Alfie’s inquest?

The claim I promised to make against the Senior Coroner for Liverpool, seeking judicial review of his decision not to hold an investigation into the death of Alfie Evans, was filed at the Royal Courts of Justice today, 27th July 2018.

In a nutshell, my case is that the public is entitled to an inquest into the death of Alfie, because Alfie died whilst he was subject to a best-interests child euthanasia order of the courts, requiring Alfie to be retained by the hospital until he died, contrary to the wishes of his parents.

The papers I sent to the court can be read here.

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18 responses to “Alfie’s inquest?

  1. Alexandra Godbey

    Thank you so much for keeping up the fight for this precious baby boy,when so many others just forgot about him-you’re still here..You’re giving me hope again that there are good people on this earth. Justice for Alfie!

  2. In your Judicial Review bundle, you’ve mentioned “The Article 10 right of the claimant, in common with other members of the public wishing to do so, to receive and to impart such information as ought to become public as a result of an obligatory inquest (possible an “Article 2 inquest”) into the death of the deceased Alfie Evans”
    I think this only applies to inquests that have already taken place the results of which the coroner hasn’ t published.

  3. state custody has already been ruled not to apply to healthcare in a european courtroom too

  4. they wouldn’t allow me to make a protective costs order as a litigant in person over a Judicial Review into the Liverpool Care Pathway in 2008 – is that worth a judicial review in itself?

  5. Peter Parsons

    Well done John.

  6. maureen agnew

    Morning john , please keep me updated in the case very much appreciated for the information provided i did follow the case when it was in the media , i do hope the parents get justice , regards maureen .

  7. kevin white

    god bless you john, keep up the good work

  8. Alfa Polanco

    THANK YOU so much for keeping up with the fight. Alfie Evans deserve for us to honor his memory by trying to find out why The hospital fought so hard to kill him. Alfie Evans would have lived if the hospital wouldn’t have killled him.

    • I think it is right that an inquest should be held, to get to the bottom of this, in public. I do not, cannot, and must not say that I believe that Alfie was killed unlawfully. I have no knowledge of any evidence of that. That is a matter for the coroner’s jury to decide.

      • Fin

        Hi John, do you have a timeline of when you should hear any info back from the court?

        • Thanks for the question.

          I sent my claim to the court to arrive on 27th July. In error, the court sent it back to me, because there wasn’t a cheque for the court fee with it. The court staff hadn’t noticed a certain reference number on the claim form that made a cheque for the court fee unnecessary.

          I took the claim form back to the court on 30th July and complained about the court error, which was admitted, apologetically.

          I waited and waited for the court to issue (seal) the claim and send me back 4 of the 5 copies, one to keep and 3 to serve on the coroner and Alfie’s parents. I tried and tried to contact the court to ask why it was taking so long to issue the claim.

          Eventually, I managed to speak to somebody last week and learned that the court has lost the paperwork. (My imagination began running riot as to how that could happen and why to my claim in particular.) I paid a printer to replace the lost forms by downloading them from the internet, printing them and delivering them to the court. At last, on 14th August, the court issued my claim, showing a date filed of 27th July. The court posted me four sealed copies, one to keep and three to serve.

          I served the coroner by post. He should get the papers on Monday. I served the papers for Alfie’s parents on The Christian Legal Centre by email before the weekend and by post on Saturday to arrive on Monday.

          I am in contact with Alfie’s Army and the family. I have asked that Tom asks the Christian Legal Centre please to send the papers to him and Kate, unless the parents want the Christian Legal Centre to deal with the matter on their behalves. I am awaiting email or postal addresses for Tom and Kate so as to be able to send them the papers direct. That is just in case the Christian Legal Centre messes up. I have sent the papers electronically both to the family and to Alfie’s Army, but not to Tom and Kate personally, because I don’t have direct contact details for them yet. If Tom and Kate receive the papers by email or by post or as a result of somebody printing the papers and taking them to them, I’ll have served the claim on them in three different ways. Better safe than sorry.

          If I had not made Tom and Kate “interested parties”, at the suggestion of the coroner, and I hadn’t applied for certain directions on the claim form, I would know the procedure the court would adopt. It would make a decision on the papers as to whether to give me permission to apply for judicial review. If that went against me, I’d be allowed to apply for a court hearing to ask for that decision to be reconsidered, unless the judge who refused permission made a certain order because he thought my claim to be “totally without merit”.

          Because I’ve never applied for judicial review before with interested parties on the claim form, or with an application for directions for disclosure and lave to amend grounds and facts, I don’t know what the next step is on the part of the court. Usually, during pre-action correspondence, a defendant explains his reasons for his decision. The coroner did not comply with that request, which was rather obstructive on his part. That is why I have asked the court to order disclosure, and for the chance to improve my grounds for judicial review and statement of facts after disclosure, if necessary.

          I am hoping that Tom and Kate will take my side rather than taking the coroner’s side or remaining neutral. I also hope that the court will allow my grounds and facts to be amended after disclosure. That will provide the opportunity for Tom, Kate and myself to make sure we are of one mind, and for a more professional job to be done with the drafting. I will then become less prominent whilst Tom and Kate and their lawyers will become more prominent.

          The first priority is for Tom and Kate to receive my claim, one way or another. They need it to make an informed decision after independent legal advice. The claim is on the internet, so they may only need to get a message to me to say that they have read it there. Once Kate and Tom have confirmed that they’ve got the claim, one way or another, I am willing to travel up to LIverpool to meet Tom and/or Kate.

          • Fin

            Wow, you have been busy!!Know we are praying for you and the family.
            They have a few things in hand at the moment leading up to a picnic planned for this coming Saturday (25th).
            I am pleased you have included the family and I hope it is in their interest too to have the truth documented. Much love

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