My email to the police re Alfie Evans

I’ve asked the police please to enable me to serve, on bereaved parents Tom and Kate, my #AlfieInquest judicial review claim against the coroner, challenging his decision not to investigate Alfie’s death.  (Please could I suggest that readers follow this blog who want to be notified automatically by email when I publish the police’s response?)

This is the email I sent:

Subject: Alfie Evans death judicial review – an appeal for help in effecting service
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2018 13:53:22 +0100
From: John Allman <>


Dear Merseyside Police

Technically, this correspondence is for the attention of the Chief Constable.  However, I appreciate that he or she delegates tasks to staff, for whose acts and omissions he or she is vicariously liable.

This is not a complaint against the police, or anybody else.  It is an appeal for help, in order to prevent the course of justice going awry.

I have claim forms etc in a civil action which I needed to serve upon two interested parties, as well as the defendant upon whom I have already served.  It is not to the disadvantage of the parties concerned to receive this paperwork.  Unlike a defendant, who is a party to proceedings whether he wants to be or not, an interested party has the option of ignoring the claim in which he is listed as an interested party, without dire consequences.  An interested party also has the option of supporting the claim, or opposing it.  Justice demands that interested parties are given these options, by being served with the proceedings.

I have just learnt that my attempt to serve the claim form upon the interested parties at the address of their advertised lawyers has failed, because the “law firm” concerned is not a firm of solicitors after all, as it’s advertising suggests it is.  The “law firm” concerned is called The Christian Legal Centre.  The same “firm”, I have learnt, had also failed, without telling me, to pass on the pre-action correspondence to their clients or former clients, pursuant to the Pre-action Protocol for Judicial Review.  Unfortunately, with its not being regulated by either to the Solicitors Regulation Authority or the Bar Standards Board, it is not going to be possible for me to take The Christian Legal Centre to task over its obstruction of justice, though perhaps somebody else could.

My enquiries of an enquiry agent have elicited the assertion that the interested parties are under some sort of “safeguarding” protection, akin to a witness protection programme, and that it would be illegal for them to assist me in ascertaining an address for service of my claim.  Even the sibling of one of the two interested parties, who has been trying to help me to get my claim to her sibling for the best part of a week now, has been unable to contact her sibling, I am informed.

I have reason to believe that when the interested parties receive the papers that the court has instructed me to serve on them, they will be mighty glad to receive them.  It is rumoured on the internet that they are minded to take the same sort of legal action as me themselves.  They will learn that they have left it too late to do what I am doing on their own initiative, because of the limitation period of only three months for judicial review.  They will be pleased to discover that my prompt taking of the initiative has provided them with the opportunity to do something that they intend to do anyway, but (they will discover) won’t be able to do alone, but can do after all by participating in the legal action that I have started.  It will pervert the course of justice to deny them this opportunity, by preventing service upon the interested parties.

The details of my legal action are blogged here:

Alfies inquest?

The papers that I am trying to serve now are here:

The interested parties are known to the police.  They are Tom Evans and Kate James, the parents of the late Alfie Evans (9 May 16 – 28 April 18).

Since the police seem to have a role in making it impossible for me to serve the papers on these two parties any other way, I am writing to request the co-operation of the police in effecting service.  If the private enquiry agent was mistaken who told me that it would be unlawful to help me to trace the interested parties, please could I have a “To whom it may concern” letter from the police, encouraging any such enquiry agent to assist me in tracing the interested parties in order to effect service of my claim, because the rumour that it is unlawful for anybody do so is false.  If the police response to this request is to do neither of these, then I fear the outcome may be a perversion of the course of justice.

There are several ways in which the police can co-operate in effecting service.  One of the simplest would be to print two copies of the papers I am trying to serve, and to take one copy each to Tom Evans and Kate James, whose whereabouts I am quite sure are known to the police.

When you open the links to this email, you will see than I am challenging the legality of the defendant senior coroner’s decision not investigate the death of the late son, Alfie Evans, of the parents, Tom Evans and Kate James, the two interested parties.  The parents were listed as interested parties at the request of the defendant coroner, so it is not contentious that they ought to receive service of these court papers.

Next week, I shall need to make an application to the court in London for directions, in the light of the failure of service via The Christian Legal Centre.  It would be helpful therefore to have a reply to this email before the end of the bank holiday weekend, in order to inform the court’s decision as to what directions to make regarding service, service via The Christian Legal Centre having failed.

Yours faithfully,

John Allman

(Whilst making this post, I have corrected two insignificant typing errors in the original email.)


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5 responses to “My email to the police re Alfie Evans

  1. Fin

    Hi John, Have you contacted the Admin for Alfie’s Army page on facebook for which many family members are leading:

    • I’ve contacted people who ought to be able to contact Tom and Kate, and who want to, on my behalf, and who are in that group. They have tried to contact Tom and haven’t been able to, they tell me. I joined that official group recently, but within a day of being admitted, I was expelled from it without explanation. I think there’s probably some politics going on. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Alfie’s Army movement had been infiltrated by agents of the powers that be, who want it to turn into Alfie’s Teddy Bears’ Picnic.

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  3. Lyn Daniels

    I personally think that you should mind your own business
    Tom and Kate are clearly not interested and I can’t understand why you are interfering in something that’s nothing to do with you
    The cause of death is known
    Let the child Rest In Peace and his parents move on

    • Thank you very much for commenting. Although you are the first person to say what you have on this blog, there have been lots of people making those very points on social media, so you are not alone.

      Between May and this morning I hadn’t had any evidence myself, that Tom and Kate were aware in sufficient detail of my legal challenge of the coroner’s decision not to investigate Alfie’s death, for them to have been able to make informed decisions that their best strategy was to ignore me. I received news this morning that only recently Tom received the court papers at last, and that he is now actively considering his options.

      The cause of Alfie’s death was said to be a mitochondrial disorder a few days before his death. Now there is talk of a recessive gene. These two explanations are mutually contradictory unless Aflie had two entirely different degenerative brain diseases at the same time. Are you satisfied with two mutually contradictory official stories about what killed Alfie, after all the family and the watching public have been put through? I’m not.

      Enforcing the law against the coroner, of which my hopes are dwindling following yesterday’s surprising order of Butcher J, would not prevent Alfie resting in peace, nor his parents from moving on. That is an appeal to emotion, not to reason.

      Butcher J has already cast doubt upon your ideas (a) that the legality or otherwise of the coroner’s decision not to investigate Alfie’s death is any of Tom and Kate’s business, and (b) that it is not my business – unless he has ordered my case to go forward without Tom and Kate in order to sabotage it, which is what I suspect.

      Your comment is on a post about an email I have sent to the police. It is actually more relevant to the blog post about my judicial review claim.

      The judge’s frankly bizarre decision yesterday, in effect that my judicial review legal action against the coroner was of none of Tom and Kate’s business and justice could be done without their even knowing about it, is a bad omen. I suspect that the establishment is closing simply ranks, because of a desire to prevent a coroner’s jury ever giving a verdict on the way the state behaved in the matter of Alfie Evans.

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