Ellinor Grimmark, the Swedish midwife who refused to perform abortions

Ellinor Grimmark got sacked, for her conscientious objection to participating in the abortion industry in Sweden.   I have signed a petition about this, not so much because I expect the people who sacked Ellinor to take any notice of any outrage of mine, as that I wanted thus to congratulate this noble martyr to conscience on making the sacrificial stand she did.  Far too few are they who nowadays thus place morals above career.

I invite every one of my readers, even those who are unrepentant abortion industry apologists, who don’t care a fig that their foetal fellow-humans are nowadays being killed by the million, to sign here the hopeless petition, designed more to cheer this career martyr up, than to bring her fellow Swedes to their senses.  This said, Sweden is clearly in the wrong here.

Please let us all sign Ellinor’s petition, at least to uphold, in Sweden at least, the dwindling right of health professionals, recently lost in the UK, to abstain from the nowadays fashionable, often publicly-funded, slaughter of our youngest new citizens.

I find euphemistic the entire rhetoric that killing one human, at the whim of another could possibly amounts to an aspect of the job description of a true health professional.  I and the conscientious objectors to abortion, who are being put out of their health professional jobs, cannot see how “dead” equates to “healthy”.  Anybody care to explain this?

Sweden is the European nation state whose present-day population has undeservedly inherited a great honour.  In addition, that is, to Sweden’s role in the recent making of the highly entertaining Bridge/Bron/Broen TV export.

Unto Sweden a child was once born, christened Raoul Wallenberg.  He was the saint whose heroic antics, when Europe was plunged into Nazi chaos – which (albeit) murdered fewer humans than has the abortion industry ever since …  The saint whose daring escapades in those days provide my own favourite extra-biblical sermon illustration to this day.

If only there were more Swedes like Wallenberg, and Ellinor Grimmark, and fewer like those who want her to choose between having food in her mouth and blood on her hands, or having neither; shame on them.

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5 responses to “Ellinor Grimmark, the Swedish midwife who refused to perform abortions

  1. JENKIN, Lord

    I have now retired from the House of Lords, and am withdrawing from all involvement in public affairs. I would therefore be grateful if you would kindly remove my name from your distribution lists.

    Patrick Jenkin

    The Rt Hon the Lord Jenkin of Roding
    House of Lords
    London, SW1A 0PW
    Tel: 020 7219 6966
    Fax: 020 7219 0759

  2. Julia

    Dear John,

    What exactly happened? Was the nurse denied career progression for refusing to do abortions, outside of abortion clinic?

    More on Raoul Wallenberg would be greatly appreciated here because he is considered to be a very successful, inadvertently though, a very controversial and an interesting character.

    Kindest Regards,

  3. Susan

    Thanks – I have already signed it, and I spend hours per day campaigning online for these sort of causes – freedom of conscience, respect for life, rights of the child, trying to defend the family and marriage, But there is so much to do and the baddies are so powerful and well-funded, Even the churches are taken over by them these days, see http://juliagasper.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/sexual-maturity-in-church-carla-grosch.html


  4. If a woman does not wish to become pregnant, she has a choice – don’t indulge in sexual intercourse, or take one of the many precautions available. Killing an unborn child in the womb is still murder and those who stand to protect the rights of the unborn child should be commended, not victimised.

  5. If it was retroactive would those abortion mongers choose death in the womb for themselves? Did their parents carry out these crimes also?
    What a beautiful example of courage and truth of Ellinor. She is greatly loved by many. I met a severely handicapped woman in a wheelchair who had a voice like an angel and she sang for 40,000 people and they all cried and waved white hankies as her voice filled the stadium. She thanked God that she was born before the mass abortions started as she would have been one of the victims.

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