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On 22/10/2018 10:12, Christian Voice wrote:

Subject: EMAIL your Trans consultation – DEADLINE EXTENDED

The Government Transgender consultation website has been so overwhelmed with responses they have extended the deadline to 12 noon today. And we can see that slipping out as well. So whatever time you receive this, as the advert says, just do it. 
Don’t bother with their website. Email your response.


The government’s consultation about the Gender Recognition Act closes on Friday this week at 23:00.  If you care (and you should), please don’t forget to contribute a response in time.

My own response to the consultation is here.  I’d like you please to consider reading it before you complete yours.

My main suggestion, is for an end to the government’s aiding and abetting the worst possible gender fraud.  I am referring to the deception whereby it is possible for an innocent victim, unawares, to become married to a spouse whose birth sex is the opposite of the sex shown on their fraudulent birth certificate, issued by the government.

I realise that if somebody is tricked into a marriage with somebody they don’t realise is transgendered, the Act allows them to seek an annulment.  However, I think our sons and daughters are entitled to greater protection from gender fraud than this.  I am disappointed that, instead, the government enables gender fraud.  I think this is very wrong.

I would appreciate receiving feedback on the content of my own response to the consultation, especially in the form of comments here made by those who have read it!

The existing Gender Recognition Act 2004 is published here.

The consultation is here.  Please don’t forget to participate.  You can do so online.  You don’t have to do it all in one go.  At any stage you can click the button to save your work so far and to log out.  You will then receive an email with a link in it to return to the consultation to finish your response.

The Christian Institute (I believe) and Christian Voice (for definite) are publishing suggestions as to how to respond to the consultation, as well as me here, where I have published my own response to the consultation. Christian Concern may well also be publishing suggestions.  The important thing isn’t to answer every question, and to answer it “right”.  It’s good for democracy just to join in, and make the points you want to make.  God speed!

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