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Defeat speech

There is a long and noble tradition, in mature liberal democracies like our British one, of people putting up patiently with bitter but polite speeches made by defeated would-be elected politicians, for whom too few had voted.  Speeches, that is, putting these election losers’ spins on events, typically explaining how their defeats, and their conquerors’ electoral victories over them, might only have been merely “Pyrrhic”, after all.  (You know – the Tories won the election, but Labour were the “real” winners, or vice versa – that sort of daft rhetoric.) Continue reading

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How I came to be the Christian Peoples Alliance candidate for North Cornwall

Click the emblem to access the CPA's entry on the Electoral Commission website

I am the Christian Peoples Alliance (CPA) candidate in the North Cornwall parliamentary constituency, in the British general election on 8th June 2017.

I live in Launceston.

The CPA is fighting 31 seats nationwide at this election.

Here is the CPA’s  website.  And here is the CPA’s manifesto.

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Why am I standing?

At first I was dismayed at the tedious news that Mrs May wanted to put us through another general election, so soon, and that Jeremy Corbyn was minded to co-operate with her to make that possible.

Soon after the news broke, though, I visited the present leader of the CPA, Sidney Cordle (MBE), at his home, offering my services to help with the CPA’s campaign generally.  Sidney turned down my offer to help in that way.  Instead, he pressed me to stand again as a candidate here in North Cornwall, but this time as a CPA candidate.

I satisfied myself that the CPA was still pro-family.  So the CPA will support the Restore The Family policy that is dear to my heart.  I also found that I agreed with the CPA’s other policies.  That shouldn’t be surprising, because they are derived from the same Christian values that I hold.

So, here I am.

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There’s a hole in my #Brexit, dear Jean-Claude, dear Jean-Claude (or #Catch50)

The UK trying to leaving the EU may turn out to be like Captain Yossarian trying to leave the air force, in Catch-22.  I have written a song about this, entitled, “There’s a hole in my Brexit.”  Here are the lyrics.



There’s a hole in my Brexit

The people have voted, dear Jean-Claude, dear Jean-Claude.  The people have voted, dear Jean-Claude.  They’ve voted.

For what have they voted, dear Theresa, dear Theresa?  For what have they voted, dear Theresa.  For what?


They’ve voted for Brexit, dear Jean-Claude, dear Jean-Claude.  For Brexit, dear Jean-Claude, dear Jean Claude.  For Brexit.

But what means this “Brexit”, dear Theresa, dear Theresa?  But what means this “Brexit”, dear Theresa?  What’s “Brexit”?


Why, Brexit means Brexit, dear Jean-Claude, dear Jean-Claude.  Brexit means Brexit, dear Jean-Claude.  Br-exit.

Then do it, dear Theresa, dear Theresa, dear Theresa.  Then do it, dear Theresa, dear Theresa.  Just do it.

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The UK still has important work to do inside the EU

I voted Leave in the Brexit referendum.  However, even as I voted Leave, I knew that I wanted the UK to remain in the EU temporarily after a victory for the Leave campaign.

I want the UK to remain in the UK until the work is done, in order to lead a campaign within the EU, for the reform of the procedure for a member state to leave the EU, to make it safe for the UK and any other member state to leave the EU.

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The Good Friday Agreement and the election that Jesus lost

7th May 2015.

This was my final post during the Parliamentary election campaign period, before the polling stations opened on Thursday.

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Tactical voting, or ethical voting, from the heart?

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Tactical voting, or voting from the heart?

To the conventional thinker, the most important votes cast in the forthcoming election will be those that decide whether Mr Rogerson (Lib) will return to Westminster to resume his career as an MP, or whether Mr Mann (Con) will replace him.

If you think less conventionally, you may decide that it is more important to send a clear message to whichever of the two main party candidates likely to win actually wins the seat in North Cornwall, and to the entire Lib Lab Con Trick that wins every general election anyway, that at least many Cornish voters feel strongly enough about the deprivation of children in our communities, of one half of each affected child’s entire family, to vote for someone like me, rather than to vote yet again for the Lib Lab Con Trick that has wrought this harm to children for so long.

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Let every child have both parents (my general election manifesto 2015)

North Cornwall Constituency Parliamentary Election, 7th May 2015

Men make lousy mums …

… but, then again, women make lousy dads.


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The 1959 Declaration on the Rights of the Child, Principle 6, declared:

“The child, for the full and harmonious development of his personality, needs love and understanding.  He shall, wherever possible, grow up in the care and under the responsibility of his parents, and, in any case, in an atmosphere of affection and of moral and material security; a child of tender years shall not, save in exceptional circumstances, be separated from his mother.”

Both parents.   Every child.   Wherever possible.

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