# Let my people stay

Being as what the British Prime Minister, elected on a manifesto promise to implement #Brexit, seems lately to have changed sides, and is now seeking the EU’s permission (for the second time) to delay Brexit, and even threatening to cancel it altogether, on her own authority, if she doesn’t get her own way (about which threat I hope to see her in court d’rec’ly), I thought the time had come for some satire, consisting of some extra verses to the ol’ negro spiritual mentioned in my Houston speech, “Let my people go“.


When Israel was in Egypt’s land
Let my people go
Oppressed so hard they could not stand
Let my people go

Go down Moses
Way down in Egypt land
Tell old Pharaoh
“Let my people go”

“Thus spoke the Lord” bold Moses said
Let my people go
“If not I’ll smite your first born dead
Let my people go

No more in bondage shall they toil
Let my people go
Let them come out with Egypt’s spoil
Let my people go

Fast forward to the present day
When Moses has gone, but at least we have May.

Now Britain is in Europe’s land
Let my people think
Oppressed so hard they cannot stand
OK, let my people go, I think …

Go down Theresa!
Way down in Europe land
Tell old Pharaoh
“Let my people go”

“Thus spoke my MPs” said timid May
Let my people stay
“No deal? Oh dear! Forget we asked.”
Let my people stay

Did we say Leave? We meant Remain!
Let my people stay
We swear we’ll ne’er again complain
Let my people stay

Moses schmoses, what made us say
We had a yearning to steal away?
The U-turn was right, not Moses, but May …
Oh please forgive us – please just let us stay

No deal, schmo deal – what on earth made us say
We’d settle for that? A no deal Exodus? You joking? No way!

It was all a mistake, what we meant to say,
Was please, Mr Pharoah, just let us stay.

Tell ’em Theresa, not to send us away, say …
Let my people stay
Let my people stay
If not into June, then till 22 May.

Tell Pharoah we don’t want to go after all, and then say
Just one last time, for emphasis, what you’ve started to say
Pharoah, our lord, please don’t send them away
Let ’em stay. Let ’em stay. Let’s ’em stay
I say, let my people stay!

I can redefine Exit Day now forever.
(They enacted that today. Wasn’t that clever?)
When will we leave? Probably never!

Let us serve you, content, forever and ever.
Oh please don’t think to send us away …
Let my people stay
Let my people stay
Please please please just let my people stay.


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One response to “# Let my people stay

  1. Well that certainly sums up the mood of The House Of Commons John, but as is happening in most European Union member states the political elite have totally lost touch with the public.
    Good song, and congratulations for not descenting to the level or personal attacks on the Prime Minister, like some people I could name 🙂

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