Does someone you love hate you?

Implacable hostility often isn’t mutual.

It is a myth promulgated by a cliché, that implacable hostility on the part of one of two separated parents towards the other, must necessarily, or even usually, be reciprocated.  Most parents who separate manage to consider their children’s interests, alongside their own emotions.  Unlucky indeed is the child with two alienating parents, caught in a “tug of love”.

Ricky Dearman speaks fondly of Ella Draper!

In the court’s judgment in Re P and Q (Children: Care Proceedings: Fact Finding), the Hampstead Witch Hunt case,  at paragraph 63, Mrs Justice Pauffley wrote:

  1. Mr Dearman was taken in evidence to the entire series of sexual and other allegations made against him. He denied there was truth in anything suggested. He does accept that the breakdown of his relationship with the mother both at the time and subsequently was acrimonious. But, said Mr Dearman, “There are two sides to the story. I’m not perfect. I’m a decent guy and a good father.” Of the mother, he said this – “When Ella is not doing crazy stuff she is a really beautiful person.”

The context of this heart-warming quote

This is a case in which a mother “tortured” her own children (Mrs Justice Pauffley found), into making false allegations against their father.

In this extreme example, which centres upon Hampstead, of the classic modus operandi, there has been an exceptional happy ending. The ruthless alienating parent who tortured her own children to get her own way, for once didn’t manage to pull the wool over the eyes of the social worker, the police and the courts.  Hallelujah!

Consequently, Ella Draper didn’t get what she bargained for, the usual unequivocal support of the entire relevant public sector (social workers, police, schools, family courts, the entire NHS) more-or-less whenever an alienating parent fabricates child abuse and coaches his or her child or children to lie about the alienating parent.  The police now “wish to interview” Ms Draper in connection with …  Interpol may catch Ella Draper one day, leading to her arrest and extradition from (the word is on the streets) Russia.  I hope that happens soon.  I wouldn’t wish even these once “tortured” children to lose contact with their now fugitive-from-justice mum, permanently.

I am thoroughly committed to the principle on which I recently spent my savings, about which only 51 other people in North Cornwall also apparently cared, enough to have voted for me, rather than a Lib Lab Con Trick party candidate.  Let every child have both parents.  Like Ricky Dearman, I still love my ex, even though she now hates me, lies about me, and (in the opinion of Karen Woodall here) tortures my son, to make him lie about me on cue, and to believe her lies about me.

Ricky Dearman, I salute you.  Learning that Ella, your ex, had tortured your son and your daughter into making the false allegations against you she did, your dismay could easily have turned to wrath.  But instead, you told the court that “When Ella is not doing crazy stuff she is a really beautiful person.”

Gagged Dad has kept at bay the temptation to become wrathful with somebody he has loved and still loves, who has tortured a loved one of his similarly, supported in this by Cornwall Council for the most crass of politically correct reasons.  If quite not as severely as Ella in the Hampstead case, then at least as severely as documented in this mini-documentary.

Instead, Gagged Dad has is gunning for, the fools paid from my taxes and yours, who go above and beyond the call of duty, in doing whatever somebody Gagged Dad loved and still loves, who hates him and her own son (if only she knew it) demands.  The alienator asks the authorities please to allow her carte blanche to continue torturing  her and Gagged Dad’s son. With nobody of the stature of Mrs Justice Pauffley to come to the rescue, the authorities continue to do the bidding of Gagged Dad’s own “Ella Draper”, at the expense of a loved one of his, who only has one childhood, and has done nothing to deserve having that ruined for him, to his life-long detriment.

There is a certain sort of person who derives enjoyment from hearing vile, false accusations, and relishing the anger they feel towards the innocent, accused parent and (in the following example), anybody whom they prefer to believe is an accomplice.

Unfortunately, there are people not much better than this Hampstead mob, working for Cornwall social services, Devon and Cornwall Police, and at least one school in Cornwall.



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3 responses to “Does someone you love hate you?

  1. Well done to you for your effort at the election. Even if only one person other than yourself supported your campaign it shows that the thousands of hours of hard work is beginning to take shape. The action which is needed in the opinions of many is a structured input of sections of society who have similar experiences and blend them into one orchestra playing in symphony. This to date has not happened. Only consolation with all others working in unison will this bring about the reality of family unity for our children.

    When it hits – “smack in the face”, Members of Parliament and those in the Judiciary which it may have done in more ways than one as in relationship to the serious opinions of the President of the Family Division on 22/04/2015, then there is a moral precedent which can be used as empirical evidence as the basis as powerful as the base if a good Web which underpins all ecological relationships; in this sense it is the basis of legal argument from moral and parental responsibility. If you are not an engaging parent how can you carry out your parental responsibilities. Retraining of Family Court Judges based in their bosses direction is one way forward but to make symphony it needs a fundamental precedent enacted and that is responsible parity of parenting.

    Sadly our ideas of addictive material consumption are in some ways the same way in which the judiciary function. What’s on offer when entering one enters one of our top five supermarkets for groceries is marred by the fact that we are diverted into purchasing our direct food needs by purchasing items not needed. The Court’s love to play act and in comparison make up storyline plots to deviate the best interests of children into preliminary hearings infinitum and then final hearings in history to add up the benefit bill of LA. What is needed is a process which stops this and accords to children and family’s fundamental rights. Parental responsibility the through the moral and legal right of parity parenting. One parent is never as good as two when children engage normally with all in their family they become and remain normal.

    This is the way forward. Not individuals beating their own drum. Irrefutable, responsible and compassionate evidence which overwhelms all involved and it has been suggested that only 20% of society is so! This is why national social organisations do not warrant concern; even though Mums and Grans in the like of the Mother’s Union ( if they don’t speak of their dire hurt they may pray for deliverance of children back into the family whole) and those in the Women’s Institute who do not broadcast their feelings because of feeling of inadequacy of why being responsible family members their daughters or sons in law believe them to be lesser family mortals.

    The fundamental reality in the legal route based solely on the moral-right precedent!

    When is society going to wake up to this especially as David Cameron wants to govern now for ALL in our society.

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