Thank God for the floods

I prayed for the floods that disrupted the Brexit referendum.  I tweeted after my prayer was answered.

I have a confession to make.  The night before the Brexit referendum, I prayed for divine intervention, suggesting one possible thing to the Lord (meaning the triune God of Christianity), in the context of a general prayer for Him to do something.  I suggested His causing freak weather on polling day, affecting areas of the country where intended Remain voters were in the majority.

The overall agenda of my prayer request was divine intervention sufficient to procure, by a narrow margin, the result to the Brexit referendum that enabled God to bring about His good purposes, causing least suffering.

It was a very specific prayer.  I prayed for a near fifty-fifty split of the vote, although not so close that there would have to be a recount.  I asked this so that there would simply have to be a process of reconciliation between the two sides, Leave and Remain, or so I hoped.  I thought if either side won a resounding victory, there would be bitterness and disappointment.  The two sides had been at each other’s throats somewhat during the campaign period.

As Remain were ahead of Leave in the opinion polls, I prayed that if God wanted the side that won to be Leave, as I suspected He did, because I suspected that He wanted the final outcome to be that the UK left, He might perhaps choose to accomplish this purpose without interfering in the free will of voters.  I suggested storms and floods that kept voters away from the polls in parts of the country where Remain had a majority.

The rest, as they say, is history.  The news reports on the morning after included both apparently unconnected stories, both the weather and the narrow and unexpected victory for Leave in the referendum.

I believe my prayer for freak weather was answered.  I was reminded of this event when recently the press gallery of the House of Commons was flooded.

This is not the first time that a freak weather event and a newsworthy event in the country’s history have coincided.  I believe the so-called “hurricane” happened the night before a stock market crash.  I didn’t pray for that coincidence, but I did pray for this one.  I expect somebody prayed for that, and that somebody else prayed for the recent small flood in the House of Commons.

I do realise that theologians are likely to have criticisms as severe of my approach to prayer in this context, as unbelievers are of the fact that I pray at all.  But I am telling the truth.  I wasn’t trying to be clever.  It was a very simple, child-like sort of praying I did.  I doubt I am the only one to have prayed along these lines either.

I repeat my prayer.  “God, please do something.  And, if there is anything you want me to do, please cause me to realise what, and help me to do it.  Amen.”  Who will join me in that prayer?  Who said “Amen” after reading it?


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8 responses to “Thank God for the floods

  1. Rob Manfield

    Thanks for your comments John, I do believe we should be out of this corrupt regime and indeed we should seek the Lords help.

    • Intellectually, I’m with you now. I wasn’t sure back then, at the time of the Brexit referendum, though. I could see that people were wanting Remain for really good and noble reasons, like “peace” and “harmony”, “subsidiarity” and “free trade”, “standardisation” and so on. Even though my gut feeling was that this naively internationalist mood might end in tears if it prevailed, Meanwhile, I could tell that some who were wanting Leave, which I thought might be a good outcome, wanted that for appallingly bad reasons.

      Earlier, in the 1990s, when Gorbachev had just happily imploded one evil empire in the east, I was troubled that John Major wanted to Maastricht and Lisbon us all into a new evil empire in the west. A turning point for me, which brought me back to my senses, was witnessing the dirty tricks of those who wanted to stop Brexit, whom we now discover probably included an infiltrator called Theresa May, a false covert from Remain to Leave, who changed her clothes but not her heart, because she never got the point of Brexit, wanting it for its own glorious sake, as opposed to pretending to be willing grudgingly to “deliver” something that could be mistaken for Brexit, if one forgot to put on one’s glasses. Something that betrayed even the DUP.

      Seeing how dirty fight the EU (by which I don’t mean the millions of Europeans more trapped than we are, in their 27 countries) and their Remainist collaborators in the UK, and seeing how low they are willing to stoop to strive to stop Brexit at any cost, even weaponising the Irish border … seeing all this .convinced me that it wouldn’t be good for anybody if Brexit never happened.

      Mrs May’s last fortnight U-turn, from her rude, wrong, but at-least credible “my deal or no deal” stance, to her new “my deal or else I sabotage Brexit” stance, is one of the most shocking betrayals of principles once avowed that I have witnessed, in my entire life, within British politics. That is why I emailed my MP yesterday, saying:

      Subject: Mrs May’s threatened revocation of UK’s Article 50 notice to leave the EU?

      Dear Mr Stride

      Please advise immediately what, if any, authority the Prime Minister thinks she has, to revoke Article 50. What does the A-G have to say about this?

      To save time, I won’t wait for your reply, before telling you what I intend to do if you are unable to cite by what authority the PM thinks she can threaten to revoke Article 50 notice, five days before Exit Day, as she is now reported to be threatening on the BBC and elsewhere.

      If necessary, I wish to challenge, in the courts if necessary, as a matter of obvious urgency, the following apparent assumption on the part of the Prime Minister, which I believe to be wrong. My remedy in the court is probably a declaration of the law, to the effect that purported revocation of Article 50 notice without statutory authority would be unlawful.

      The Prime Minister has given Article 50 notice of the United Kingdom’s intention to leave the European Union. In order to satisfy (it was reported) a constitutional requirement, she first procured the enactment of a statute permitting or requiring her to give this Article 50 notice on behalf of the UK. Reportedly, she now believes (the “wrong assumption” which I wish to “challenge”) that she can revoke that Article 50 notice on her own initiative (or on the queen’s initiative, the queen acting upon her Prime Minister’s advice, so that ER’s initiative amounts to the PM’s initiative in practice), on behalf of the UK, without a further Act of Parliament. I dispute this.

