from welcoming me as a mighty saviour who would win quickly, to ignoring me as a time-waster when it is realised that I am not a mighty saviour (there is only One of them), is inevitable. It is human nature to want instant results, without participation.

      Please follow this blog. There will be more news in due course.

      • Heidi Ann Hammons

        Yes, only One Savior. We are called to be like Him and thereby to love justice and defend the helpless. Thank you for doing both.

  27. Heidi Ann Hammons

    John, I think it might be helpful if you would post updates to your blog, even if only to update and say things are in a holding pattern , but then we might be able to continue to keep the interest in Alfie’s story alive by sharing your posts on social media. Just a thought, probably not expressed as well as I could have, but I’m hoping you get the general idea.

    • Thank you for the suggestion. I was thinking that myself. What I really need, though, is followers of the blog. Social media is a very hit and miss method of communicating. A blog follower automatically receives an email every time there’s a new post.

      • Achia

        I receive emails john and if like others awaiting any updates on this case.

      • Heidi Ann Hammons

        The point you make is well taken. My husband is a blogger. For broader exposure, social media will generate some hits. For those interested in updates, following the blog itself is the best route.

    • Fin

      Hi Heidi, I get what you mean – but as John says ideally followers here is better…There are over 16,000 more followers here than prior to May 9th (Alfie’s birthday.) Maybe you could, like I do, occasionally put John’s web address on your page and ask for people to share??? Much love xx
      John if there is anything we can be doing in the meantime to help/support, do let us know xx

      • You wrote saying, “There are over 16,000 more followers here than prior to May 9th.” That’s not correct. There are only a few hundred followers here. There were more than 20,000 page-reads in May, compared to less than 50,000 over the previous six years or so. But only a tiny minority of those people visiting in May who were new, have clicked to say, for the first time, that they want to receive an email prompt whenever there is a new post here, with up-to-date news. The majority of the 16,000 you mentioned, were just casual visitors. More than ever before, but still only casuals. If one visitor visited 5 different pages, they’d have been counted five times, by the way.

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