What happened in court the day of Alfie’s funeral?

This morning I received the transcript of the hearing that took place on 14th May.  The hearing occurred because neither the coroner nor the Christian Legal Centre had told me whether  Alfie’s parents were intending to cremate his body after the funeral that day, or to bury Alfie.

I am publishing both the transcript and also (for the first time) the application that I made that day, including supporting evidence.

I am still waiting for the approved transcript of the judgement.  (That’s going to be really interesting.)  If you follow this blog, you’ll receive an email telling you when that is available to read.

An interesting coincidence is that the judge who heard the application had written a book about coroners’ inquests. He seemed somewhat vexed with me at the end, when I asked for a transcript of his judgment.

I regret any distress caused to Alfie’s family or members of the public by my action in attending court on the day of Alfie’s funeral.  If I had known that Alfie was going to be buried rather than cremated, I would not have bothered to go to court that day.  Primarily I wanted to prevent the destruction of evidence, by cremation.  It isn’t my fault, or that of Tom and Kate, that the public was kept in the dark.  If either the coroner or The Christian Legal Centre had told me that Alfie was to be buried rather than cremated, I could have saved myself a trip to London.

I do not know why The Christian Legal Centre was (and remains) uncommunicative, not only with me, but also (I have recently learned from a member of Alfie’s family) with its own clients.  I now realise that Tom and Kate were never informed of my considerable correspondence with The Christian Legal Centre.  I might as well have been been putting messages in bottles and throwing them into the sea, as expecting to write successfully to Tom and Kate via the law firm that still says on its website that Tom and Kate are its clients.

It was in the coroner’s interests to cause unnecessary friction between myself and Tom and Kate, by provoking this unnecessary court hearing on the day of Alfie’s funeral.  My now up-and-running  judicial review claim against the coroner challenging his refusal to conduct an investigation into Alfie’s death would be stronger if Tom and Kate supported it, as they now have the opportunity to do.  They would not have had the opportunity to challenge the coroner’s decision if I had not acted without their permission before the three-month time limit ran out.


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6 responses to “What happened in court the day of Alfie’s funeral?

  1. I imagine that your efforts are misunderstood by many. Do not fear man, fear only the LORD. May He bless you as your work as you seek the truth regarding this great evil and injustice.

  2. Fin

    Wow John!!!You did amazing!!
    I wonder if the whole legal syatem is briefed in cases as such!
    I believe you have a strong case and with the many bereaved parents of children fighting for legislation changes and law implementation I am right behind you. I hope and pray the James and Evans family will thank and cooperate.
    I find it so difficult to comprehend the corruption we are facing in these linked institutions!
    May we find out the truth and join forces to ensure this doesn’t happen to innocent families fighting for the miracle of life blessed into their familied.
    Thank you John

  3. Sarah

    Oh my, I thank you so much for helping in this case. I could not rest if I knew that justice for poor Alfie was never going to happen. I really hope that you get somewhere for Tom, Kate and all of their followers.

  4. KellyH

    Do you have a transcription of the judgement?

    • That is an excellent question. Thank you for it.

      I paid one all-in price for a transcript of the whole hearing including the judgment. The transcription service correctly prepared two transcripts, one of the judgment and one of the rest of the hearing. I have received the latter direct from the transcription service. The transcript of the judgment was sent to the judge, who has to approve the transcript before I can have it. I am still waiting to receive the transcript of the judgment, approved by the judge. If you follow this blog, then when I publish the transcript of the judgment you will automatically receive an email notification that I have done so.

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