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Please, miss, please may I watch my son’s school Christmas play?

An episode filmed in the lifelong family tragedy of one child’s ruined childhood, when he was only 4, helped lead to a courtroom comedy more than two years later.

Events including (but not confined to) those caught on camera as shown in the video, led to a court case that ended somewhat comically in 2017.  Comically, but, alas, not happily for the child concerned.

First, the incident that, in part, kicked off the court case.  The following video was shot in December 2014.

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Schrödinger’s Brexit

Metaphorical applications of the Schrodinger’s Cat thought-experiment

The probability that the cyanide will be released is a half. Until an observation forces the system into one of the two equally probable cat-life eigenstates, the box therefore contains the linear superposition of half a dead cat, and half a live cat.

If we get close to a default, no-deal Brexit again, next time with no extension on offer, we may discover the British PM’s as-yet-undisclosed belief as to the correct answer to an unresolved constitutional question. That question is what the constitutional requirements are for revoking the Article 50 notice already given.

There are actually two boxes, and two cats. There is what the constitutional requirements actually are, which only a court case can determine. I call that “the legal box“. And then there is what the PM thinks the constitutional requirements are, which I call “the mental box“.

A key question is whether there would need to be a new Act of Parliament before the PM could revoke Article 50 notice.

I went to bed on Wednesday night with that final hour less than two days in the future. I had spent the evening drafting a rough-and-ready judicial review application, which I would have filed in the Admin Court on Thursday morning with an application for urgent consideration (within two hours) of an interim remedy, an injunction until further order preventing the PM from purporting to revoke Article 50 notice without statutory authority, which we know she does not have yet.

Earlier on Wednesday, I had attended Court 37 at the Royal Courts of Justice, hoping to make an amateurish, free-standing and (it turned out) misconceived application for an urgent injunction, without having first made the necessary judicial review application needed to provide the injunction application with context. The judge kindly suggested starting again, in the Admin Court.

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I’m taking the PM to court

I wrote on Monday, from Bucharest, to a comrade, saying,

I never in my life, before today, expected one day to find myself taking a Prime Minister to court, seeking an injunction to stop him or her from doing something or other that he or she was reported on the BBC news to have threatened to do, which I thought was probably illegal, but which the PM apparently thought he or she was perfectly entitled to do, just because he or she was PM.  Yet that is exactly what I am expecting to be doing later this week, when I get back from Romania.  And I don’t see how I can possibly lose.  Do you?  Please read the papers attached.

Tonight, I am staying a short walk from the Royal Courts of Justice. I hope to get a hearing in the morning, in Court 37. The tweet tells the story.


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# Let my people stay

Being as what the British Prime Minister, elected on a manifesto promise to implement #Brexit, seems lately to have changed sides, and is now seeking the EU’s permission (for the second time) to delay Brexit, and even threatening to cancel it altogether, on her own authority, if she doesn’t get her own way (about which threat I hope to see her in court d’rec’ly), I thought the time had come for some satire, consisting of some extra verses to the ol’ negro spiritual mentioned in my Houston speech, “Let my people go“.


When Israel was in Egypt’s land
Let my people go
Oppressed so hard they could not stand
Let my people go

Go down Moses
Way down in Egypt land
Tell old Pharaoh
“Let my people go”

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I prayed for the floods that disrupted the Brexit referendum.

I have a confession to make.  The night before the Brexit referendum, I prayed for divine intervention, suggesting one possible thing to the Lord (meaning the triune God of Christianity), in the context of a general prayer for Him to do something.  I suggested His causing freak weather on polling day, affecting areas of the country where intended Remain voters were in the majority.

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Police Scotland decides not to record its own hate incidents

My report dated 4th October 2018 to Police Scotland of its own hate crime, in the form of a poster bearing Police Scotland’s logo that uses hate speech against religious people, is published here: Police Scotland’s hate crime.

Subsequent email correspondence from Police Scotland to myself in response to my hate crime report, consisting principally of what I refer to as standard fob-off emails 1 and 2, and from me in reply to Police Scotland’s two fob-off emails, is published here: Police Scotland’s bid to wriggle out of hate crime bust.

This morning, I received a typed letter from Police Scotland, by Recorded delivery.

This is what today’s letter said:-

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# Esmerelda had a plan

I’ve written another song.



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