The UK still has important work to do inside the EU

I voted Leave in the Brexit referendum.  However, even as I voted Leave, I knew that I wanted the UK to remain in the EU temporarily after a victory for the Leave campaign.

I want the UK to remain in the UK until the work is done, in order to lead a campaign within the EU, for the reform of the procedure for a member state to leave the EU, to make it safe for the UK and any other member state to leave the EU.

The present procedure for a member state to leave the EU, isn’t compatible with the need to negotiate the terms of leaving the EU first, and only then to give notice of leaving, knowing what one is letting oneself in for, so to speak.  The UK’s historic mission now, is to change the procedure for leaving the EU, before being the first to use the newly-changed procedure ourselves.  Giving notice to leave the EU should be the final step in the leaving process, not the first.

Notice that a member state will be leaving the EU should be served only when the negotiations of leaving terms are complete, and the member state considering leaving the EU has accepted the terms that its government has negotiated on its behalf.  In the UK, that means a Parliamentary vote to leave, on known terms.

Parliament is able theoretically to delegate that decision to a second referendum, but Parliament is perfectly competent to take that decision itself, permitting the executive to serve notice to quit, on leaving terms that the executive has negotiated, and which Parliament has approved in a division.

I anticipate that the UK acting according to this counsel, would benefit every member state.  It would make it safe for any other member state to consider following the UK out of the EU.  The UK would have blazed a trail, and would become a natural leader of the post-EU Europe that would take shape if leaving the EU was made less risky for every member state, and became fashionable.



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2 responses to “The UK still has important work to do inside the EU

  1. Reblogged this on Musings of a Penpusher and commented:
    I hoped the British vote to leave the EU would serves as a wake-up call to the other members to revise and restore integrity as well as the original concepts as envisaged by early enthusiasts. It was the gradual descent into corruption and the lack of accountability that decided my vote to leave.

  2. Peter Parsons

    Thank you John, good to hear from you.

    Your comments make good sense, but I am inclined to think that there are not the honesty and integrity in EU politics to bring about the reforms. Britain will be treated roughly, and made an example to the other countries. The move from reliance in the USA on democratic process, to the early stages of revolution, is disturbing.

    Christian regards,


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