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Ellinor Grimmark, the Swedish midwife who refused to perform abortions

The said Swedish midwife got sacked, for her conscientious objection to participating in the abortion industry.   I have decided to sign a petition about this, not so much because I expect the people who sacked Ellinor to take any notice of any outrage of mine, as that I wanted thus to congratulate this noble martyr to conscience on making the sacrificial stand she did.  Far too few are they who nowadays thus place morals above career.

I invite every one of my readers, even those who are unrepentant abortion industry apologists, who don’t care a fig that their foetal fellow-humans are nowadays being killed by the million, to sign here the hopeless petition designed to cheer this career martyr up more than to bring Swedes to their senses.  Sweden is clearly in the wrong here.

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Stop giving tax-payers’ money to the Terrence Higgins Trust

The Terrence Higgins Trust “charity” is by now a household name in the UK,  but it has recently attracted a certain amount of apparently well-justified criticism, here and here and here.

Certain “now you see it, now you don’t” shenanigans have been reported on the British government’s official e-petition website, involving a well-supported petition to the British government, asking it to stop funding this particular charity with tax-payers’ money.  The petition was accepted for publication, but subsequently deleted once significant support had begun to gather.

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