My other sites

I have been responsible for the following websites, listed here in chronological order of their creation, newest first:



Father-Child-Mother RestoreTheFamily.UK – Restore the Family For Children’s Sake


The website of the political party “Restore the Family For Children’s Sake” that nominated me as the “Let every child have both parents” Parliamentary candidate for North Cornwall constituency at the British general election of 7th May 2015.  (An election communication for this candidacy is published at this blog post.)



Philip Kerr -v- MI5


Information about the ongoing court case of a particular, present-day client of mine, which supplements the publicity given in the national press and the Liverpool Echo about Mr Kerr’s litigation.


darrim-02 – the “Darrim Daoud Truth Campaign”, as I called it.



bus  Beulah Baruch Ministries

formerly the website of the now-defunct registered charity, a Christian ministry, which operated the depicted charity shop from 2008 to 2010, in Fleet, Hampshire.  I managed the shop.  I also drove that multi-coloured minibus.



AFCThe Alliance For Change

An experimental, unregistered UK political party, that nevertheless managed to fight, with its name printed on the ballot papers, five Parliamentary seats in 2005; not many eccentric political dissidents can boast that an Act of Parliament has been passed, that seemed to have been tailor-made to prevent a repetition of their experiment; yet the Electoral Commission telephoned me out-of-the-blue, to tell me about a new Representation of the People Bill before Parliament, that ensured that this successful experiment would fail, if ever we tried to repeat it.

Voters of North Cornwall at the general election of 7th May 2015, and others, with time on their hands, and sceptical enough of what I called the Lib Lab Con Trick in those days to entertain novel ideas, may find interesting some of the Alliance For Change press releases from that bygone era.

    Christians Against Mental Slavery also accessible as

An international evangelical Christian group formed in 2002, whose twelve members wanted it to be regarded as a crime against humanity worldwide for anyone to monitor or to influence human thought technologically without continuing,  informed consent.