      I do not believe that she has that authority. She certainly doesn’t seem to have the authority to revoke Article 50 using the Royal Prerogative, if that is what she thinks, because of the De Keyser Hotel principle that statute about a matter abridges the RP in that matter.

      This is far too important a project for me to tackle on my own as a litigant in person. I have therefore approached (earlier today) a direct access barrister, for help with the drafting and to represent me in court. This barrister, or a different barrister, might advise me to seek an injunction against the PM instead of a mere declaration that revocation of Article 50 notice without statutory authority would be unlawful.

      If the PM purports to revoke Article 50 without statutory authority before I obtain a declaration that she is not allowed to do this, my remedy might become to seek, after the fact, judicial review of the decision to revoke Article 50, as ultra vires. That would be messy. I therefore seek your government’s co-operation. To that extent, please consider this an email to be a letter before action.

      God willing, I am flying back early from Romania on Tuesday, leaving my wife still in hospital, in order to make the necessary application to the court. I hope to attend the Royal Courts of Justice in person the following day. As a voter in your constituency, I’d very much like to meet with you in London whilst I am there. But please see below. You may decide to waive Parliamentary privilege, allowing me to meet with a different MP, because you are a minister in the defendant PM’s government.

      I have prayed for you and for Mrs May and shall continue to do so. It is of no profit to gain the whole world, at the loss of one’s own soul. I am concerned for Mrs May’s spiritual welfare, in the light of her U-turn, amounting to her complete abandonment of her integrity in full face of the public. She must be very embarrassed. I cannot imagine what inducement was sufficient to procure this behaviour on her part. I fear for my country, if her new plan succeeds. I do not even know now what she wants, or thinks she is trying to accomplish, for whose benefit, given that she knows that if she does nothing at all for the next five days, Brexit will automatically be delivered on Friday this week, only two weeks later than promised.

      Please draw the Prime Minister’s attention to this email, even though I have cc’ed it to her constituency address. She may wish to obtain the legal opinion of the A-G on what she seems now to be planning. She may wish to oppose my application, if it comes to my needing to make one, as opposed to acquiescing that I make the application ex parte as an emergency application (which it obviously is, given the shocking reports of the PM’s apparent intentions to sabotage Brexit if she does not get her own way.) The PM, or a new PM, may even wish to introduce a Bill that enables her to revoke Article 50 lawfully, hoping that both houses pass that Bill before 23:00 on Friday.

      I believe that Mrs May is, so-to-speak, holding Brexit hostage, with a gun in her hand that isn’t loaded. She will answer to God for that, even if I cannot make her answer to the British courts, because I am neither rich nor powerful.

      As my MP, I’d like you to represent me in Parliament in this matter. That logically requires your asking a Parliamentary Question or two. My understanding is that, because you are a government minister, you would have to ask a backbench MP to ask any PQs relevant to my matter. I have therefore taken the liberty of Cc’ing this to one particular, well-known backbench MP who I suspect might be enthusiastic to ask any relevant PQs, if you were to ask him, because of the content of the matter I have raised with you, as my constituency MP, namely my challenge of the assumption I say is wrong.

      Yours sincerely,

      John Allman
      Okehampton, EX20 1TE

      I mean it, God help me. I will take Theresa May to court, if she has changed sides, or was always on the wrong side.

      Daughter of the manse May, with her links on her web-presence to GW Bush’s “Points of Light” thing which Trump has insulted. The phrase “Thousand Points of Light” is Illuminati jargon. May may just be stupid after all. Let’s hope so. But this weekend, I started to wonder if it was time to stop praying for her, and to start praying for ourselves, and civilians, against her. The least unlikely explanation for her recent behaviour strikes me as deep, undercover treachery. I wish I didn’t have to admit that. It’s a U-turn for me too.

      God help us. Amen?

  2. Gerhard

    Have you ever considered praying to God that he might wipe your bum for you – or fix your brain?
    To pray to God to change reality to conform to your wishful thinking and than to search for coincidences to claim that God justified you by granting your wish is an embarrassment if you claim to have gone past puberty. My will be done is a very pubertarian way of thinking. But there is hope you get over it before the end of time 🙂

    • I had a brief struggle with my conscience, because of the software. I had to click on a button marked “approve” in order for your comment to appear. I didn’t want to prevent your comment from appearing. But I really don’t approve of it.

      • gerhard

        I can understand that you don’t approve of your own prayer style as the point of prayer is not to ask God to change reality according to our wishes but to change us according to his wishes. It’s a fairly basic understanding about prayer. To ask God to do us favours is similar to asking Father Christmas for presents. Apparently asking God for favours equals to pray to a jug of milk according to Marshall Brains video on the effectiveness of wishful prayer. And who has to answer to God for what they said or did about brexit remains to be seen. Sure a lot of people would like others to have to answer to them as for being the ultimate authority.
        Considering that with a attendance of 75% they would have needed a >60%majority to have a meaningful vote on brexit to establish a statistical certainty of the majority opinion the politicians could as well have tossed a coin- and they knew it. That is why they are still tossing about 🙂

    • Ashley Dickenson

      Nor do I approve of Gerhard’s comment. I firmly believe that, despite all talk of free trade, harmony across what the British people were promised was a ‘common market’, the truth was kept hidden and now this nation is paying the price: division amongst friends, amongst the two main parties .. divine prophecy has been issued more than once about this nation’s relationship with the EU. Two of whose principles were adopted – believe if or not – from the Nazi regime.

  3. Peter Parsons

    Thank you John – keep praying.

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