Defending the Christian opposition to “same-sex marriage”

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A Grain of Sand

We have all been there. We have had a discussion with an unbelieving friend or relative on some aspect of the faith and come away thinking that we really screwed it up and utterly failed to present a coherent Christian position.See the source image

When reflecting on the discussion later, we come up with all the sharp answers, all the convincing responses. Every discussion I have ever had about the Christian faith I have won brilliantly, but only in hindsight. Unfortunately the reality is different. But there is groundwork we can do to become more effective.

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7 responses to “Defending the Christian opposition to “same-sex marriage”

  1. Every discussion I have ever had about the Christian faith I have won brilliantly …

    Really? Why do so many Christians consider this is always some sort of ‘point-scoring’ exercise rather than simply a matter of establishing fact/truth?

    If Christians have the evidence they assert supports their claims then surely it should be a simple matter of presenting it? This would then be a ”slam dunk”.

    • Thank you for commenting.

      I suggest you address your question to Campbell on his original post, which I reblogged. You took the phrase of his that you quoted out of context (and in such a way as to obscure the likely meaning in context). I took that passage to be something other than a factual “claim” that Campbell was making. I took it as tongue-in-cheek, though I may be wrong about that, in which case Campbell will likely clarify his meaning.

      You are welcome to comment here, especially about what I added before the start of Campbell’s post and the link to the rest of it, expressing my rejection of the idea that anybody’s “views” can be “wrong”. (A view is something different from an opinion.) But your comment above ought also to be addressed to Campbell himself, on his original blog post.

      The distinction between views and facts is important, especially as regards what (if anything) amounts to “evidence” capable of supporting (or refuting) a factual claim, or proving that somebody who purports to be expressing his view about something is (or isn’t) being truthful. Usually, when somebody expresses a view, I refrain from demanding any evidence that the view he expresses really is the view that he sees, from the position at which he has arrived, so far in his life-journey.

      • Hi, John
        I wrote the same comment on Campbell’s post. Maybe he will respond later?
        I thought that including the entire quote would take up way too much (unnecessary) space – and I judge it was fully in context (even though I agree there was an element of tongue in cheek – his ”in hindsight” addition) as pretty much everything to do with a Christian perspective is reliant on convincing the ”opponent” of its validity and veracity, especially as verifiable evidence is usually not forthcoming.

  2. Oh, and is there a specific reason you moderate every comment?
    No big deal, just curious.

    • When I started the blog in June 2012, that is how the WordPress software set it up, with pre-moderation. It is no hardship to moderate every comment and it enables me to keep off abusive or harmful comments or those of questionable legality, so I’ve never investigated how or whether I might be able to change this, if tghe volume of comments became unmanageable. I don’t have to worry as to whether I might be jointly liable at law for an illegal comment that somebody posted on a blog, which I could have prevented from being published.

  3. Thanks John. Nice to hear from you in the mad mad world. Did you ever hear what happened to Luke Maguire, who was sent to jail in the U.K. Northumberland, Morpeth. Last I heard they lost their little son [child’s name redacted], who was taken from them and adopted out, under another name. I do not know whether he was a criminal, or whether it was because he spoke out so loudly about vaccines. So very sad. He also had his face deeply slashed while in prison, and the mother (his partner) was frightened to speak out. If you hear of anything, please let me know. I feel somewhat responsible because I encouraged him to fight and not to give in. I just hope and pray he is someday compensated and rewarded for his courage and that he develops into a great man of God. This case was special because there were 3 million views on Youtube of his baby boy, [child’s name redacted] having seizures after the vaccination. I have never seen so many views in all my time of vaccination awareness, but he was unable to raise much support financially in “Go Fund Me” on facebook. I am just about worn out from the fight, I am 80 in November (Daniel 7:25). I hope you are well. Bev Pattenden, Australia.

    • For the benefit of readers, Daniel 7:25, which Bev mentioned, reads, in the Authorised Version, “And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.”

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