Police Scotland decides not to record its own hate incidents

My report dated 4th October 2018 to Police Scotland of its own hate crime, in the form of a poster bearing Police Scotland’s logo that uses hate speech against religious people, is published here: Police Scotland’s hate crime.

Subsequent email correspondence from Police Scotland to myself in response to my hate crime report, consisting principally of what I refer to as standard fob-off emails 1 and 2, and from me in reply to Police Scotland’s two fob-off emails, is published here: Police Scotland’s bid to wriggle out of hate crime bust.

This morning, I received a typed letter from Police Scotland, by Recorded delivery.

This is what today’s letter said:-



David Pettigrew
Safer Communities
Scottish Crime Campus
Craignethan Drive
G69 8AE






Mr John Allman
27 Crocken Tor Road
EX20 1TE

Dear Mr Allman,

I am writing with reference to your most recent correspondence dated 11 October 2018, regarding the current Scottish Government hate crime campaign and associated material.

As the Police Scotland lead for Equality and Diversity matters, including hate crime, I have been allocated your correspondence for review.

As you are aware, the Scottish Government campaign aims to raise awareness of hate crime and encourage reporting. I understand from your correspondence however that you perceive some of the campaign material, to target those of faith. Furthermore, you request that a hate incident be raised based on your perception.

As you highlight within your email, the Police Scotland Hate Crime Standing Operating Procedure (SOP) directs that ordinarily, the perception of the victim or any other person is the defining factor, in determining whether an incident is hate related for recording purposes.

I would highlight however that although a SOP sets out processes and procedures, it is recognised that there will be circumstances requiring action on the part of officers or staff, which may require them to exercise professional judgement or discretion.

l have assessed the circumstances you raise however given that the campaign was delivered to raise awareness of hate crime, I am content in the certainty that the motivation of the campaign is not based on malice or ill will towards any social group. I can therefore confirm that the circumstances will not be recorded as hate related and that no further action will be taken in respect of this matter.

I have provided the link below to the complaints process for Police Scotland, should this response not be to your satisfaction.


Yours sincerely

David Pettigrew


I conclude that, for what can surely only be propaganda reasons, Police Scotland is attempting to exclude from its statistics of the hate crime and hate incident reports it has received, the hate crime and/or hate incident reports that it has received which report, as a hate crime or a hate incident, a certain obnoxious hate poster published by Police Scotland itself.  I am aware of several other hate crime and hate incident reports similar to mine.

I myself published on 4th October 2018, “I intend to ask for figures eventually, under the Freedom of Information Act, indicating how many reports of hate crime have been made to Police Scotland, against Police Scotland.”  Presumably, in the light of this decision, the answer I shall receive will be “none”.  But that will be a lie, an artefact of the manifestly unlawful decision not to include in the hate crime and incident report statistics any or all of the reports in which the perpetrator of the hate crime or hate incident reported was Police Scotland itself.

I would like to encourage anybody who has made similar hate crime and/or hate incident reports to mine (and to the report of the Reverend David “Wee flea” Robertson too), please to comment on this blog, documenting their participation here.

I intend soon to make a complaint against Police Scotland, as invited, and to publish that on this blog.  I therefore invite anybody who might wish to read my complaint when I have made it, to follow this blog, ensuring that he or she will receive an email notification whenever a new post is added.

The Wee Flea’s hate incident report

Investigating hate crime risks distracting police from their core role, warns head of Britain’s chief constables



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2 responses to “Police Scotland decides not to record its own hate incidents

  1. Hi John,

    Sigh….. Their ham-fisted, fob-off response would actually be quite amusing if it wasn’t so manifestly predictable. Allow me to paraphrase:

    “A Hate Crime is whatever the alleged victim believes it to be – so long as that victim belongs to a select group of minorities whose fabricated rights the establishment has chosen to define, uphold and vigorously promote above everyone else’s. If the alleged victim belongs to a group whose supposed rights we increasingly disregard and contravene, or who dares to suggest that we (the blameless arbiters and chosen instruments of the New Morality, and the Right Hand of benevolent Big Brother) then their spurious claims will be rejected and derided, as neither their viewpoint nor their supposed grievance merits any consideration whatsoever…” ☝️✋👎

    Big Brother has spoken… Do make sure that you quake and tremble accordingly John, and acknowledge the error of your ways… After all, you don’t want a visit from the Thought Police and a spell of enforced mental reprogramming and moral reorientation, do you…? Hmmmm?

    L. 🙋🏻‍♂️

    Sent from my iPad



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