Recovering from treachery

In an attempt to recover from the treachery of The Christian Legal Centre and the apparent official secrecy of all contact details of Tom Evans and Kate James, I returned to court today to file an application.  Unfortunately, I was not able to get the application heard immediately.  Although it is an application without notice, I have already sent a copy of it to the defendant coroner, The Christian Legal Centre and Merseyside police.

The gist of the application is getting the coroner, the police and The Christian Legal Centre to co-operate with the court in getting to Tom and Kate the paperwork they need (a) in order for them to be able to understand what I have done, which they may well decide is to their advantage and be glad of, and (b) for Tom and Kate to make informed decisions whether either or both wish to take advantage of what I have done.

The application isn’t long.  I recommend reading all of it except the “Naughty Step” blog post at the end.  It’s not hard work.

The witness statement includes the text of my unanswered email to Merseyside Police.

The “Naughty Step” blog post of Giles Peaker, filed as evidence in support of the application (and forming the final part of the bundle filed) is easier to read in its original format rather than as it is annexed to the application.  The original blog post is here:

On the Naughty Step – the questionable ethics of The Christian Legal Centre


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