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Alfie’s inquest?

The claim I promised to make against the Senior Coroner for Liverpool, seeking judicial review of his decision not to hold an investigation into the death of Alfie Evans, was filed at the Royal Courts of Justice today, 27th April 2018.

In a nutshell, my case is that the public is entitled to an inquest into the death of Alfie, because the public does not know what killed Alfie.  However, the cause of death is likely to have been the unknown illness that was said to have destroyed a large proportion of his brain.  In any event, Alfie died whilst he was subject to a best-interests child euthanasia order of the courts, requiring Alfie to be retained by the hospital until he died, contrary to the wishes of his parents.

(In a nutsell, that’s it.  Mind you, the court papers are a bit more long-winded than that.)

The papers I sent to the court can be read here.

Please note: This is not a legal action is not to get Alfie’s body exhumed.  It is only an attempt to get the coroner to open an official investigation. (As he should have.)  Do not believe the misinformation campaign, making out that I am trying to get Alfie’s body dug up.  Check the truth, by reading the court papers.

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